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5 Essential Core Skills Apps

Looking to advance learning at home? Some apps are great for practicing core skills, especially during school holidays.

We hope - if you are on holiday - that you are having a super time with family and friends!
It's so important for children to have a well-deserved break but, research shows that having too much of a break from curriculum-learning can affect grades - so avoid that summertime dip. It's not too late to schedule some regular (preferably daily) learning with your children before they start the new school year.  
Here are some of our recommended apps to cover some key skills: reading, writing and arithmetic:
Elephant Learning Math Academy

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Elephant Learning is an app which advances a child's mathematical learning. It supports student from the age of 2-8 but we feel that this could extend further for older students who are are struggling with math concepts. It has a choice of 21 interactive maths games that are based on a particular theme and title and helps students advance in math whilst having fun.

MeeGenius Children's Books

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

MeeGenius Children’s Books is a library of over 400 digital books available for iOS or Android both on or offline and which are great for daily reading practice. All MeeGenius books are available with read-along word highlighting, rich illustrations, and engaging story narration. 5 free books are provided and further ones through subscription. 

Super Duper StoryMaker

( iPhone, iPad )

Holidays are the perfect opportunity for diary writing and reflection, and could establish a useful habit which could last a lifetime! Diary writing is something which a lot of Cognitive Behaviour Therapists advocate - as a way of dealing with emotions and events of the day - and it gives a child some excellent writing practice too. Rather than writing a traditional diary, couple it with photography and your children could create their own holiday books using the 5-star rated Super Duper Story Maker!

Times Tables Rock Stars

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Having super-fast mental recall of time table facts is a vital skill for children, but not all children find rote learning of times tables easy - or fun. Lucky then that there are some first-rate app solutions for children to connect with times tables in a way that is just more well...fun! Times Tables Rockstars is an app that allows children to create a rock star character and then practise their times tables and the corresponding division facts using that character. It's certainly fun, and motivational!

Before your children go back to school make sure you have practised some high-frequency spelling words with them. Try to make those common words - ones that are appropriate for their age-group - top of your spelling agenda. The key is to make sure they remember them week-to-week and not just day-to-day and that they can use them in their writing too. Creating spelling lists - and logging them - is easy with Spelling Space Ultimate. You can create spelling lists and hear yourself spell them by recording audio for each word too.