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10 Educational Game Apps for Kids

Educational App Store is the preeminent destination for educational games for children of all ages. Set children loose in wondrous worlds designed especially for them. From cute puzzlers to inviting tower-defense games, these selections are perfect for a wide range of skill levels and interests.

Fun and educational learning games helps kids to learn in an easy way. If you’re going to download apps there’s a strong chance that you’ll be including some educational games to your list. But how do you know where to find the best ones? 

Here is our handpicked collection of the best educational game apps for kids that will delight and entertain.

MentalUP Educational Games App expose learners to new types of problems and the different ways of thinking required to solve them.
Its games are easy to understand while challenging the skills which they are designed to stretch.  Each game begins with a short and to the point instruction and then the timed exercise begins.

Players (or their parents) can set up the app to be biased towards helping certain skills and to take the user's age into account.  A reports page provides a record of accomplishments and progress.  A player avatar can also be upgraded with cosmetic items by spending the in-game currency that is earned through success.  

Learning Benefits: Tests Memory, Logical Reasoning, Visual Intelligence

Coco - Educational Games 2019 is an easy to use educational games program, featuring multiple brain trainer activities such as children’s puzzle, children’s math games featuring mental math and memory games for children.

Kids can scroll through number of games including Colour Form, Simili, Twins, Hunting Intruders, Crazy waterfall, Quizzle, Bouncing ball, Carnival of animals, Hangman, Colour Mind, Puzzle Plus, Calculus, The musical ear, Furious cards, Shooting stars, Syllabus, Chessboard, Flying balloons and Silly sequence.

Coco - Educational Games app provides a fun and easy to use interactive experience.  

Learning Benefits:Creativity, Cognitive Development, Thinking & Reasoning

Curious World is an early learning app inspires kids ages 2-7 by giving them the freedom to explore their interests and build their  self-confidence - through hundreds of books, games and videos. Curious World: Play Learn Grow is packed full of different types of activities to entertain and educate children.

Curious World is like a one-stop shop for a mix of education and entertainment activities that are completely safe and appropriate for children.  Videos, games, books, songs and hands-on activities, including craft projects and science experiments will give your child a great resource to learn from and use to avoid boredom.

The Parents Dashboard provides a summary of your child’s activities, preferences, and the learning areas they’re gaining the most exposure to within Curious World.  

Learning Benefits: Academic Skills, Math, Literacy, Creative Play

Toca Blocks

( iPhone, iPad )

Toca Block is an open-ended creative play app designed to nurture a child’s imagination and analytical skills. They can also get silly as they use blocks to build worlds that stretch their imaginations and add infinite personal touches that express their unique sense of creativity. Any stories kids tell about the world they create or the characters who explore that world takes learning even further. Toca Blocks features open-ended exploration that lets kids practice using technology to build and create.

Learning Benefits: Brainstorming, imagination, innovation, making new creations

Toddler Learning Games

( iPhone, iPad )

Toddler Learning Games is one of the best iPad educational game app designed to appeal to young children with its vibrant appearance and to parents with its fun mini games suitable for toddlers.  The app features popular award-winning games by 22learn. 

These educational games are designed by educational experts and parents that encourages creativity and pretend play. New games are added every month and are perfect for independent learning and exploration. The games offer a number of different learning opportunities. Some, such as numbers, ABC and shapes can be directly linked to the lessons that toddlers will soon be attending.

Learning Benefits: Creativity and Pretend Play

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is an interactive pretend play game app for children, featuring much-loved characters from the book. It consists of a number of games and puzzles, which can help young children practise counting, sorting, and memory skills. The app can also help them discover facts about caterpillars and other animals, and learn about healthy eating. The beautiful illustrations and reward badges will motivate children to keep on playing. The app has wide range of interactive activities that encourages non-competitive individualized play.

Learning Benefits: Creativity, concentration and memory skills

Addition and Subtraction Games

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Kids Addition & Subtraction is a huge collection of mini-games designed to help children practice their early maths skills.  It has a flexibility that makes it useful both at home and in the classroom. In essence, most of the mini-games are based on multiple choice, drag-and-drop or selection styles of questions but these are dressed up in entertaining game-like mechanics.   These are not just about adding fun but in many cases also promote a suitable thinking process for solving the current problem.

Kids Addition & Subtraction is a polished app and children will enjoy playing it for independent learning. 

My PlayHome Doll House

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

My PlayHome is a highly interactive, dollhouse-style app for kids. Kids can choose from five "types" of family members in generic white, Asian, and African-American skin tones; the characters include moms, dads, boys, girls, and babies. 

Toddlers and preschoolers can explore the home, discovering surprises and letting their imaginations soar. My PlayHome is a good outlet for imaginative play as kids follow their imaginations and tell their own stories.

Learning Benefits:Creativity

Draw it

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Draw it is a fun and addictive drawing game where you compete against others to climb to 1st place by sketching what you see. 

Draw it is a creative game for children and is a great way to improve their art skills while having fun. This entertaining game allows you to draw, color, paint, decorate and embellish in a very simple way, in the same way as on a paper, book or magazine, using different options to paint as brushes, crayons or pencils. It is an application for all ages that encourages and helps to learn, develop creativity in an intelligent and fun way.

Learning Benefits: Creativity

KidloLand - Nursery Rhymes

( iPhone, iPad )

Pictoword is a fun and possibly addictive word puzzle game that is sure to provide hours of problem-solving fun. The app includes brain training games with mind teasers and puzzles for all ages. Young learners can test their word puzzle skills with their word games.

The developers have done a great job making Pictoword easy to use for both children and adults. The game is self explanatory as it provides two pictures that are set up to create one word that players can spell using a letter bank within each puzzle. 

Learning Benefits: Logic and problem solving skills