Apple Arcade Games for Kids

Apple Arcade Games for Kids

With plenty of child-friendly games on Apple Arcade, plenty of parents and cool aunts/uncles will want to let the kids in their lives enjoy Apple Arcade too. If you are planning to let your kids access the service, you may want to look into making sure that they can only access age-appropriate games and content.

Apple Arcade games do not contain optional in-game purchases or advertisements, so there’s no way for kids to spend money while playing these games. The games are consistently high-quality and appropriate for families, mostly delivering on Apple's original promise to provide the cream of the crop from highly respected game developers. These games can be played on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV devices.

Here is the list of the best Apple Arcade games for kids available to play.

1. Crayola Create and Play+

Crayola Create and Play+ is a colorful educational app that offers lots of art and learning activities for kids, as well as arcade games. Crayola Create and Play is loaded with fun features like coloring pages, tending to in-game creatures and plants, learning and arcade-style games, puzzles, and more.

Crayola Create and Play is fully unlocked with an Apple Arcade subscription. Crayola Create and Play also has a parents hub that explains how the app works, what activities are available to explore, settings, an FAQ for any extra questions, and more.

Genre: Art

2. Wonderbox: The Adventure Maker

Wonderbox: The Adventure Maker is an adventure game exclusively for Apple Arcade. Players can complete adventures created by the developer, as well as those created by other players. They can also create their own worlds and share them with the game’s community. 

Wonderbox allows players to explore adventures with other players through online multiplayer. However, at this time, children may not be able to play in multiplayer games. As an Apple Arcade title, Wonderbox: The Adventure Maker is playable on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac, and supports game controllers. 

3. Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope is a physics-based puzzle game on Apple Arcade that challenges players to feed candy to a friendly (and adorable) monster named Om Nom (as well as his friends) by cutting ropes and manipulating other objects in each stage.

Cut the Rope Remastered challenges players to think ahead before making each move, but there’s no penalty for making a mistake -- players can simply reset the stage and try again until they succeed. Your mission is to deliver sweet treats to Om Nom, the little green monster with a candy addiction.

Genre: Puzzle

4. Fruit Ninja Classic+

Fruit Ninja Classis is a simple yet addictive game for kids. In Fruit Ninja, fruit and bombs appear on the screen for a short period of time, and you’re challenged to swipe your finger across the pieces of fruit to cut them while avoiding the bombs. 

Fruit Ninja is even more fun now you can compete with your friends online to find out once and for all who has the best fruit-cutting skills. This Classic+ version for Apple Arcade features fun fruit-slicing gameplay, but without in-game purchases.

Genre: Casual Game

5. Sonic Racing

Sonic is a classic '90s game. There's a good chance you know who the speedy little hedgehog is, even if you've never played the games. Maneuver your car to grab as many rings as possible, avoid traps and win. The game is fun and the controls aren't hard to pick up. You'll race on teams with Sonic, Tails and Knuckles at the start, and you can change your team to other characters like Shadow, Amy and others as you level up.

Genre: Racing

6. SpongeBob Patty Pursuit

In this side-scrolling platformer inspired by the hit television series, Plankton has destroyed the Krusty Krab, stolen the Krabby Patty formula, and taken SpongeBob’s friends captive. You’ll need to help SpongeBob rescue his friends and stop Plankton from getting away with the recipe. In each level, SpongeBob runs across the screen automatically, and you can swipe on the screen to make him jump, defeat an enemy (Plankton’s cousins), and more.

Each level is full of coins and hidden spatulas that you can collect, and as you rescue SpongeBob’s pals, you can take them into future levels with you and use their special abilities as you play. SpongeBob Patty Pursuit features lots of replayability, since some levels contain areas that are only accessible when using specific friends.

Genre: Arcade

7. Painty Mob

This colorful “endless survival” game challenges players to spread joy through the world by splattering paint on unsuspecting citizens to earn points. While your intentions are good, it turns out that people don’t like being splattered with paint, so every citizen you hit becomes part of an angry mob that will endlessly chase you until you either complete a stage or get hit by someone in the mob, which ends the game. Painty Mob features dozens of playable characters to unlock, so kids can have tons of fun for quite a while with this one.

Genre: Action

8. Alba: A Wildlife Adventure

In Alba, the titular character travels to a Mediterranean island to spend the summer with her grandparents. But once she starts exploring, she realizes that there's a litter problem putting local animals at risk. With the help of her bird-nerd grandfather and Ines, Alba starts a grassroots campaign to clean up the island. As you play, the more volunteers you gather, the more luck your movement will have, so you must try to convince the islanders to join the cause. 

Genre: Adventure

9. Lego Brawls

Lego Brawls is a kid-friendly brawler that lets players compete in four-on-four multiplayer battles using all sorts of realistic and comedic Lego minifigure fighters. If your family is familiar with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the gameplay here is similar, with fast combat that sees all of the players run around and duke it out at the same time.

Lego Brawls gives players the freedom to create some wacky fighters by mixing and matching the Lego bricks they unlock over time. It also features safe multiplayer interactions, since players are identified using generated in-game usernames, rather than any real, personal information. Check out some Lego Brawls gameplay in our First Look for the game.

Genre: Action

10. Spire Blast

Spire Blast is a level-based puzzle game that challenges players to destroy tall towers made of colorful blocks. To do this, they’ll toss blocks into blocks of the same color in the tower to cause them to disappear. As blocks are destroyed, the tower will fall due to physics and gravity (it’s really satisfying when a huge section comes tumbling down). In addition to destroying the tower, some levels may give players additional goals. For instance, they may need to feed a friendly dragon by making sure the blocks that fall from the tower land near its mouth.

Genre: Puzzle

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Apple Arcade Include, and How Much Is It?

Apple Arcade offers more than 200 games for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac. The library is a mixture of exclusive titles developed especially for Apple Arcade and popular games available in the regular app store and on other platforms. There are no ads or in-app purchases in Apple Arcade, and games that usually contain them are ad-free with extra content unlocked.

Is there a free trial to Apple Arcade?

Apple offers anyone with an Apple device a one-month free trial of Apple Arcade. If you buy a new Apple device, you will often get a three-month free trial of Apple Arcade. It’s worth noting that if you cancel your free trial, you lose access immediately.

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