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5 Great Apps for Kinesthetic Learners

One of the huge benefits of apps for young children is their ability to appeal to a broad range of learning styles, including visual learners and kinesthetic learners (those that learn through physical action). 
Here at the Educational App Store, we are constantly impressed by the quality of apps that open up learning opportunities for children who might otherwise struggle to learn tricky concepts. 
This week we have reviewed two engaging maths apps, two apps for literacy and one for art that will appeal to visual and kinesthetic learners through tactile gameplay.
Little Digits

( iPhone, iPad )

This app for your little digits encourages one to one recognition through fun numeric characters which are displayed by detecting how many fingers are placed on the screen. Number bond mode is also available in addition and subtraction asking the child to place the correct amount of fingers down to answer the question. Great for kinesthetic learners!

Writing Magic Numbers

( iPhone, iPad )

Help you child practice counting, number recognition and writing numbers through the medium of a magical adventure. By counting all the frogs your child will choose the correct number from the spell book to complete the task. Continue practicing number formation in order to cast spells that return the characters back to normal. Wizard fun!

This educational game is specifically designed to assist both school age and preschool children become readers by introducing the alphabet and fun vocabulary. In addition, Wonster Words covers the 44 most common phonemes, including: phonics, consonant blends, word families, diphthongs, and digraphs.

abc PocketPhonics covers learning to write letters with learning the sounds that letters make.  This app uses the Phonics method, as taught in UK schools, to develop reading skills.  It also closely matches the order in which schools will usually teach the different sounds, as defined in the National Curriculum. 

Useful app to help children learn to draw cartoons. The app contains seventy two different cartoon drawings, each of which is broken down into steps to make it easier to copy and follow the process.