AI Tools for Students

AI Tools for Students

Using AI-powered tools, students can access instructors and lessons around-the-clock from any location. AI is being used to help students achieve their goals by giving them individual feedback on their assignments and tests based on AI algorithms.

A good AI tool for student is one that fosters self-directed learning, time management, enables note-taking, and encourages revising. Such resources have enormous potential to support students in remaining organized, focused, and motivated, which eventually leads to academic success.

Here is the list of the best AI tools for students.

1. Open AI Playground

Open AI has been around for a long time and is probably one of the most commercially and widely used tools for students and working professionals. You can create fresh content using its text-davinci-03-based text module, which creates new copies and research papers from scratch that are mostly plagiarism-free and free to use. However, after your free credits are over for the app, you must recharge your account so that you can claim credits and keep using its wide range of features.

You can create taglines, slogans, research papers, code in multiple software languages, and many other things using this AI tool. If you’re finding yourself with writer's block, it can also help you in framing and creating a structure for your blogs and essays, which you can use to ace your assignments. Open AI’s playground is undoubtedly one of the best AI tools for students and is on our list of top AI tools.

2. Chat GPT

This is another creation of Open AI, and it is one of the most popular, sophisticated and free chatbots that is hands down one of the best AI tools we have come across so far. You can get it to write research papers and use various prompts to get answers to a variety of questions. It can even help you code, and since it’s an open-source program, it can be used for multiple purposes, including commercial and personal uses.

You can use the program to get answers to difficult questions and even ask the chatbot to use a certain type of tone it communicates with you. It is certainly one of the best AI tools for students to use to save time and learn faster using its wide resources. While their GPT-3 module is free, their GPT-4 module can only be used through a paid subscription. It’s a fun and easy AI tool to use to become more productive in your work.

3. QuillBot

QuillBot AI is a free AI for students that can be used to rewrite any paragraph, sentence, or entire article. Using QuillBot, students can write their assignments, research papers, thesis, and emails much faster. It also comes with an inbuilt grammar checker that helps students review their write-up for any grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. 

Another feature called QuillBot Summarizer surfs students' assignments, emails, and research papers to identify the key points. Although a good AI tool for students, QuillBot tends to misstructure specific sentences or misuse some words, therefore, requiring students to proofread the content before submitting it.

4. Speechify

This AI-powered tool specializes in hands-free learning by converting text into audio. Making it perfect for students occupied in their jam-packed schedules or struggling with reading.

Speechify can convert any type of material available from paragraphs to entire books or textbooks, notes, etc. Thereby, preventing learning limitations for the students on the go. More importantly, it is accessible on any device because it can work with emails, PDFs, documents and articles.

5. Cognii

It is an AI-based virtual learning assistant tool that provides one on one tutoring and customized personalization and guidance for each student to address their respective needs.

Cognii is a revolutionized platform relying on conversational technology which helps in boosting critical thinking skills in students. It employs natural language processing and machine learning that enables students to learn more effectively.

It assesses student’s performance based on their interaction through respective learning materials.  More importantly, it offers specified support and feedback to help students better comprehend and retain information.

6. Brainly 

Brainly is an AI-powered platform students use to ask and answer questions, share and gain knowledge, and solve problems. It has a user community of around 300 million students and experts. Brainly uses AI algorithms to surface the most relevant and useful answers to student queries. The platform enhances precision, content moderation, and generates tailored learning recommendations.

Although a good community for students to learn, most answers on Brainly are googled, with no explanation whatsoever. Some answers are rigged, completely nonsensical, and posted only for points. Though moderators try to address this problem, most of the spamming still remains unattended.


Otter AI is also one of the best AI tools for students. It makes the lives of students much more laid back, taking the stress of taking notes in every lecture out of them. Otter AI helps students record and transcribe lectures and their voices at the same time, and this allows them to focus solely on reading and studying. The AI tool is so powerful that it captures the sounds and turns them into text at a speed of 160 words per minute.

Its impeccable accuracy ensures that you can use it regardless of the fact that you’re in a class or attending a group study with your friends. It keeps you up to date with its ability to take notes at a very fast pace. The best thing about this top ai tool is that it integrates with multiple applications at the same time. So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re using Teams, Zoom or Google Meet, Otter AI will be there for you to take all your notes. Having said that, you do need to develop skills to perform better, even if you’re using AI to help you out!

8. Stepwise math

If you’re having trouble with mathematics and you think that you have a really hard time understanding everything, Stepwise math is one of the best AI tools for students facing such issues. Its AI helps you figure out where you’re having trouble and helps you solve your way through each and every plan. Its robust AI is capable of handling simple as well as really complex mathematical problems. It can help you solve various problems like calculus, integrations and differential equations.

It generates a course tailor-made to your needs, and you can follow the course accordingly at your own pace. It provides you with assignments and worksheets based on your learning curve and targets your weaknesses. It makes the worksheets and assignments in such a way that is interactive and fun so that you can ace that next math test whenever it might happen.

9. Google Bard

Google Bard is an AI-based tool with extreme potential for students, and can act as quite an effective assistive feature for handling various aspects pertaining to a student’s academic activities, ranging from managing one’s calendar, generating creative ideas, managing one’s emails etc. However, the tool is still under its development process of development and newer features are being added to it, and it must be used with sufficient caution to avoid problems related to plagiarism, incorrect facts and figures etc.

One of the major uses of Google Bard as an AI-tool is that it allows a student to gather a large amount of data for a particular topic, as well as prompt further until one finds the relevant content they are looking for. The advanced features of Bard such as the "Google It" and "Export Response" allow the student to quickly check the factual accuracy of the generated response as well as save a response to a Google doc directly.

10. Slidesgo

Slidesgo is an amazing AI tool that helps you make some really awesome and well-produced content, along with its library of thousands of Google slides and PowerPoint templates. It produces artistic and engaging presentations with the help of its AI. It truly is one of the most amazing AI tools for students and is something that every student should use to produce presentations that look different and are not boring. Usually, making a presentation becomes a downright boring and monotonous task that every student runs away from even after spending hours of work. It turns out to be a bit bland.

This is the problem that Slidego is there to solve for you. One can even generate content with it, but it should be checked for plagiarism issues after it has been done. All you have to do is pick a template that you like, upload the written content that you want to present, and the AI will magically transform it into a slide that is amazing to look at. AI truly holds a grand spot in a student’s life and should be used to streamline the process of getting the job done. This is one of the best ai tools for students.

AI tools offer numerous benefits for students, including the convenience of accessing information through conversational AIs anytime and anywhere. This is particularly advantageous for students who face challenges attending school in person or residing far away from school premises. With AI tools, students can continue their education from any location without interruption. Say goodbye to geographical barriers and hello to limitless learning opportunities.

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