Best Childcare Apps

Best Childcare Apps

High-quality child care keeps children safe and healthy. In addition, it helps children develop skills they will need for success in school and in their lives outside of school.

Childcare centres provide structure and routine for your child, which can be hard to manage as a working parent. A great daycare app combines the benefits of the digital world and your personal and business needs to create a personalized communication experience for everyone. A good childcare app cares about the health, safety, and wellbeing of everyone in your community and has features to assist with both your business and needs. 

Here are some of the best childcare apps around the world you need to know about if you’re considering taking your pre-school digital:

1. Procare: Childcare App

Procare is a popular childcare app used by more than 35,000 childcare businesses. Whether you manage a child care center or a before and after school program, Procare’s daycare app functionality ensures you’re always connected and in control.

The platform allows centers to stay connected with the families they serve by sharing important moments, information, learning milestones and more through an easy-to-use app. ProCare makes it easy to maintain records of payment, communication logs, and ledgers.

Devices: iOS, Android

2. HiMama

HiMama is the perfect childcare app for the new times. From contactless attendance, to ongoing parent communication, to seamless payments, running a superstar center just got a whole lot easier with this all-in-one childcare app. Hi Mama facilitates communication between child care centers and parents. That’s not all it does. This is one of the more robust software options available to providers.

Photos and videos, teacher observations, daily sheets, attendance lists, program planning, invoicing and leadership resources are all included. One of the unique features Hi Mama offers within its parent-teacher communication tools is the ability for parents to easily forward photos and updates to other family members, such as grandparents.

Devices: iOS, Android

3. Kinderly

Kinderly, is an award-winning early years app, which allows you to track the progress of the children in your setting at a glance. Reports can be created and shared with parents, daily diaries recorded including all meals, activities and naps, plus an accounting and invoicing package, all without the need for any paperwork.

The Kinderly Together online learning journal makes it quick and easy for childcare professionals to capture and share photo’s, video and updates of your child’s daily routine, everyday miracles and activities. Easy 2-way communication means that as a parent or carer you’ll gain a deeper insight into your child’s everyday development and how you can support this at home. Using Kinderly Together’s dedicated parent portal you can also share your child’s special moments with the nursery or childcare practitioner, joining up in your child’s learning journey.

Devices: iOS, Android

4. Illumine

Illumine App is a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform for preschool and daycare use. It is packed with features for managing a school’s day-to-day operation, communicating with parents, processing bills and finances, and even boosting school’s admission.

Devices: iOS, Android

5. OWNA Childcare App

From managing the centre and staff, to parent engagement, OWNA is all-in-one child care management app that does everything for your business. OWNA keeps parents updated on-the-go within their intuitive, user-friendly parent app. 

Devices: iOS, Android

6. Famly

Built with the latest technologies in web and mobile application development, Famly provides parents with complete visibility into the day-to-day happenings at their childcare centers, group care arrangements. This free daycare app is used by many organizations to manage their daily operations, streamline communication between parents, educators, and staff, and raise funds with ease. Many childcare considers it to be the best daycare software. It is a complete HRM software for your caregivers and the children they care for.

Devices: iOS, Android

7. Kangarootime

Kangarootime is an all-in-one childcare management platform that allows parents to easily manage their child’s activity. Also, schedule, communicate with teachers, as well as track all expenses in real-time. This one of the best childcare software that allows childcare providers to manage their business, take payments and communicate with parents. Kangarootime makes it easy to run your business from an app on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Devices: iOS, Android

Daycare business is a challenging field and you need proper management of the business to get better results. This can only be possible if you are using the best daycare apps.

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