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5 Best Creativity Apps for Kids

Looking to download some of the best creativity apps for students? We have created a list of the 5 creative learning apps that can stimulate imaginative thinking capability in classroom and at home.

These creativity learning apps for students will allow kids to color pictures, play around with photo editing and video editing, make music and songs, express themselves in storytelling, writing, and tinker and build with digital tools. Especially for young kids, drawing, painting, and sculpting in art class help develop visual-spatial skills. Each of these apps can be used in the classroom or as an additional resource for parents who homeschool.

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( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Toontastic 3D is a powerful and engaging tool for digital storytelling and provides kids with a set of digital tools to create their own cartoons and one of the best creative apps for students. It's visually appealing, has great in-app support and sharing features, and relies on self-created animation and narration to tell stories. Toontastic 3D provides a stunningly easy way by how it makes the complicated process of creating an animated short movie so simple. 

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Beck and Bo

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Beck and Bo is a creative learning app that lets kids learn by simply playing and one of the best creative apps. Objects arrive in the scene that need to be sorted out. Kids can experiment with each object's placement by moving them around to see it clicks into its special place. 

Beck and Bo delights young children with a dynamic free play environment that always has a new surprise popping up. There is no pressure to complete each thematic area in a specific way, which is something we appreciate about the app.

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If you're looking for one of the best creative learning apps you need to check-out Coosi Box : Creative Drawing. Your child will begin by designing a character to represent themselves and then they combine their artwork with a wide variety of animations.  Next they share it with the world and look at the art of everybody else. Coosi Box is app for sharing pictures with children all over the world. Draw in many themes and become heroine of your own story. Coosi box have many delightful things you can do, but most important part of our role is to raise your kid’s imagination and pure mind making it one of the best creativity apps for students. Encouraging your child's imagination is always a wonderful thing to do and one way to do it is to give children a way to tell stories through illustrations. 

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( Android, iPhone, iPad )

This is an interactive diary app which is also featured on the best first grade apps list encourages young people to document their adventures and their lives in an interactive way whilst improving their communication and literacy skills in the process which makes it one of the best creative apps for kids. It is an excellent app to use during the holiday periods when learning can ‘drop-off’ as it encourages young people to keep a visual and written documentation of their holiday time whilst secretly improving their writing skills. However, this app does not just have to be used in the holiday period as it would work really well as a toy and interactive diary throughout the year. There are also many different features within the app including a sense of challenge where new things become unlocked the more the user plays and uses the app. 

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Artie's Magic Pencil

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Artie's Magic Pencil is a kids creative app that gets kids learning the fundamentals of drawing with his pulling a magic pencil out of a stone. The drawing adventure starts with a fun and interactive adventure story ideal for preschool-aged kids. Kids join the little hero by controlling his movements and tracing geometric shapes he draws. It features colorful artwork, a cast of funny characters, and a simple and intuitive interface. Downloadable drawing worksheets allow kids to extend their creative time away from the screen to develop creativity and fine motor skills making it one of the best creative apps for students.

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