Best AI Tools for Education

Best AI Tools for Education

The implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the field of education is one of the most life-changing areas to apply AI in our personal opinion.

It is one of the most effective tools teachers can have at their disposal, and it often frees them up from administrative burdens. These technologies will not replace teachers, but rather enable them to spend more time on students’ education.

AI is growing rapidly in the education sector, and it is becoming a multi-billion dollar global market. This rapid growth is due to its ability to transform many aspects of the teaching and learning processes. AI can create immersive virtual learning environments, produce “smart content,” ease language barriers, fill gaps between learning and teaching, create specialized plans for each student, and much more. 

These AI-based tools have the potential to transform teaching and learning experiences, save teachers’ time, improve students’ performance, and efficiently manage various administrative tasks.

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In this article, we will explore some of the best AI tools for education in 2023.

1. Merlin AI

Merlin AI plugin is an AI-driven plug-in extension for Chrome web browser. The plug-in extension is powered by AI models such as ChatGPT, GPT-4, Claude 2 by Anthropic, LLama 2 by Meta and users can select which model they would like to work with. 

It provides ChatGPT responses on Google search, summarizes Youtube videos, blogs, documents (pdf or ppt), writes post and replies to comments on LinkedIn, Twitter and Gmail. Merlin translates into more than twenty-five languages.

Key Features

  • AI Chatbot to chat about anything 
  • Summarize or chat with any pdf or website
  • AI art allows you to generate images

Best: for summarizing long articles, creating social media posts

Devices: Web Browsers

2. Gizmo

Gizmo is an AI education tool to help students remember everything they learn in a simple and fun way. Gizmo use AI to transform notes and study materials into fun quizzes that are based on cognitive science: quiz for just 10 minutes a day, and you will remember everything you learn!

Gizmo is growing rapidly with teachers and students across the world who love the efficiency of the tool: just paste in your notes, and Gizmo turns them into fun, active recall quizzes.

Key Features

  • Generates quizzes from your class notes
  • Generates flashcards from a topic in seconds
  • Uses daily streaks to help users engaged

Best: for revision, exam preparation

Devices: Web Browsers, iOS, Android

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Learnt.AI is an AI-driven collection of tools to help teachers and educators create learning content quickly and effectively. The app works as an assistant and collaborator to spark creativity and assist with time-consuming content-creation tasks.

Learnt.AI's tools (well over 50) are available through its web app. Learnt.AI has tools you can adapt to any subject. It can, for example, simplify explanations for any topic.

Key Features

  • Help users automate the creation of lesson plans, assessment questions
  • Offers variety of tools to generate educational support content

Best: for planning and productivity

Devices: Web Browsers

4. Mindgrasp AI

Mindgrasp is an app that can quickly summarize text and video into a brief but thorough summary. Users can upload a file, paste a link, paste text, or ask AI a question without uploading any content. When users upload text or video, a menu of options offers notes, summaries, flashcards, quizzes and audiobooks all based on the uploaded content.

Key Features

  • You can ask any question about your uploaded content
  • Generate quizzes from your uploaded content

Best: study tool to learn faster

Devices: Web Browsers

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5. Knowji

Knowji is an audio-visual vocabulary app that utilizes AI in teaching and learning. It offers personalized learning paths by adapting to the user’s learning pace and provides various multimedia resources to make the process more engaging.

Knowji uses a spaced repetition algorithm to monitor learners’ progress and forecast what they may have forgotten. Knowji provides access to a variety of resources and tools that support your learning, such as definitions, synonyms, antonyms, audio pronunciations, images, sentences, stories, and videos.

Key Features

  • Aligned with Common Core State Standards
  • Track your progress with detailed reports and feedback

Best: to learn words (vocabulary) and improve your reading comprehension

Devices: Web Browsers

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6. Gradescope

Gradescope is an online platform that provides you with a comprehensive grading tool with power of AI for paper-based exams, quizzes, bubble sheets and homework. The software enables teachers to grade assignments faster and more efficiently by providing them with a user-friendly interface that streamlines the grading process.

Gradescope relies on a combination of machine learning (ML) and AI to make it easier to grade, which saves time and energy. Gradescope can be used by the teacher to grade paper-based exams and online homework, as well as to prepare projects all in one place.

Key Features

  • Send grades to students in one click
  • Receive per-question and per-rubric statistics to understand how your students are doing

Best: for assessment

Devices: Web Browsers

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7. QuillBot

QuillBot is a paraphrasing tool that uses artificial intelligence to rewrite content. Whether you want to rewrite a sentence, paragraph, or an entire blog article, QuillBot can easily do that for you. It is the perfect writing assistant for writers who often rewrite content.

It also has a summarizer tool that helps with summarizing long content. QuillBot has a free plan that you can use forever. The premium plan on the other hand costs $9.95 per month and has no limitations. 

Key Features

  • Seven paraphrasing modes to choose from
  • Has plagiarism detector, grammar checker and citation generator

Best: for writing content

Devices: Web Browsers

8. Speechify

Speechify is an AI-powered tool that turns text into audio. From notes and paragraphs to entire books and textbooks, Speechify makes it easy to consume educational content on the go. 

Perfect for students struggling with reading or busy lifestyles, Speechify works with documents, articles, emails, and PDFs, making it accessible from any device. You can upgrade to premium for a yearly subscription of $139 and access features such as highlighting and note-taking.

Key Features

  • Upload your documents and convert them into audio files
  • You can translate your English content into other languages

Best: for Reading

Devices: iPhone, iPad, Android, Web Browsers

9. Curipod

Curipod is an AI tool specifically designed for early childhood education. It assists educators in identifying the developmental needs of children by analyzing their strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles.

Curipod aids in creating personalized learning plans, making the early learning experience more effective.

Key Features

  • Allows students to interact with the presentations
  • Can be used as interactive assessment tool
  • Create lessons and share with individuals or groups

Best: for creating interactive educational content

Devices: Web Browsers

10. Teach Anything

Teach Anything is an AI-powered tool that helps you learn and share information. This platform enables instructors and students to have meaningful educational experiences and promote a culture of lifelong learning via intelligent recommendation algorithms, interactive learning resources, and collaborative features.

Key Features

  • Create and share educational content on any topic
  • Get personalised and interactive learning experiences based on your needs and preferences

Best: to learn any topics

Devices: Web Browsers

Although these AI tools offer numerous benefits for the education sector, they also come with certain drawbacks. Some of the major concerns include the lack of certified information and accuracy, insufficient creativity and brainstorming, and the potential cost of implementation. Nonetheless, when used appropriately, these AI tools can have a significant positive impact on teaching and learning experiences.

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