Best Environmental Science Apps and Games

Best Environmental Science Apps and Games

We have selected the games, and apps to enforce student learning and understanding of real-world environmental science topics. Thanks to games, environmental education has transformed into an effective learning experience for both students and teachers. Children’s appreciation for nature develops at a young age, so begin environmental education for kids as early as possible.

Environmental Games teach about earth, ecology, conservation and help them to understand concepts and relationships in ecosystems.

Apps, games, and websites can aid student understanding of how these scientists might work to control pollution, manage natural resources, study climate change, or evaluate alternative energy. The apps on this list are great options for all ages that can help students make real-life connections to the earth and its diverse environments. 

Here is the list of environmental science apps and games that helps you to learn about the environment that we live in today.

Plum's Photo Hunt

1. Plum's Photo Hunt

(iPhone, iPad)

Plum’s Photo Hunt is a simple, yet fun app that encourages children to get outside and explore nature by taking photographs and notes on what they observe. With a variety of categories to explore including, clouds, water, animal life, plants, etc. this is a great app to keep children engaged and active especially during the summer months.

This is a great app that the entire family can enjoy. Plum's Photo Hunt is the perfect app for the nature lover and little explorer in your home. With a variety of photo missions and a field journal to add notes, it is a perfect environmental science app.

Devices: iPhone, iPad and Android

If we missed any of the Best Environmental Science Apps and Games, tell us about them!

Splash: Ocean Sanctuary

2. Splash: Ocean Sanctuary

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

In Splash Ocean Sanctuary, players explore an interactive ocean environment brimming with sea life, discovering how organisms like sharks, sea turtles, and jellyfish live together in an underwater ecosystem. Featuring a variety of open-ended activities including watching how sea stars clean up detritus and discovering how food travels through a jellyfish, Splash Ocean Sanctuary helps young players learn environmental science concepts by playing, observing, forming hypotheses, and answering questions through animated interactions with undersea life.

Devices: iPhone, iPad

Earth Rangers

3. Earth Rangers

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Earth Rangers wants to spark environmental awareness and the well-designed games are the most entertaining way to go about it. The app offers tons of Ecology games that make a real and positive impact on the environment like planting trees, battery recycling drives, conserving energy and creating butterfly gardens.

The app offers great ecology lesson plans and videos are rich with engrossing animal goodies You'll find a wealth of thoughtful learning activities that address topics like conservation, natural selection, and biodiversity. These activities explore ecological topics like invasive species, captive breeding programs, and water conservation.

Devices: iPhone, iPad and Android

National Geographic Kids is a well-organized collection of multimedia resources that teaches younger students about animals, habitats, countries, and cultures. In the extensive animal section, students can search for animals by type of animal and/or habitat. They can find animal species from the luna moth and desert tortoise to the caracal and wolverine. 

National Geographic Kids also has a games section that allows students to explore topics such as environmental awareness, national parks, ecosystem, biodiversity, recycling, and, of course, animals.

Devices: iPhone, iPad and Android

I Love Potatoes

5. I Love Potatoes

(iPhone, iPad)

I Love Potatoes is a free app, when used with the extension materials, will help students understand their role in the environment and the economy, and empower them to make change for the better.

It is a game that promotes conservation, reflecting on one's own consumption behaviors, and collaboratively taking action for social change. I Love Potatoes teaches about how students can make a difference in their world, and then have a class discussion about environmental and social change. 

Devices: iPhone, iPad and Android


6. Geocaching®

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

For older kids who might be bored with a run-of-the-mill scavenger hunt, why not give geocaching a shot? It's like a high-tech, interactive treasure hunt. The only thing you'll need is a handheld GPS device. The kids can go to, enter their location and check out a list of sites where people have hidden geocaches (airtight containers that hold small items).

The sites are identified only by their geographical coordinates and maybe a short description, so once the kids have entered the coordinates into the receiver, they're off on an adventure to find the geocache.

Devices: iPhone, iPad and Android

MarcoPolo Ocean

7. MarcoPolo Ocean

(iPhone, iPad)

MarcoPolo Ocean is a free play, open world app to explore and discover ocean life. Players are exposed to STEM concepts and vocabulary while they explore the ocean, learn characteristics of marine plant and animal life, and build a boat or submersible vehicle.

This game features marine ecosystems where the player’s task is to place plants and animals into a seascape. Once it is built, the kids can play inside the ocean scene. When dragging plants or animals, the narrator identifies each object, continually providing noteworthy facts. 

Devices: iPhone, iPad 

What are Environmental Games?

Environmental games are games that drive players to manipulate gameplay elements to alter and impact their in-game surroundings or conditions. For the past few decades, environmental games have thrived in educational settings. Today environmental games help drive social change campaigns, research, training and scientific exploration.

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