Best 5 Revision Apps

The end of year exams are only a few months away - so here is a selection of GCSE and A-level revision apps that can help you achieve and exceed your target grades.

Gojimo - GCSE, A Level Revision

( Android - Free , iPad - Free )

There are plenty of multiple choice quiz apps built for revision available and you may feel there is nothing left to add, but Gojimo shows that few of the existing ones have been done right.  Huge subject coverage: yes.  A vast amount of questions: yes.  A slick and smooth interface: yes.  It really is as good as you can imagine this kind of quick fire revision app could be.

The app is suitable for students revising for their Common Entrance, GCSE, IGCSE, A-Level, IB, ACT (US), SAT (US) and AP (US).

GCSE History (For Schools)

( Android - £2.99 , iPad - £2.99 )

Revision Buddies brings GCSE students a range of GCSE apps which focus on covering the key topics across the higher and lower tiers of the main GCSE exam boards. If you’re studying or teaching GCSE History, this is a great supplement to your existing study tools. The homepage has 2 tabs; ‘Questions’ and ‘Past Papers’. Content is designed to cover the majority of exam boards – covers the full syllabus of the Edexcel syllabus, the majority of the AQA syllabus, and is looking to contain the full spread of OCR soon. 

GCSE Maths : Super Edition

( Android - £4.99 )

Webrich Software offers a collection of GCSE apps, one of their best being the GCSE Maths: Super Edition. Learn the fundamental aspects of each topic using over 250 revision notes and 2700 questions with solutions and explanations on Number, Algebra, Stats and Geometry.

This app offers a progress metre and mock tests including 50 questions randomly selected from the topic. Continuous use of this app will help you overcome and difficulties and ace your GCSE maths exam! 

Test & Learn — GCSE Physics

( Android - £1.49 )

Test your knowledge of GCSE Physics with this brilliant Test & Learn app from CGP! With over 300 Q&A cards this app is great for revising the different modules you study within class and prepare for your end of year exams. Hundreds of multiple choice questions with short explanations of each answer will allow you to learn and improve your understanding of each topic. Choosing your exam board will allow you to ensure that you are learning the correct topics for your exam making this app ideal for Higher Level GCSE courses (A*-C).

Created by teachers, the Revision App is packed with tutor videos and exam revision quizzes for GCSE, As-Level, A2-Level and 11+ subjects. Covering the fundamental subjects within each key stage students have the option to choose the subtopics they want to focus on and can take the appropriate tests for it. Videos will help guide the students through topics they find difficult. The app contains in-app purchases, but try the free content first and if you like the app unlock access to over one million revision notes/flash cards and over 350 learning videos across the different key stages and subjects.

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