Best Word Games like Wordle

Best Word Games like Wordle

If you’re looking for the best games that are like Wordle but offer something a bit different, you’ve come to the right place. Wordle is everywhere. The online game has been all over social media - even before The New York Times Games bought it.

Admit it: You can't check Twitter or Facebook without seeing those green, yellow, and black (or grey) blocks peppered all over your feed. It was only a matter of time before more puzzles based on the original began popping up.

Here are the best word games like Wordle you can play right now. 

1. Squabble

This new spin on the Wordle format is all about another huge gaming trend in recent years: Battle royale. If you really want to prove your Wordle skills to your friends, this is the game to do it with.

Squabble puts you against other players. You'll need to enter your guesses fast, and you still only have six attempts to find the correct five-letter word. Players have hit points that slowly deplete, and you'll lose some for wrong guesses. Get a letter right to earn hit points back and damage the other players. Once all your hit points are gone or you run out of guesses, you're out of the game.

There are two modes. Blitz is for between two and five players, while Squabble Royale rounds have between six and 99 competitors. Games continue until one player remains. Another cool aspect is you can create a lobby and invite friends to a private match. There's also a replay mode, so you can see everyone's guesses in real time.

Platform: Web Browser

2. TypeShift

TypeShift is a great companion to Wordle but does have a bit more focus and direction. Rather than trying to guess a single world, you’re given a set of letters that you can slide up and down to swap out what letter is in that specific part. By moving letters up and down, you need to create words using the available combinations. Once you create a word using a letter, it changes color, with the goal being to use every letter in a word and have them all change color.

TypeShift is more about solving a puzzle in as many ways as possible with the same pieces rather than trying to solve a single puzzle, like Wordle. TypeShift has plenty of modes, too. There’s a daily challenge, much like Wordle, but there’s also a huge number of puzzles included to binge if you so choose.

Platform: iOS and Android 

3. Letterle

Do you hate having to spend time thinking of and typing out five-letter guesses?
Letterle will save you time, and brainpower, by asking you to correctly guess just one letter. There aren’t any clues, just random typing of your keyboard until you happen to stumble onto the right answer. You can play Letterle as many times as you like in one day, with each attempt having a new randomly selected letter for you to try and guess.

Platform: Web Browser

4. Crosswordle

If you like word games, chances are you like crosswords as much as you like Wordle. As you can probably tell from the title, Crosswordle offers the best of both worlds! Like a traditional crossword, you guess words that intersect with each other. But like the original Wordle, the tiles change colors to help you guess.

Platform: Web Browser

5. Dordle

Dordle is a word-guessing game created in 2022 by Zaratustra. The game is directly inspired by Josh Wardle's 2021 game, Wordle, which is now owned by The New York Times. Like Wordle, Dordle players are tasked with finding a mystery word using a series of guesses. The twist with Dordle is that players are trying to simultaneously solve two words.

Dordle has two different modes: free play and daily modes. Daily mode and free play work the same way. The only difference is that, in daily mode, players have the same word as everyone else for the day. Free play mode endlessly brings up random puzzles.

Platform: Web Browser

6. SpellTower

SpellTower’s tagline is – Wordsearch meets strategy and that’s exactly what it is. Connect letters to destroy blocks and keep making new words. New tiles will keep rising from the bottom of the screen and if any letter reaches the top row, the game is over. There are multiple modes in this game including puzzle mode, extreme puzzle mode, zen mode and even a rush mode. Try it out and enjoy.

Platform: iOS and Android

7. Kitty Letter

If word unscrambling is something you are most interested in, Kitty Letter is for you. It’s a free game that you can play on iOS as well as Android andit has CATS! When you combine letters and create words, they turn into a bunch of cats. The bigger your word, the bigger your cat army. With this, you must defend your home and attack your opponent.

Platform: iOS and Android

8. Wordle

This Wordle spinoff is all about geography. You get six tries to guess what country or territory is displayed. But, for clues, instead of getting black/grey, yellow, and green blocks shown, you see distance, direction, and proximity percentage. So, if you guess Ukraine, Worldle might show you 55 kilometers and an arrow pointing northwest with 34%. This means the correct country or territory is 55km to the northwest of Ukraine, and there is a 34% proximity rate. There's only one puzzle a day, and there are options to make the game more difficult.

Platform: iOS, Web Browser

9. Word Master

OK, this is the closest to a Wordle clone as you can get on our list. It's a remake that still gives you six tries to guess a five-letter word - but it offers unlimited games so you don't have to wait 24 hours.

Platform: Web Browser

10. Absurdle

This Wordle spinoff is for the true word game lovers out there. That's because it's actively trying to avoid giving you the answer. It doesn't pick a word at the beginning of the game for you to guess and instead uses your guesses to trim down its list of words. The final word might not even have a yellow letter from one of your earlier guesses. But, hey, you do get to guess as many times as you want. Apparently, the best score you can get is four guesses. 

Platform: Web Browser

If you’re looking for something different, though, rather than just an inventive twist on the same theme, the Android and Apple app stores have many other word games you can play on your phone. 

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