Best Graph Making Apps

Best Graph Making Apps

Graphs and charts are ideal for visually communicating complex data. There are tons of different apps and tools out there that let you make graphs and charts from your own data.

Everybody knows how hard and exhausting can be to draw some charts and graphs, but how about making them directly with your mobile device from anywhere? That’s right, publishers have created apps and websites to simplify your life by cutting all the extra time that implied creating this drawings. So, we wrote the following article where we talk about the best apps available on the market that can help users create charts and graphs.


1. Canva

Canva - 5 star rating

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Canva is a popular app which lets users to create graphs or charts with tables, photos and graphics in minutes. All you have to do is enter your data to get instant results. Canva offers a range of free, designer-made templates. You can switch between different chart types like bar graphs, line graphs and pie charts without losing your data.

Graphs are customizable, so you can get the look you want: customize the colors, the fonts and the backgrounds with our simple drag and drop tools. Canva offers a huge range of templates for infographics, presentations and reports, so you can put your beautiful custom charts exactly where you need them. And you can publish your graphs exactly as you please: you can share, download, embed or even order professional prints.

Best feature: Extensive design tools and templates

Pros: Wide range of templates, collaboration features

Cons: Limited customization in free version

Price: Free version with limited features. Subscription starts from $14.99

Devices: iOS, Android, Web browsers

If we missed any of the Best Graph Making Apps, tell us about them!

Line Graph Maker Pro is a dedicated line graph maker. Its design is perfect for phone use, and its focused feature set makes visualising your data as a line graph easy. Users will find it great as a first tool for presenting data, and will find it a time saver for creating resources and presentation materials.

Users can include a chart legend for reference or add labels directly to the line graph for clarity. Furthermore, they can effortlessly paste totals or percentages from the data editor directly onto the line graph sheet.

Best feature: Extensive design tools and templates

Pros: Specialized in creating line graphs

Cons: Less versatile for other design needs

Price: $0.99

Devices: Android

EdrawMax is the best chart and graph maker thanks to the immense integrated capabilities. Its ease and versatility make it a real professional designer tool. The modern sleek interface and plenty of templates create a serene environment for users to create graphs and charts with zero fuss. 

EdrawMax uses charts and graphs to give a visual face to your data and observations to simplify interpretation and make conclusions easily. You can embed charts and graphs in your infographics, presentations, reports, documents, and other diagrams drawn in EdrawMax. EdrawMax support whooping 280+ diagram types.

Best feature: Range of document and media editing tools 

Pros: Library of drawing objects, useful templates

Cons: Not cloud-based

Price: Try 7 days for free, then subscribe at $15.90 per month (30-day money back guarantee)

Devices: Windows, macOS and browsers including Chrome, Firefox


4. Visme


Visme is easy-to-use online tool used by content creators for creating graphs, charts, infographics and a lot more. Visme is the only tool that allows you to create various forms of content as simple graphics but with a series of interactive features to bring static content to live such as ability to animate any object and assign actions.

Visme is a tool used by bloggers, educators, students and small businesses. There are more than 50 charts & graphs, interactive maps, plus media features with full privacy and collaboration tools.

Best feature: drag and drop editor, content calendar and use cases

Pros: pre-designed templates, no watermark in free version

Cons: Limited number of fonts, limited support in free version

Price: Free version (limited storage, assets and templates), Subscription starts from $25 per month 

Devices: Windows, macOS

Piktochart is an online tool for creating graphs, charts, infographics, presentation slides, reports, flyers, posters, and more, for both print and online audiences. Combining charts, graphs, text, and built-in graphics, teachers and students can easily assemble and present information using the drag-and-drop interface. Students can also upload their own files to use. Although it's generally geared toward adults in the workplace creating business presentations, Piktochart clearly lends itself to student use, though much of the functionality is reserved for Pro accounts.

Best feature: creating various types of graphs with flat design quickly

Pros: easy to use, great library of graphics and images

Cons: templates lack diversity

Price: Free

Devices: Windows, macOS

Simple Graph Maker

6. Simple Graph Maker


Simple Graph Maker is a graph making app for Android devices that quickly creates charts and graphs. It’s so simple to create a graphic with this app, that all that you need to do is only to write in the labels and numbers. No more adding functions or doing other complex stuff, this awesome and minimalist application takes all the work out of the creation process and makes it for you.

Best feature: creating various types of graphs with flat design quickly

Pros: save graphs in image format

Cons: no recent updates, contains ads

Price: Free

Devices: Android

Desmos Graphing Calculator

7. Desmos Graphing Calculator

Desmos Graphing Calculator - 5 star rating

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

If you are into Mathematics and you want to use your mobile device to resolve equations and create graphics for them, Desmos Graphing Calculator is the app for you. It has stunning graphics and capabilities, being able to plot a huge amount of functions, while having implemented a powerful scientific calculator.

The application supports over 40 trigonometric functions, such as sin, cos, sin, log10, ceil, root, nroot, rad2deg, floor, ln, max, min and much more.

Best feature: graph variety of math functions, share graphs through URLs

Pros: valuable tool for students and teachers exploring graphing functions

Cons: requires assistance when dealing with complex equations.

Price: Free

Devices: iOS, Android


8. Chartistic

(iPhone, iPad)

Zoho Chartistic is a free iPhone app that lets you make charts and we used it to find out whether it works for our charting needs. Zoho Chartistic is making it easy to create charts, and the app is certainly easy enough to use. Hit the + button to create a new chart, and the app asks you to choose one out of five types of charts. Each of these are represented by icons only, which is a good thing considering this app is for people new to making charts.

Best feature: wide variety of graphics with colorful patterns, clip art catalog

Pros: easy to create charts and graphs

Cons: requires assistance when dealing with complex equations.

Price: No file sharing option, not available on Android 

Devices: iOS

Chart and graphs continued to be a powerful way to visualize data that could have been rather hard to analyze and comprehend. The graph tools vary with their power to analyze, present, and visualize data. 

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