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Best Back-to-School Apps for Teachers

September is here and, for students and their teachers, this signals the start of the back-to-school season. Whatever going back to school means for teachers, here are just a few apps and other technologies designed to help make the transition a little easier. 

These top-rated apps ranging from instructional supports to organizational tools to social networks and beyond -- help make one of the world's toughest job a bit easier. Here’s where you'll find quality teacher reviewed apps to get your new academic year off to the best possible start.

Pocket Sight Words

Available on Android , iOS

The Pocket Sight Words app utilises the idea of flash cards and embraces technology to help young children on their way to learning to read through working with sight words. By enhancing the idea of flash cards through using the ability of a device to read out words and help with comprehension this app really gives young children the ability to compound their knowledge of reading through sight words whilst challenging themselves within the game based element of the app.
The key objective of the app is to help young children, who are beginning to learn how to read, to improve their abilities through the use of flash cards. Through the app children are exposed to 44 different sight word lists which is a total of 220 words. Children work their way through each list in sequential order and unlock the next list by completing the one they are on. Each word is presented on the page nice and clear in big simple font. This allows the child the ability to learn how to read without any distractions.

Great for: Early Reading and Writing

Hello Numbers

Available on iOS

Hello Numbers is a simple little app that introduces young children to the numbers zero to nine in a compelling and age appropriate way. Whereas the very idea of numbers and mathematical thinking can be off-putting to children, this app helps redress this view and make numbers cuddly and welcoming. From an educational perspective it is very reassuring to see the number zero introducing the app and playing a key role, since all too often children start learning about numbers only from one to nine, and then struggle to fit the incredibly important concept of zero into their internal number lines as necessary.

Great for: Number Knowledge


Available on Android , iOS

DiaryZapp is a kids diary journaling app to enable your child to get creative and capture their daily adventures, broaden their literacy skills and share creations everyday. Children can draw, write, add photos and stickers to create a record of their day. It is an excellent app to use during the holiday periods when learning can ‘drop-off’ as it encourages young people to keep a visual and written documentation of their holiday time whilst secretly improving their writing skills. Parents can set up a safe email based closed network for children to share their diary pages if they wish to, they could share with family, friends or classmates. There are also many different features within the app including a sense of challenge where new things become unlocked the more the user plays.

This is an excellent, interactive diary that encourages young children to keep a written and visual documentation of their lives. It is fully interactive in the sense that the user can use a fully extensive set of tools including editing tools, picture uploads, paint and drawing tools. The user really can tell the story of their life through the app creating a way to keep all their memories and experiences in one place.

Great for: Literacy and Vocabulary

SMART Vocabulary

Available on iOS

Smart Vocabulary is an app aimed at growing and refining a student's range of vocabulary in preparation for college entrance tests, but anybody who would like to expand their knowledge of lesser-used words could also learn a lot from it.

Smart Vocabulary is designed to prepare students for the language component of the SAT/ACT. To this end, it covers 440 words selected by their likelihood of appearing on these tests. It is a good selection not only for the purposes of the tests, but because they are also useful words to know how to use correctly.

Great for: Admission Tests

IXL Maths and English

Devices: Android , iPad

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An almost infinite amount of questions to develop and test students’ maths and english skills for all ages which will test skills learnt and possibly forgotten. Great for revision, the 'Smartscore' system promotes working through the questions, not guessing and the variety of question types is also admirable. The questions comprehensively cover all years, from reception to year 13, and are useful for all of these years.

Parents and teachers alike can utilise it to ensure that their children master and remember the maths and english skills they are taught at school.

Great for: Maths practice

illumina Mathland

Devices: Android , iPad

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Illumina Mathland is an app packed full of well-made maths mini-games that will make your child's maths practice far more interesting.

The games test and challenge children's existing skills in the different areas of maths. The practice they provide is effective and relevant to all children's schoolwork. The web app also contains the administration area where teachers and parents can allocate tasks and see how much a child has engaged with the app and how successful they have been with it.

Great for: Maths

Start With Art!

Available on Android , iOS

“Start With Art!” is a great art education tool created by former Disney animators and professional educators. The fun and curriculum based app has four lessons with high quality animated videos and interactive learning activities. The content features three engaging characters – Furnace, Ruby and Tickles - that help children connect with and learn about the world of art and creativity. The app meets the National Standards for the Visual Arts, and for all the content that you get it is very good value for money.

The lessons and hands-on ‘Creativity Builders’ projects are a perfect tool for both teachers and parents to use for stimulating children to engage in creative activities and to learn that art is accessible to everyone. The first in a series of 4 ‘Creativity Express’ apps, the lessons in “Start With Art!” are designed to begin a child’s journey into the world of art, creativity, and visual learning.

Great for: Art and Creativity


Available on Android , iOS

Edmodo is a full-featured social learning platform designed to connect and collaborate within the educational environment. It is a social media network which is not only perfect for teachers and students but also to parents or guardians to use to share information in school. It collaborates and connect, share content and get access homework, school notices and grades.
Mostly, teachers can use Edmodo as an online blackboard and inbox. They can post polls, quizzes, and assignment guidelines, and invite students to submit finished assignments. The beauty of the social networking features is that students can collaborate on projects, asking questions and working together.
There are various ways to use Edmodo as teacher including to communicate with your students when you’re out of the classroom, or provide updates to students who are absent from class , facilitate project based learning in your classroom by leveraging Edmodo’s small-group feature.

Great for: Assessment and Classroom Management

Remind: Safe Classroom Communication

Available on Android , iOS

Remind is a safe, classroom-friendly communication tool to help teachers send messages targeted, to students and parents.

Teachers can send frequent messages to their students such as daily assignments (page # and problems assigned), reminders of upcoming tests, pictures of textbook page. They can also message individual students, an entire class of students, or multiple classes at the same time. They can see who’s received and read each message you send. Facilitate discussions and team collaboration.

Great for: Student and Teacher Communication


Available on Android , iOS

Evernote is an impressive organizational app for teachers. Its limitless uses range from planning a course to delivering a lesson plan to capturing feedback after class. It allows you to take notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, record voice reminders and makes these notes completely searchable, whether you are at school, at home, or on the go.
This productivity tool can shift the way kids manage information in school and the way teachers share it. Evernote can be used for creating student portfolios, lesson planning, classroom management, taking minutes of meeting and instruction.

Great for: Productivity

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