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6 Best Flashcard Apps to improve Visual Memory

6 Best Flashcard Apps to improve Visual Memory

Flashcards are effective because they are founded on the principles of rote and memorization. There are ton of flashcard apps on App Store and Google Play. Flash cards can be an excellent study resource provided you know how to use them to your advantage.

Encouraging students to summarize complex topics into concise flashcards is one of the best high-level mental activities that learners can do to cement their understanding of key ideas. Flashcards offer a potentially very useful tool for students during their revision sessions.

Here are the best flashcard apps that you can use to make your own flashcards or borrow flashcards created by other educators.

Tinycards - Flashcards by Duolingo

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Tinycards is one of the popular flashcard app that uses the same spaced repitition learning techniques as Duolingo, but applies it to a much wider variety of topics from country capitals and history to constellations. 

Duolingo's new app Tinycards will help you learn a lot more than just languages. The app creates flashcard based lessons on a number of topics to help you memorize everything from Spanish vocabulary to world geography.

The app includes memory strength bars which the user has to keep full by reviewing certain cards periodically to refresh their memory. Mastering some cards will unlock new levels, as well, utilizing the so-called gamification of learning to encourage users. It allows the users to make their own cards and share it with friends.

Tinycards is available on iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The app is free to use and contains no ads.


( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Quizlet is one of the best free flashcard app for learning on Android and iOS devices. It is used for revising vocabulary and provides thousands of flash cards that students can use to study vocabulary in many different languages.

With the Quizlet app, students can search an online database of more than 13 million user-created flashcard sets on a wide variety of topics. This app is free, and the content varies from highly useful to useless. The app is for reviewing flashcards and students can use it to create their own sets of flashcards. It's especially good for language learning, but it's usable for other topics as well. 

Quizlet is available on iPhone, iPad and Android devices. 

Flashcards+ by Chegg

( iPhone, iPad )

Chegg Flashcards is another simple flash card app for the iPhone.  This app allows you to create your own flashcards sets or access pre-made sets from Quizlet. It also allows you to track your results, see your score, and track your speed.

The app allows you to share notes and send flashcards to one another for collaborative studying. It also allow the users to copy and paste formulas and equations onto your flashcards. This flashcard app is a great way to memorize important math and science concepts.Flashcard app helps students to prepare for an important exam like the SAT or ACT. 


( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Studyblue is one of the best flashcard app that allows you to create, study and share your own digital flashcards for free. You can customize your study materials with images and audio.

The app lets you search flashcard sets uploaded by students and teachers around the world. Studyblue flashcard app helps you to easily review your course notes anytime, anywhere - right from your device. It also helps the students to prepare for upcoming tests and quizzes.

Flashcards with Cram

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Cram is the number one online flashcard resource and have a wide selection of flashcards for you to study, memorize, test yourself on, and more. Learn a foreign language, practice your multiplication table or prepare for your MCAT by memorizing every bone in the body.

Cram, available for both iPhone and Android.  You have the option to search the flashcard library, create new flashcards, view recently studied cards, and sort through your favorite cards.  There are two modes: memorize and cram. In memorize mode, the user goes through each flashcard one time until they run out. At the end, the app provides a performance report. In cram mode, the user goes through each flash card until they get every single one correct.

AnkiApp Flashcards

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

AnkiDroid is a simple, multi-platform flashcards app. It's compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and even Linux. The open-source flashcard app features a widget, syncing, text-to-speech integration, and support for text, images, and sounds. You also get access to 6,000 premade decks of flashcards covering a variety of topics, a night mode, a whiteboard, custom fonts, and more. 

Similar to other flashcard apps, you will be able to add images and sounds to your flashcards to fully integrate your learning materials in a way that's helpful and fun. Whiteboard feature lets you doodle, solve problems, and share ideas for learning that's always hands-on.

Brainscape - Smart Flashcards

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Brainscape has a vast number of card decks available, and the service is available to schools and businesses. If your organization wants its teams to develop their skills, this is the app to choose.

It offers a combination of certified classes and user-generated sets. The quality is high, but not all of them are free. Some are effectively try-before-you-buy, and you can only unlock the full set through a subscription. You can build and share your own, as well.

Brainscape lacks the more detailed features of something like Quizlet, but it’s good-looking and fun to use.

Flashcards Deluxe

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Flashcards Deluxe is an easy to use, yet powerful flashcard app which you can use to study just about anything you want. This good flashcard app is for those who want a full-featured flashcard app with organizational, audio and backup features.

Flashcards Deluxe provides two study modes, a searchable list of cards, text-to-speech in 18 languages, and integration with Quizlet.com. With simple navigation, custom text options, a card-creation feature, and over 10,000 downloadable cards, you cannot go wrong with Flashcards Deluxe. You can also try before you buy with the free Flashcards Deluxe Lite which starts you off with four decks with six cards each.