Best Apps for Nursing Students

Best Apps for Nursing Students

Nursing school is tough and studying can be very time-consuming. It can feel like there’s so little time to read through everything, much less review the material more than once. For the past two years as nursing student, I’ve worked tirelessly to find the best methods for learning quickly and studying efficiently on the go.

Mobile apps are a great way to review and retain all of the information from your textbooks, courses, clinicals and nursing exams. Many of these apps are also helpful resources for preparing for the NCLEX exam.

We’ve compiled a list of the best apps for nursing students to help you on your journey to success.


The NCLEX prep app is the most popular choice for nursing students, used by over 400,000 around the country. It creates study plans with personalized suggestions that adapt to your needs.

The progress charts show you your improvement over time. There’s AI learning that adapts to your needs and fine-tunes your lessons. It will tell you which areas to focus on improving, as well as which areas are strong already.

Devices: iOS, Android

2. NCLEX RN Mastery

This app is a great studying resource for the NCLEX and your nursing exams. The Mastery NCLEX app is outfitted with tons of guides, cheat sheets, lessons, and reviews. Over two million students use it to study different parts of the NCLEX. While the base app is free, you can pay to upgrade your features.

The best part about this app is that you can always check the rationale for the correct answer, so you continue to learn more even if you guessed correctly! While this app is a little pricey at $49, it is a reliable resource for your NCLEX exam preparation and it also helps you build your critical thinking skills.

Devices: iOS, Android

3. Nursing Central

Nursing Central features five powerhouse apps combined into one of the best nursing apps around. A comprehensive and integrated nursing tool, Nursing Central is available for both Android and iOS devices.

The app includes drug updates for one year, the ability to create custom highlights and notes within an entry, bookmark entries, use Cross Links to quickly jump between resources and more. Access test and disease information from trusted sources thanks to this combination of the following five source apps: Prime PubMed, Taber’s Medical Dictionary, Diseases and Disorders, Davis’s Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests and Davis’s Drug Guide.

Devices: iOS, Android

4. Nursing Dictionary

Download the Nursing Dictionary app to your iOS or Android device and easily access over 56,000 medical terms, 9,000 images and 4,000 medication entries at your fingertips. By drawing from authoritative sources such as Gale, Houghton Mifflin, Elsevier and McGraw-Hill, this app enables you to search across multiple disciplines for entries on medical research topics, diseases, treatments, nursing specializations, anatomy and many more.

Devices: iOS, Android

5. Nursing Drug Handbook

With the Nursing Drug Handbook app, you’ll gain detailed drug information in a convenient format. Ideal for the experienced nurse, Nursing Drug Handbook is also a great app for nursing students because it emphasizes drug administration safety.

With monographs covering more than 3,500 brand-name and generic medications, this app provides you with accurate dosage information, prescribed and off-label uses and more. Though the app is available for both iOS and Android, it appears it’s due for an update.

Devices: iOS, Android

6. Picmonic

Picmonic is an affordable app that will appeal to visual learners. It makes use of spaced repetition and mnemonics to help students remember important nursing facts. The free version of the app lets you answer 20 questions and watch one video a day. A subscription gives you access to thousands more questions and videos.

If you enjoy using mnemonic devices as a study tool, this might be just the resource you’re looking for. This app also explains everything in chronological steps and reads the content aloud to you. Each topic has a quiz at the end of the section. 

Devices: iOS, Android

7. UWorld

UWorld Nursing is a somewhat pricier NCLEX prep app, requiring a subscription to the UWorld QBank. It is one of the most in-depth study tools on the market, including analyses of every answer and vivid imagery. There are thousands of questions to practice. The app keeps track of your performance statistics so you can track your improvement. It also helps you target your weakest areas.

UWorld is so similar to NCLEX that if you really want to prepare yourself for the exam, this is an app to invest in. UWorld does include a rationale for each answer and will also inform you of how likely you are to pass the NCLEX exam based on your scores. UWorld subscriptions can range from $139 to $249, depending on which option you choose. 

Devices: iOS, Android

8. Epocrates

This free app is like a mini survival guide for nurses and nursing students alike. With Epocrates, you can learn about different diseases, their key treatment points, medications, diagnostic approaches and tests, work out dosage calculations and so much more. This is a mobile app I am sure you will continue to use even when you graduate and begin your professional nursing career.

Devices: iOS, Android

Not all of the nursing apps listed above are compatible with all devices so check the requirements first. Some apps may require a purchase while others are free. You might need to sign up for some apps before you’re able to access all the features.

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