Best Fishing Games for Kids

Best Fishing Games for Kids

Fishing Games For Kids are a great option for when you want to give your child a fun time, and maybe teach them something in the process. Some fishing games are more realistic and require skills like attention and focus, while others are more focused on fun. Whichever game you choose, it will be hard for your child not to have fun learning!

It can be difficult to keep a child entertained, but fishing games can help. There are lots of fishing games for kids that can entertain your little ones, while possibly teaching them something. Here is the list of the best fishing games for kids.

1. Kids Fishing for babies

If you are looking for a good fishing game for your child, then you have already found it. Graphics and colors are designed taking into account the age characteristics of the child. Also, depending on the age, the game has several game modes. Thanks to this application, your baby can develop such qualities as mindfulness, perseverance, concentration. In addition to all this, the game is a good pastime for the whole family.

Devices: iOS

2. Trunky Fish Game

Everyone probably saw or even tried the children’s game “Fishing”. Children just love to catch plastic fish from a small pool. With the efforts of the developer Upsidedowngames, this game has acquired a new life on mobile platforms

The purpose of the game “Fishing with Trunky” is to catch all the fish from the pool. Fish are caught only when its mouth is open, otherwise, it can be frightened away. This game is positioned by developers for children from 2 to 8 years, however, it can easily entice and adults. Especially it is necessary to note the training mode, in which you need to fish with the desired letter or number – this will help the youngest children learn the letters and numbers.

Devices: iOS, Android

3. Happy Fishing

This is a development application for kids for Android, which allows the child in a playful form to learn the names of the inhabitants of the underwater world, as well as improve coordination of movements. Together with the little panda Kiki, you go fishing to catch as many fish and other marine organisms as possible. You need to be careful and avoid whales and sharks, otherwise, your flimsy boat can turn over.

Devices: iOS, Android

4. Fishing for kids

The child actively learns the world from an early age, for the first time comes into contact with what is happening around him. Educational applications are an excellent tool for teaching children and occupy an important place in the education of the younger generation.

We offer a fascinating children’s game from YOVO Games “Fishing for kids”, which will become a favorite activity for children. It’s very easy to play, you need to catch as many fish as possible and collect so many points that will allow you to move to the next level.

But care is required so as not to get caught on a hook or a dangerous predator, this reduces the earned points. The game trains memory, improves concentration and fine motor skills. A keen fisher cat will cheer children throughout the fishing.

Devices: iOS, Android

5. Happy Fish

Happy Fish – an exciting game in which not only the child but the adult will breed fish and care for them.

The project displays some of the features of acquiring, but more remains an arcade. In the process of passing the user must buy fish, feed them, and also perform various tasks in order to get more money. The main goal of the game is to collect the rarest and most expensive creatures. Also, in the arcade, there is a joint mode, allowing you to visit aquariums of other users, mini-games. In total, the campaign has about eight dozen levels, but their number is constantly increasing due to updates.

The project is executed in a colorful drawing style. The picture is not realistic, but more cartoonish. Creatures are somewhat like Pokémon, and what’s happening on the screen looks very funny and cute. The menu is convenient and intuitive. Fortunately, there is not much text here. The music is fun and chosen well. Sound effects also came out funny.

Happy Fish will not please with entertaining gameplay, but it will allow you to relax, watching how the fish reel in the virtual aquarium. The arcade is able to please the excellent design and lots of content.

Devices: iOS

6. Wow Fish

Tired of the same mobile games? Do you want to try something new and non-standard? If the answer is yes, then you now have this opportunity! Before us, a casual fishing simulator, seasoned with a magnificent design of the environment and colorful hand-drawn graphics. The minimum of realism is a maximum of fun. What could be better? So, gather the fishing rods and go on a grandiose trip to the most fish places on the planet.

Despite the fact that Wow Fish was declared solely as a fishing simulator, the game didn’t do without other elements completely uncharacteristic of this genre. For example – puzzles. To catch the right fish, you need to shoot it in the net. Sounds easy, does not it? It’s only in words. Each fishnet has its own size, and it means that it will not work. In addition, do not forget about the financial side of the issue. You can get the net in your hands only by paying for it in the store, which means that only one unsuccessful shot (or wrong choice of size) is enough for your blood to fly into the pipe.

Wow Fish is quite an interesting and very non-standard fishing simulator, diluted with elements of the puzzle and arcade. A huge number of fish, gear, bonuses – just a short list of what is waiting for you inside. To all admirers of good casual simulators – it’s worth a try!

Devices: iOS, Android

7. Fishing Diary

Fishing Diary – a fascinating arcade game for Android, developed by the studio DroidHen. An entertaining casual application in which we will be engaged in fishing. But not with a simple fishing rod as in simulators of this type, but with the help of a natural cannon firing fishing nets. Our main task and the main goal is to catch as much fish as possible. Using ordinary spinning, this will take a lot of time because, at our disposal, there are several types of guns that release shells opening into the fishing tackle. Each of them differs in the power and speed of the shot, and also the purpose of the net. After all, each fish needs its own fishnet with the required cell size.

There are a lot of species of fish. Starting from simple fry and ending with jellyfish, rays and even sharks. If you can manage small and medium fish with the help of nets, then you can not take large inhabitants of the sea depths. For our help, we have three additional tools for fishing. The first two are a bomb and an electric shock. The explosion of a bomb stuns all the prey in its radius of action, and the discharge paralyzes it. But the third tool is bread. Yes, simple bread. You throw it into the water, while a large accumulation of fish gathers around it and sprinkles the net.

Devices: iOS, Android

Fishing with your kids is a great opportunity to create a strong bond with them. However, when it comes to kids, it would not be that easy, so the above fishing games would have helped you to teach your kids to fish.

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