Best AI Tools for Math Students

Best AI Tools for Math Students

AI tools are transforming the way students learn and understand math. They make it easier, more engaging, and enjoyable. 

AI math solvers use technology to solve mathematical problems automatically. By using algorithms, they can take complex equations and break them down into simpler parts. AI math solvers are able to work quickly and accurately compared to traditional methods of solving mathematics. 

In this article, we'll explore the best AI tools for math students that will help you improve your mathematical abilities and excel in the subject. Whether you're struggling with basic concepts or want to push your math skills to the next level, these AI tools will be your best friend.

1. Photomath

Photomath is a math learning app that uses AI to solve math problems and provide step-by-step solutions. Users can take a picture of a math problem, and the app will use AI to provide the answer and explain the solution.

Powered by advanced artificial intelligence technology, Photomath provides an innovative way for students to approach complex math problems. Photomath provides step-by-step solutions to math problems in real time. Once a problem is scanned, Photomath will provide step-by-step explanations on how to solve it. This can be a great way for students to learn how to solve math problems on their own.

Photomath covers various math topics, including arithmetic, algebra, calculus, and more, making it an ideal resource for students, parents, and teachers. With its user-friendly interface and convenient features, Photomath is quickly becoming a go-to app for math students looking to leverage AI.

Price: Free with premium features

2. iCalc Calculator & Math Solver

iCalc is an elegant, easy-to-use financial, scientific, and graphing calculator with a built-in AI powered math bot (ChatGPT) for powerful extra support.  It includes the functions you would expect from an advanced calculator, including logarithms, trigonometry, statistics and more.

This calculator app will be so beneficial by showing math problems worked out with intermediate steps which will help you understand the concepts. It’s a very powerful tool that can even solve matrices, equations systems, and graph. The graphs displayed are beautiful and it generates them automatically with x and y values.

iCalc Calculator app is an essential tool for school and college. Scientific, graphing, fraction and matrix calculator in one app!

Price: Free with premium features

3. Socratic

Socratic is a free AI tool to help students with their homework by providing educational resources like videos, definitions, Q&A, links and more. It uses Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) and search technologies to connect students to helpful educational resources from the web and sites such as YouTube.

The app enables students to take pictures with their phone camera before using AI to provide visual explanations of the concepts. Socratic relies on text and speech recognition, and it can be used for different disciplines like science, math, literature, and social studies.

Socratic is an educational app that helps students with learning and homework. It offers visual explanations of concepts, text and speech recognition, and compatibility with various subjects.

Price: Free

4. Mathway

Mathway is an online math problem-solving platform developed by Chegg that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) technology to assist math students of different levels in various math subjects such as algebra, calculus, trigonometry, and graphing. Mathway’s AI-powered features make it an exceptional tool for students seeking additional support with their math homework. By inputting math problems, students receive step-by-step solutions, which help them understand and learn the problem-solving process.

Moreover, Mathway provides users several subscription options, including a free version with limited features and premium versions with advanced capabilities. Therefore, Mathway is an excellent resource for students who need to boost their math skills and achieve academic success.

Price: Free with premium features

5. CameraMath - Homework Help

CameraMath is an AI-powered mobile app that offers a variety of tools and resources to help math students improve their skills. The app is designed to be an all-in-one solution for math students, offering features like Ask Tutors, Math Bank, Calculators, and Math Solver.

CameraMath’s Ask Tutors feature allows students to ask questions and receive personalized answers from expert tutors. The math bank features provide access to various math concepts, formulas, and equations.

CameraMath’s Calculators feature includes a variety of helpful calculators, including a scientific calculator, graphing calculator, and geometry calculator. Finally, the Math Solver feature uses AI to solve complex math problems.

It provides step-by-step solutions, making it a valuable resource for students studying calculus, algebra, and other advanced math subjects. CameraMath is an excellent AI tool for students looking to improve their math skills and succeed in their math studies.

Price: Free with premium features

6. Brilliant

Brilliant is a cutting-edge math education platform that utilizes AI technology to help students learn math concepts, rules, and problem-solving strategies. Whether you’re looking to brush up on algebra, calculus, geometry, trigonometry, or probability, Brilliant offers comprehensive courses to help you better understand math and improve your overall math skills.

By using advanced AI algorithms, Brilliant can provide personalized feedback and guidance to each student based on their progress and learning style, ensuring that they can learn at their own pace and in the way that suits them best.

