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Best Lecture Recording Apps

Lecture capture apps allow you to record a lecture or presentations and listen back to classes without having to spend extra money on expensive recording equipment. These screen capture apps provide convenience for students, offering remarkable flexibility with course timetables to coordinate work and study schedules. The apps lets teachers create videos by drawing elements, adding images and documents and recording their voices using an iPad or Android-based tablet.

Here is the list of best apps for recording lectures that allows students, teachers and educators to create and share lectures from their devices.

Office Lens

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Office Lens allows users to photograph a whiteboard, convert it to a PDF, Word or PowerPoint file and store all the data via OneNote or OneDrive for catch-up and revision purposes. Any student with a mobile phone can put Office Lens, a convenient app that acts as a point-and-shoot document scanner, to good use in their classroom.


( iPhone, iPad )

Student can record lessons in Notability using their iPad's screen recorder. Students can replay the note at their own pace using Note Replay, on their own devices, taking notes simultaneously using Multi-Note. Notability offers a unique audio recording feature for note-takers.

GoodNotes 5

( iPhone, iPad )

GoodNotes is a powerful tool for students who want to use their iOS devices like a digital whiteboard to capture handwritten notes and compile detailed documents.


( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Evernote is a great tool for students. Whether you're pursuing a BS in robotics or a PhD in anthropology, Evernote makes it easy to organize all your coursework and assignments so you can quickly find what you're looking for.

Microsoft OneNote for iPad

( iPhone, iPad )

OneNote is better for students who are looking for a completely free note-taking app, appreciate more flexibility in their note formatting. It is very convenient for supplementing notes and planning.