Best Baby Tracking Apps

Best Baby Tracking Apps

A  baby requires the utmost care and attention from parents. Parents can take suggestions from elders or look for parenting videos to nurture their newborns. Besides this, parents can opt for the best baby tracking app to equip themselves with all the vital information for parenting. One of the biggest benefits of sharing a baby tracker with a partner is that it helps both parents stay informed and involved in their baby's care. 

These baby tracker apps help parents to monitor and track breastfeeding, bathtime, diaper changes and more to make your new parenting journey a tiny bit easier. Baby tracking apps contain medically approved content that parents can refer to. It has in-depth articles, insights, videos, and nutrition that guide the parents at every stage.

Luckily, we’ve rounded up our favourite baby tracking apps to help you stay afloat with your tot’s day to day routine and chart their development – something that definitely comes in handy for your next pediatrician visit.

These best baby tracking apps will help to expect and post-birth parents take care of their newborns. So, without any further delay, let’s dive deep into the list of the best baby tracking apps.

ParentLove Baby Tracking

1. ParentLove Baby Tracking

ParentLove Baby Tracking - 4 star rating

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

ParentLove is a baby tracking app that makes it easy for parents to track and share their baby's important activities. The app tracks everything from daily events (such as feedings, nappies and sleeping), to health (supplements, doctor visits and illness tracking) to baby care (bath time and massage). There is even a 'Milk Bank', to help mums keep track of their frozen milk stores.

All activities can be easily shared, in real-time with everyone caring for the baby, ensuring the whole family stays in sync. The 'Stats and Trends' section provides interactive charts and graphs to visualise and understand a baby's growth.

ParentLove's Reminders are not only activity-specific but also highly customisable and sharable. You can set reminders when it's time for another feeding or doctor's appointment.

Best App for: Baby feeding tracker

Cost: Free with in-app purchases

Devices: iOS, Android

If we missed any of the Best Baby Tracking Apps, tell us about them!

Onoco - Shareable Baby tracker

2. Onoco - Shareable Baby tracker

Onoco - Shareable Baby tracker - 5 star rating

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Onoco is a new baby tracker app that lets you log your baby's sleep, nappy changes and feeds to help you track trends and set up routines and reminders. Onoco help parents track their children’s key milestones. Onoco, which is free, supports the brain development of children in their first five years which reflects 90 percent of total lifetime brain development – so you meet your child’s full potential.

Onoco combines the features of other single-purpose baby-tracking apps into one package. Onoco makes it easy to track, monitor, and record your baby's daily routine and long-term development. Up to five caregivers can share the app's services to ensure continuity of care and record-keeping. You can easily share the baby tracker with your partner, your midwife, your health visitor or any other healthcare professional.

Best App for: Baby milestone tracker

Cost: Free with in-app purchases

Devices: iOS, Android

The Wonder Weeks

3. The Wonder Weeks

The Wonder Weeks - 4 star rating

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Wonder Weeks is one of the popular baby tracking apps to track your baby’s developmental milestones so that you can help your baby through this fussy stage of a leap in their mental development. The app provides tips and tricks for every developmental growth of your child and lets you know the right time to move to the next stage.

You can gain insight into the perception of your baby towards the world and progress accordingly. Keep track of each development stage of your baby so that you can refer to them later. Besides leap programs, you can use e-books and audiobooks to help your child in mental development.

If you are wondering if your baby’s night waking is a sleep regression, or teething or are they entering another developmental leap, then this is the baby tracking app for you!

Best Baby App for: Baby's development and milestones tracking

Cost: Paid

Devices: iOS, Android

What to Expect

4. What to Expect

What to Expect - 4 star rating

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

What to Expect app guide you through every phase of your parenting journey, from preconception to pregnancy to the first years of your child’s life. This baby tracking app can be customized to track your baby's feedings, diaper changes, sleep patterns, tummy time and it also has a list of recommended vaccinations.

If you’ve got more than one child, you can add their profiles to your account as well. The tracker goes beyond what it says on the tin and even has an archive of guides to each month of your child’s development, medical advice and even playtime ideas for when your brain’s just too tired to come up with another game. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, never fear – you’ll get access to the What to Expect forum where you can ask other parents for help, or just rant to them about the two hours of sleep you got last night.

Best App to: track your baby's growth

Cost: Free with in-app purchases

Devices: iOS, Android

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Baby Tracker - Sprout

5. Baby Tracker - Sprout

Baby Tracker - Sprout - 4 star rating

(iPhone, iPad)

Sprout Baby is an amazing breastfeeding app with millions of users from all over the globe. This app provides essential tools to track your baby's daily activities and care, such as breastfeeding, growth, sleep, and child's health history. This app can also be used to track baby feedings and diapers.