Unlike other math education tools that focus primarily on providing solutions to math problems, Brilliant is geared towards teaching math lessons and rules, providing students with a deeper understanding of the subject matter. With its innovative approach to math education, Brilliant is an invaluable tool for students of all ages and skill levels looking to succeed in math.

Price: Free with premium features

7. WolframAlpha

Wolfram Alpha is a sophisticated computational knowledge engine that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to answer factual queries across various subjects, ranging from math to science and engineering. For math students, Wolfram Alpha is an invaluable tool, offering a suite of features and tools to assist in their studies. Among its many capabilities,

Wolfram Alpha stands out for its ability to solve complex math problems and graph functions, providing students with step-by-step solutions that illuminate the underlying concepts.

Additionally, Wolfram Alpha provides access to a vast library of math concepts, formulas, and equations, giving students ample opportunities to deepen their understanding of the subject. In short, Wolfram Alpha is an indispensable tool for any math student seeking to master the intricacies of this challenging discipline.

Price: Free with premium features

8. Maple Calculator: Math Helper

Maple Calculator is an innovative free online calculator tool that harnesses AI’s power to help students quickly solve complex math problems. Powered by Maple, a widely used math software tool among engineers, scientists, and mathematicians worldwide, Maple Calculator offers a range of features to assist students in learning math, including advanced functions, graphing tools, and step-by-step solutions to complicated problems.

Whether it’s algebraic equations, calculus, or trigonometry, Maple Calculator can handle it all. In addition to its powerful math capabilities, Maple Calculator provides an exciting range of educational games and puzzles that allow students to improve their math skills engagingly and enjoyably.

With its user-friendly interface, advanced capabilities, and a broad range of tools, Maple Calculator is an exceptional AI tool for students looking to enhance their math skills and gain a deeper understanding of the subject.

Price: Free

9. Microsoft Math Solver

Microsoft Math Solver is a free AI Tool. Microsoft Math Solver is an AI powered math solver that provides students an innovative way to learn math. This app is versatile and designed to solve math problems from basic arithmetic to advanced calculus. It offers step-by-step solutions, visual aids, and explanations, enhancing the student’s understanding of the problem.

In addition, the app’s ability to recognize handwritten math problems makes it easy for students to solve them on paper and then check their work. All in all, Microsoft Math Solver is a user-friendly and effective tool for math students.

Price: Free

10. MyScript Calculator

MyScript is a revolutionary app that leverages the power of artificial intelligence to help students easily solve complex math problems. Simply handwriting math expressions on a tablet or smartphone, MyScript uses machine learning algorithms to interpret handwriting and provide real-time feedback and step-by-step solutions.

The app offers a highly intuitive experience and can recognize even the most complicated mathematical expressions. It seamlessly integrates with popular note-taking apps such as Evernote, making it an essential tool for students who need help with math.

The app combines the convenience of digital note-taking with AI-powered math-solving accuracy, making it a game-changing resource for students of all levels. With MyScript, students can improve their problem-solving skills, boost their confidence, and take control of their math studies like never before.

Price: Free

11. Symbolab

Symbolab is an exceptional AI-powered math education tool that offers students a range of features to assist them in various math subjects. This online math solver app offers comprehensive features, including graphing, geometry, word problem-solving, and more, to help students solve complex math problems. Symbolab offers a variety of calculators, including fractions, quadratic, and radical equation calculators, making it a versatile tool for math students of all levels. It can aid struggling students in grasping difficult concepts and building confidence in their math abilities. Symbolab’s comprehensive features and calculators make it a valuable AI tool for any student who wants to excel in math.

Whether you are a high school student preparing for exams or a college student pursuing a degree in a math-related field, Symbolab’s powerful AI-driven tools will surely help you achieve your academic goals.

Price: Free with premium features

What features do AI Math Solvers provide?

AI Math Solvers are software designed to help people solve mathematical equations quickly and accurately. Some of the features they provide are automated problem solving, intelligent hints, step-by-step solutions, interactive tutorials, graphical representations and multi-step equations.

What types of users use AI Math Solvers?

AI Math solvers can be used by students, professionals, teachers, parents, gamers, researchers, data analysts and business professionals.

By evaluating your requirements and researching the available AI math solvers, you’ll be able to find the best match for your needs. On this page you will find available tools to compare AI math solvers prices, features, integrations and more for you to choose the best software.

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