Best Apps to Learn Hebrew

What Are The Best Apps To Learn Hebrew?

Hebrew language is mainly spoken in Israel and Jews communities. This language is the extension of the ancient Biblical Hebrew language. To learn the Hebrew language, there are many Hebrew learning apps.

For a Hebrew learning app to be effective, it should be interactive. This makes lessons fun and keeps boredom at bay! Learning Hebrew requires a combination of skills, such as reading, writing, and speaking. Thus, to get a well-rounded understanding of Hebrew, it’s best to consult various sources to help develop your abilities.

Let’s get started with our top apps for learning Hebrew.

1. Pimsleur

Best Hebrew App for Beginners

Pimsleur is a great app for Hebrew beginners who want to speak quickly. It teaches any language with audio lessons. You listen to native speakers of both genders and learn vocabulary and pronunciation. Pimsleur has a useful learning method and the tools for fluency. The basic plan has little written content, but the premium one has reading practice. Overall, Pimsleur offers a helpful format for learning and the tools you need to become fluent in Hebrew.

Free Trial: 7 days

Price: Subscriptions cost $14.95/month – $19.95/mo.

Devices: iPhone, iPad and Android

2. italki

Best App to Find a Hebrew Tutor

Sometimes working with an instructor one on one is the best way to get quality language instruction. italki offers that, and more. You can connect with Hebrew tutors within your budget and find someone who fits your learning style. italki is convenient and accessible to all ability levels. You can find a Hebrew tutor who works with you on specific vocabulary or skills, too. 

Free Trial: N/A

Price: Starts at $4/hour with an average of around $10/hour (ranges up to $50/hour).

Devices: iPhone, iPad and Android

3. Duolingo - Learn Languages for Free

Best App to Learn Hebrew for Free

Duolingo isn’t ideal for all languages, but it’s an excellent starting point for Hebrew - and the written language especially. For beginners, you get a lot of audio content, too, but that tends to fade the farther you go.What’s still helpful at intermediate to advanced level on Duolingo is the notes for grammar. The game-like format is pretty fun, too, and it does get more challenging in higher-level lessons.

Price: Free

Devices: iPhone, iPad and Android

4. Mango Languages

Best App to Learn Hebrew in Context

Mango Languages is a useful app to learn Hebrew if you are looking for a structured course that guides you through the basics. It focuses on literal and colloquial translations. Mango's ability to teach Hebrew is suitable for younger (or less motivated) students. One thing Mango Languages does extremely well is its dialogue quality.

Free Trial: 14 days

Price: $7.99/month

Devices: iPhone, iPad and Android

5. HebrewPod101

Best App with Podcast Lessons

HebrewPod101 has podcast-style lessons that focus on conversations between native speakers. Each lesson breaks down a conversation to teach important vocabulary and grammar topics with detailed explanations. They also talk about the importance of culture on the language.

Free Trial: 7 days

Price: $8/month

Devices: iPhone, iPad and Android

6. Drops

Best App to Learn Hebrew Vocabulary

Drops helps you learn 2,000+ Hebrew words with playful lessons that are just five minutes long. t uses visual associations to help you remember vocabulary in a unique way. You can choose which words you need to review and skip those you’ve memorized. Drops’ sleek and aesthetic user interface is a joy for users. Of course, take note that Drops lack the grammar component so it should be used as a supplement to other Hebrew learning apps or resources.

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Devices: iPhone, iPad and Android

7. Learn Hebrew Language by KidsTube

Best App to Learn Hebrew Offline

Learn Hebrew Language Offline is an educational application for you to learn Hebrew effectively. This app offers multiple listening tests and quiz tests to help users learn the Hebrew language. It offers phrases to conduct Hebrew conversations, to give greetings, to ask time & date, etc. Plus, words and phrases related to daily activities such as Transportation, Eating Out, Accommodation, Weather, etc., are also provided by it. This app also provided a native Hebrew voice that helps users improve their understanding and pronunciation of the Hebrew language.

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Devices: iPhone, iPad and Android

8. Drops

Best App to Learn Hebrew for Travel

This app provides more than 9000 common Hebrew words and phrases that help users learn the basics of the Hebrew language in various categories including greetings, expression and so on. By accessing each section, users can learn and phrases associated with that category. It also offers multiple quizzes for users to test their grasp of the Hebrew language. Learn Hebrew Free is perfect for travel use, as it provides offline access to its material.

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Devices: iPhone, iPad and Android

Learning Hebrew can seem tough at first, especially as you learn the basics like reading from right to left. Fortunately, our top picks for Hebrew learning courses can help you develop the skills you need for fluency—without wasting time on resources that aren’t going to work.

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