In this app, you can also find a summary of useful information for doctor visits and health tracker to log temperature, medications, and symptoms. In the event of a relapse, all you need to do is access the app and see how to take care of it.

What’s more, Sprout Baby provides you with daily tips and baby development updates. New parents will find it useful to broaden their insights on parenting.

Best for: Baby Tracker

Cost: Free with in-app purchases

Devices: iOS, Android

Baby Connect

6. Baby Connect

Baby Connect - 5 star rating

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Baby connect is an activity log tracking app to track every activity of your baby. From milestones to vaccines, you can track them all with the Baby Connect app. You can track feeding like nursing, bottle to take good care of the baby’s nutrition. The app provides graphical charts for the activities of your tiny toddler. It also has more than 100+ descriptive activities that you can choose from for your child. You can take notes of the activities and events of your child.

You can use the time tracker to track the nap and nursing session of the child during the week. The app can track average nursing duration, average sleep, and average sleep session during the month. The app can also help you generate shareable reports in PDF and excel sheet formats. You can enable the push notification feature to stay updated with all the activities of your baby.

Best App to: track baby feeding and diapers

Cost: $4.99

Devices: iOS, Android

Baby Daybook

7. Baby Daybook

Baby Daybook - 4 star rating

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Baby Daybook is a full-featured baby tracker for easier parenting. It gathers all aspects for taking care of a newborn, providing you with a convenient baby activities tracker, including photo album, food log, and breastfeeding tracker.

Baby Daybook provides you with enjoyable breastfeeding moment. Featuring a nursing timer, it is possible to track feeding duration with just one tap. It also comes packed with bottle tracking feature that lets you log breast milk along with the note of its volume. You can create profiles for each child and even set reminders for the next feeding, pump session, diaper change, sleep, or medication.

Want to keep track of your breast pump sessions? Pumping session log allows you to keep track of the daily amount of breast pump. What’s more, you can also find other features like sleeping tracker, health tracking, diaper changes, and even potty training.

Best App for: Newborns

Cost: Free with in-app purchases

Devices: iOS, Android

Baby Breastfeeding Tracker

8. Baby Breastfeeding Tracker

(iPhone, iPad)

Baby Breasfeeding Tracker is one of the best baby feeding tracker app. From the minds of American Baby magazine comes the Baby Nursing app, your free be-all, end-all breastfeeding app…and so much more! With options to chart your baby’s nursing progress as well as relevant doctors appointments and potty breaks, don’t forget to record your milestones with their in-built sound, photo and video capabilities.

If you’re absolutely in love with the app, there’s even more paid-for content that will allow you to keep on top of bottle feedings, pumping, sleeping and more. Data can even be exported into a customisable Excel spreadsheet.

Best App for: Baby Feeding Tracking

Cost: Free with in-app purchases

Devices: iPhone, iPad, 

WebMD Baby

9. WebMD Baby

WebMD Baby - 5 star rating

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

With over 1.7M parents using the WebMD Baby app, it can be an ideal choice for new parents. The app has five comprehensive trackers that track every activity of your baby. Diaper tracker ensures proper changing of diapers during the day for your baby. WebMD act as a pocket pediatrician for the parents, thanks to medically approved content. It has 400+ articles, 500+ tips, and 70+ videos across various categories.

WebMD app has a breastfeeding tracker to track the nutrition intake of your baby. Sleep and growth tracker are some other tracking tools to monitor the progress of your baby. A growth tracker can measure the head circumference and height of the baby, while an asleep tracker is efficient in tracking sleeping patterns. You can capture your baby’s milestones and memory in the baby book. The comprehensive tracking tools make it one of the best baby tracking apps on our list.

Best Baby App for: Medical Reference

Cost: Free with in-app purchases

Devices: iPhone, iPad, Android


10. BabySparks

BabySparks - 4 star rating

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

If you are looking for the overall development of your baby, then the Baby Sparks app can be the ideal choice. The app has thousands of activities and milestones for children aged 0-3 years. It has instructional videos of the activities that will help you understand them carefully. The standout feature of the app is Smart Adaptive Technology. The app identifies and adapts to the baby’s movements, making it one of the best baby tracking apps.

You can search for parenting articles in categories like milestones and places. The app has tools to track the progress of your baby over the years. It also provides personalized reports that you can use to analyze the progress of your baby.

Best Baby App for: Developmental activities

Cost: Free with in-app purchases

Devices: iOS, Android

Baby tracking apps provide pre and post-birth help to the parents. The content is designed and approved by medical experts that makes baby tracking apps a reliable option for parents.

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