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5 Educational Disney Apps for Kids

5 Educational Disney Apps for Kids

We've collected the best disney apps with the highest-quality fun and biggest learning potential that are perfect for the classroom or at home.

Disney Imagicademy, its educational digital learning initiative, kicks off with a series of mobile apps designed for families with children 3 to 8 years old and a companion app that parents can use to follow their children's progress and give virtual high fives along the way. 

Disney Storytime

( iPhone, iPad )

Disney Storytime includes huge selection of different all-time favorite stories featuring Disney Characters. Stories can be read aloud by players, or they can choose to listen to clear narration as the words are highlighted. The narration is excellent and each story has its own animation and sound effects that will surely attract every child’s attention and at the same time prompt them to listen intently. 

Disney Creativity Studio 2

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Disney Creativity Studio 2 is a digital drawing and coloring tool where a real Disney artist teaches you how to draw Mickey and other beloved characters with step-by-step tutorials. The app offers blank pages with a number of drawing tools and dozens of pages of fun activities guide you through tracing and drawing, until you too become a Disney artist — or close to it. 

Mickey's Magical Math World is a fun, engaging app to learn basic mathematical concepts such as counting, sorting, shapes, addition and subtraction. The app is focussed more to use at home where parents can monitor kid's play and limit time in-app for each child individually. There are sheer volume of levels to explore which will keep the kids stay engage4d.  

Disney Buddies: 123s

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Disney Buddies: 123s allows kids to explore the numbers and counting through mini interactive games with over 50 familiar Disney and characters. The Disney Buddies 123s app present a playful and kid-friendly environment for kids to explore the numbers from 1-20. 

Mickey's Magical Arts World from Disney Imagicademy, offers young children curriculum-based tools to create and personalize their very own Disney-inspired neighborhood for encouraging imagination and learning. The children are invited to join Mickey and his friends in a fun & imaginative place, while exploring a fully immersive world of creative arts.