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5 Best Teacher Parent Communication Apps

It’s no surprise that, when there is a good channel of communication between parents and teachers, pupil attainment is improved. There is much evidence to support this and many studies have been undertaken that show that schools that encourage, facilitate and develop better communication with parents constantly improve – not just academic standards – but pupil motivation, behaviour and attendance too.

Parents that are kept in the loop feel more empowered, better in control of their children’s learning and attainment, are more likely to be engaged and have a better attitude towards the school and the teaching staff too.

For teachers, having up-to-date knowledge of pupils’ home situations, on a week-by-week and sometimes day-to-day basis, allows for better understanding of their pupil needs and requirements so they can better meet them. Apps that facilitate and allow for easy-to-manage communication, can only be a win-win for teachers, parents and of course pupils!

5 of the Best Teacher Parent Communication Apps

Teacher Class123

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Class 123 is essentially a neat little application that gamifies the interactions occurring in the classroom, however this underestimates the programme because it has many other features that will prove to be invaluable for the busy teacher. Perhaps the most important is the link it offers to the parent, a vital part of the teaching process.
Registering the app as a teacher is very easy with pleasant mobile friendly screen that gets you up and running quickly. When Class 123 is set up on your mobile you can do a number of things, however the app is best worked in conjunction with the web based application, which could be displayed on your classroom whiteboard or TV.

Show My Homework

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

At the start of each lesson, many teachers ask for the students to take out their writing equipment and homework diaries or journals.  The latter items have been part of students' lives for many years now.  In them, lies the difference between homework being done or not, on time or late,  done correctly or done wrongly.
It's a pity then that this item of such importance is so often lost and, with it, the chance for a student to avoid the sanctions of homework not done.  It is also a shame that children's confidence in their ability to later translate the few cryptic words with which they have described their homework in their journals is rarely justified.  Notes to accompany the homework are folded up and stored within the pages of the journal, falling out and deteriorating as the days pass.
Homework journals have never been up to their task of standing between a student and the steely gaze of a teacher asking where the due homework is.  An app comes to the rescue in the form of Show My Homework.
Parents are also brought into the process.  Children can't suggest they have no homework if their parent can see exactly what they have been set.  This involvement doesn't have to be purely as an overseer either.  Seeing the homework tasks might prompt an idea for parents to make children's learning more enjoyable.  

ShowMe Interactive whiteboard app is an application that allows teachers and students of any age to create presentations called ‘ShowMe’s that can be shared via the device on online privately or to a community audience. The user can record and create engaging voice over presentations of their chosen topic by using some of the many tools such as adding text, drawings, photos and images.

You can also access other peoples ‘ShowMe’content covering a vast selection of academic subject matter as well as non academic topics. You can also subscribe to a premium service that provides an number of extra features such as private postings options, advanced tools, more storage and specified group sharing. 

The ShowMe interactive whiteboard app is a tool with great potential for both teaching and learning.


( Android, iPhone, iPad )

ClassDojo is a consistent and very structured classroom management tool designed to help teachers improve student behavior and communicate more effectively with parents. It can be used to a small or large extent depending on your time, purpose, and interest. 
As part of the behavior management system. the students receive points for specific behaviors (On-task, working hard, persistence, etc.) and receive negative points for negative behaviors such as being off-task, bullying, or blurting out. Teachers can create their own targeted behaviors as needed. Reports are calculated each time student's points are updated and these can be shared with the students and parents if they accept your invitation to an account.


( iPhone, iPad )

Otus Teacher is a surprisingly sophisticated and intuitive managed learning environment designed to assist a teacher in the administrative, pedagogical and assessment functions of their work. 

Once a class is set up the teacher has a number of options to work with, they can track attendance, post to a bulletin board, set up a flag system to identify particular common issues for students i.e. Special Needs, set up a recognition system both positive and negative which is colour coordinated for tracked and finally a handy feature to restrict access to the internet to avoid distractions!

The application has a thriving community of users and enables communicate with all stakeholders, including parents.