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Best Apps by Toca Boca

Toca Boca are a leading producer of apps for children with a wide selection of fabulous apps. Toca Boca’s apps, which focus on creative play while avoiding in-app purchases, have been downloaded more than 85m times on iOS and Android devices since 2010 – a figure that includes free downloads as well as paid apps.

Here are the best toca boca apps currently available for your children to help increase their focus and patience.

Toca Builders is a fantastic creativity application for little learners filled with endless opportunities for growth and self-directed play. The app allows students to create and build using six individually unique block laying/tiling robots. Kids will love the unique opportunities available in the app as its fun, colorful, and easy to play. 
Skills: Critical Thinking
Toca Lab - Explore the colorful and electrifying world of science and meet all 118 of the elements from the periodic table. Each element has its own look and personality.  This is a great app that introduces young children to the general concept of the periodic table and lets them experiment in a virtual chemistry lab without the need of safety goggles. 
Skills: Academic Relevance, Thinking and Reasoning
Toca Doctor is a good starting point for off-screen human body exploration and learning how doctors treat ailments. Kids can learn about how the human body works and how it can be fixed when something is broken. The app provides an excellent backdrop for education and parents can use the app to answer questions and explain things like inoculations, teeth and sugar bugs, lungs and asthma, why do tummies hurt, how to use disinfect a scrape or cut, when to put on a plaster, what can be fixed at home and when do we need a doctor or a trip to hospital.  
Skills: Life Skills, Health and Fitness
Toca Nature is a creative and interactive app where the children can use their imagination to create their own worlds; we love the way the animals come to life and children can see the habitats they are best suited to.  Children really enjoy the animal aspect and the fact that you can feed them in their habitats with the food collected.  The educational focus is on observation and experimentation rather than a specific objective. 
Skills: Creative Development
Toca Town is an open-play environment designed for little kids to explore six town-related areas that include open-ended gameplay. Kids create their own games with its inhabitants, visit six locations, and discover hidden treasures nestled in unlikely places. 
Skills: Life Skills

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