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Best ebook Reader Apps

Reading books on your phone can only be enjoyable if the app is user-friendly and has all the features you want. Instead of paging through hardcovers and paperbacks, most of us turn to our phones, tablets, and ebook reader. Now you can simply read your favorite book on your smartphone or tablet by downloading apps on your devices. 

You can browse, buy, and read books in digital form right from your device whenever you want, wherever you want. Several of the eBook apps even provide hundreds of free books. There are several options out there that might be a good fit for you and your reading habits.

Save your self a little time when narrowing down your search for your best eBook reader apps by checking out our overviews of each below.


( Android, iPhone, iPad )

The free Kindle app is an excellent e-reader app that seamlessly ties to your Amazon account.  Kindle offers a wide selection of books, magazines and newspapers, making it one of the most popular eBook reader apps for smartphones and tablets. 

The app opens up to the Home screen, which has lists of best sellers, editors' picks, and popular sample books available for browsing. Kindle app makes reading on your phone or tablet almost as good as reading on an actual Kindle device. 

Kindle's in-book experience is as straightforward as it gets. To turn the page, simply swipe or tap somewhere in the margin. A tap to the center of the page brings up a status bar with location information and reader controls. There's also a menu at the top of your screen, in case you want to change text size, brightness, margins, line spacing, or background color.

Aldiko Book Reader

( iPhone, iPad )

Aldiko Book Reader is a great alternative to some of the more famous eBook reader apps. It is the perfect e-reader for books in PDF and ePub formats. Aldiko Book Reader does not automatically save a book and hence does not take up memory. However, if you do want the app to save your reading sessions you will need to import the book, which will put the book on its virtual shelf. Aldiko provides several options to adjust font size, font face and background settings to suit the reader’s needs. Aldiko offers a great reading experience with its extensive features.

Aldiko Book Reader effectively enables readers to access and view their digital library as well as enjoy reading their favorite books. With easy navigation, even beginners will have no difficulty finding their books and enjoying hours of reading.

Wattpad - Books & Stories

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Wattpad is a simple eBook reader with a friendly user interface. Wattpad allows anyone to share, read, and comment on stories and books. The library of content on Wattpad is impressive and growing, and the community is very active, sharing books that have been read 40,000 or more times in some categories. The result is a unique, one-of-a-kind experience for your iPad or iPhone. 

The best component of this app is probably its interface, seamlessly integrating Instagram-style social browsing with a solid eReader.

It allows authors to network and build a following of readers. It makes use of technology and community in order to help writers find an audience for their stories, and for readers to find new up-and-coming writers to check out and follow.  It's very easy to search for stories and upload your own; this is a great community for readers and writers to share their passion for storytelling.

Kobo Books

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Find all your eBooks and audiobooks together in one place with the Kobo App. With access to over 6 million titles on your tablet or smartphone, you'll begin to see why Kobo is a very popular choice for many avid readers. 

One of the main strengths of the Kobe iPad app is the appearance and layout of the Kobo eBook Store. Everything is nicely organized and broken down into categories and subcategories. There are different sorting options: best rated, price, bestseller, title, etc. And there are multiple sections for award winners, Oprah's book club, NYT Bestseller list, etc.

Kobo offers their ebooks on a wide range of platforms, with apps for smartphones like the iPhone, Android, Windows and others. Kobo's ebooks will also work with Adobe Digital Editions for viewing on PC and Mac computers, not to mention just about every dedicated ebook reader on the market.


( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Barnes and Noble offers its own eBook reader app, NOOK, which hosts over 4.5 million books, magazines, kid’s books and newspapers. Nook app is the perfect smartphone-based companion to your Nook e-reader.  

When you consider that there are over 2 million titles to choose from, choosing a book can be understandably challenging. But selecting the category option from the menu will help direct your search. The categories are grouped according to the B&N Top Sellers, most popular books, top "LendMe" books, steals "n" deals, and, most importantly, books recommended by Barnes & Noble. 

This app gives you the best reading experience along with access to over 4.5 million books, magazines, newspapers, comics and more.

Apple Books

( iPhone, iPad )

The Apple Books app is definitely worth a download for book lovers. Even if you don’t plan on doing much reading on your iPad or iPhone, you can read samples or catch up on a quick chapter. 

The Apple Books Store is packed with thousands and thousands of titles from large publishers and small presses alike. You'll never lack for things to read here and you'll be able to find virtually anything you want. The home screen of the app provides useful recommendations for other books that you may enjoy based on the things you've before in the app in the past. 

The Apple Books app delivers a high-quality ebook-reading and audiobook-listening experience to the iPad and other iOS devices.


Google Play Books

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

The app is now a usage hub for different kinds of digital content: ebooks, textbooks, comic books, and – eventually – audiobooks.

The content you can access via Google Play Books Android app syncs across all devices that you have connected to your Google account, for instance, another Android device or the web browser. Other book-reading apps offer translation for a limited number of languages. The translation feature in Google Play Books is powered by Google Translate.


( iPhone, iPad )

FBReader is a highly customizable eBook reader for all types of devices. It is available for devices that run on Android, Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, BlackBerry10 and other platforms. You can choose colors, font face, size, animations, bookmarks, etc. to suit your reading style. It organizes your library by authors and titles providing a simple view. It supports several eBook formats and direct reading from zip archives, and is localized for 29 languages! FBReader comes bundled with eight online catalogs that provide access to a large set of eBooks. It is integrated with popular dictionaries like SlovoEd, Fora and ColorDict.

ReadEra is a surprisingly popular ebook reader app. It has all of the basics, including various reading modes along with support for PDF, EPUB, WORD, MOBI, FB2, DJVU, TXT, and the super rare CHM formats. It doesn’t require any services or anything like that. There is also a split-screen mode where you can read multiple books or documents at the same time. However, we really only recommend that on larger screen phones or tablets. This one is surprisingly good, actually, and it seems to be completely free.

Moon+ Reader

( Android )

Moon+ Reader is a free e-book reader designed by Moon+ for Android that features an intuitive and user-friendly interface backed by powerful tools and functions.

This application enables users to read e-books on their device with support for e-book libraries online and different file formats including epub, txt, zip, fb2, html, umd, chm, or opds.  Also, Moon+ Reader offers users complete visual options and varied paging types such including touch screen and volume keys.

Moon+ Reader features 24 operations (swipe gestures, screen click and hardware keys) and 14 events (bookmark, search, font size, themes, etc.) all customized to suit the user’s preferences or needs.  Users also have full control on page scroll with its 5 different auto-scroll modes.

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