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Best English Language Arts (ELA) Learning Games

On the hunt for high-quality English language arts learning games? You’ve come to the right place! The games and stories reinforce important ELA concepts and drive learning forward with colorful images, cute characters, points, and badges.

As you’re likely already aware, seeking out and identifying great ELA learning games can be a challenging prospect. Unlike math and science games when lend themselves in more obvious ways to game-based representation, designing English language arts games present a slightly more abstract challenge as learning objectives like “understanding narrative” or “comprehending character development” often introduce elements of subjectivity to the subject matter. From early literacy to learning a second language, differentiation is key to keep everyone engaged - leading to a noticeable lack of educational ELA games available in the wild.

Nevertheless, as time has gone by, many learning game developers have risen to the challenge and created ELA games across a variety of subject areas and intended age groups. Check out our list below!

Minecraft: Education Edition is undoubtedly today’s most talked about learning game – rivaled in popularity only by other game-based learning classics like The Oregon Trail and the Carmen Sandiego series. For all you ELA educators out there, you’ll be pleased to hear that MinecraftEdu offers a ton of resources to aid your existing language arts curriculum – a wide array of tools, lesson plans, and activities, many available for free on their website!

Minecraft: Education Edition is available now for PC/Mac and iPad.

Letter Quest EDU

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Letter Quest EDU is a satisfying turn-based word combat game aligned to Common Core standards. As players face increasingly difficult challenges, their linguistic skills are put to the test as they must defeat monsters, ghosts, and other ghoulish foes using words as their sole weapon. Letter Quest EDU was designed with elementary-aged player accessibility in mind – though players of all skill levels are sure to enjoy the mind-bending vocabulary challenges present in the game’s later levels.

Letter Quest EDU is available now for PC/Mac, Chromebooks, iPhone, iPad and Android.

Walden, a game is a first person exploratory game about the life of American philosopher Henry David Thoreau during his experiment in self-reliant living at Walden Pond. Walden, a Game and its supplementary curriculum guide would make a memorable addition to a greater ELA study unit on Thoreau and Transcendental literature.  The curriculum guide includes lessons that are appropriate for English Language Arts and other lessons that bridge the sciences and the humanities.

The game allows players of all ages to walk in Thoreau’s virtual footsteps, discover his ideas and writings, engage with historical characters such as Ralph Waldo Emerson, and experience the changing seasons of Walden Woods.

Walden Game is available now for PC/Mac.


( iPhone, iPad )

A popular puzzle game from developer Spry Fox, Alphabear shares many similarities with other grid-based word games, tasking players with earning points by spelling words on a grid. Some of Alphabear's stages are more sprawling free-for-alls, perfect for when you have a longer stretch of time to kill. Some are timed, perfect for when you only have a spare minute or two. And the challenges connected to each stage change with each day of the week - the letters W, O, R, and K will never appear on Sundays, for instance. Alphabear is charming and whimsical, which is one reason it's so addictive. But it's also surprisingly deep and strategic, with lots of great twists and turns.  

Alphabear is available now for iOS, Android, and PC/Mac.

Articulation Station

( iPhone, iPad )

Articulation Station provides you with the opportunity to record and listen to their own voices as they pronounce the letters and words in conjunction with a narrator who speaks them. As a result, you can gain self-awareness and identify their own pronunciation strengths and weaknesses.

Articulation Station is available now for iOS and Android.