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Best 10 Number Puzzle Games

If you thought the advent of smartphones and tablets had made puzzles obsolete, think again! Test your logic and math skills with number puzzle games. Find out just how good you are at logical gameplay when you discover all of these number puzzle games! 

Looking for short but challenging number puzzle games? Playing with number puzzles and games will keep your brain in shape for countless hours with number puzzle games like Sudoku and 2048 Puzzle Game. 

Educational App Store has filtered the best 10 apps for Number Puzzle Games that will increase your skills and knowledge in math numbers.

Numpuz Number Puzzle Games

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Numpuz is a classic number puzzle game to swipe and place the tiles orderly. Players must tap and move the wood number tiles by coordinating their eyes, hand and brain. The game challenges your logic and supports strategic reasoning and computational flexibility.

Number Puzzle

( iPhone, iPad )

It is one of the exciting number puzzle game designed to challenge your mental arithmetic and combinatorical skills. This game challenges your brainpower to place the tiles in order by making sliding moves that use the empty space. There are different levels of play that vary the range of numbers. If you love math and number puzzles, this app would be perfect.

Number Block Puzzle

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Number Block Puzzle is an addictive number puzzle game. You have to move the blocks to match the shape and have to get them exactly right. The puzzle comes with a sheet showing different starting positions but there’s many more themes you can find… and then try to get the numbers back in order again.

Numberzilla - Number Math Game

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Slide Puzzle with numbers and photos. It is a classic 15-puzzle game  that allows you to play you first scramble the tiles and then try to put them back in order. The pieces are to be pushed around over the board until the picture is complete.The pieces are numbered so that you will know in which order they should be.

Drop The Number : Merge Puzzle

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Numberzilla is a new number puzzle game for brain and logic training. The basic gameplay is easy to learn. Tap similar numbers that are next to each other or those whose sum is 10. The game requires focus because it is more challenging to look for numbers than objects that are more common in match puzzle games. Numberzilla can be repetitive, but if you are looking for an app to improve your focus and keep you occupied, this is one to add on your list.


( iPhone, iPad )

2048 is a challenging number puzzle for kids and grown ups. The object is to join the numbers to get the 2048 tile. Use your arrow keys to move tiles. When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one!