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5 Coding Apps for Teaching Children Programming Skills

This list of coding apps offers ways to jump-start a coding adventure. It also encourages kids to become creators and not simply consumers of technology. Teaching everything from simple commands to complex programs, our favorite coding apps and websites come in a range of formats designed for different ages and abilities.

With computing part of the new curriculum and technology forming the basis of today’s society, learning how to code with these fun yet effective apps will allow students to learn the fundamental and basic aspects of coding important for any child’s future. 

Educational App Store editors help you choose coding apps that can help kids develop vital problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.

This new LEGO Mindstorms app helps students learn the very basic aspects of programming in the form of a fun ‘sci-fi themed’ robotic game. Supporting the concept of logical and special thinking students have to control the robot ‘EV3RSTORM’ to complete the assigned tasks within each level of the game.

Starting with basic navigation to transporting objects to designated locations this app allows students to slowly but gradually build on their programming skills. 

Teaching students the logic of coding, this challenging programming puzzle is perfect to teach basic concepts used in computer programming. Students are provided with brief instructions at the beginning of each level and can replay the level when they want, making the learning process easier.

Completing one level will then unlock the next. However, the difficulty rises quite quickly making it challenging game for all students.

Allowing students to learn hands on, Codea is a software development tool that includes resources to teach kids to program using Lua programming language. The easy to use interface allows those familiar with the basics of programming to easily start writing their own programs. The sample programs and help tools will support those students learning the basics of coding allowing them to develop on the key skills required for programming/coding.

A bright and colourful interface makes learning the basic concepts of coding an exciting adventure for students. The game may be better for students who already have a basic knowledge of coding as the lack of detailed instructions may make it slightly confusing for new learners.

From the very popular Bee-Bot floor robot, the new Bee-Bot app allows students to easily use an app version of the robot to easily learn the basics of programming in the different levels and puzzles using the cartoon bee, suitable for very young students.

It allows students to improve their skills in directional languages and programming through the different sequences of forwards, backwards, left and right 90 degree turns in each level.  Progression within the app will allow students to develop their knowledge whilst solving the complex challenges throughout the different aspects of the game. 

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