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5 Best Sight Words Apps to help your children

Sight words aren’t always an easy hurdle for kids to clear. The goal of our sight word apps is to smooth out that road and do it in a fun way with cleverly animated characters, colorful images, and clear instructions. These sight word games are designed to help your kids perfect reading, saying, and memorizing sight words.
Key to sight word learning is repetition, and our selection of apps makes learning the same words interesting through a variety of different exercises. These apps can be used in school by the teacher, teaching assistant, children working together or parents at home wishing to support their children’s learning. 

Learning sight words is one of the first steps that a child needs to take on their learning to read journey. Sight word games are one of the most effective ways to teach children how to automatically identify these words, making learning fun and motivational, and therefore all the more effective.

The lessons within these best sight word apps help students build strong sight word identification skills and improve comprehension and fluency with rainbow writing, tracing and printing, word building, word pyramids, word blending, missing letters, and a variety of word and letter puzzles. 

Try these 5 fun learning games to help your children learn sight words in reception, kindergarten and subsequent years.

Reading Eggs recognises the important link between children learning sight words and becoming fluent and efficient readers. Many of the instructional activities within the Reading Eggs programme aim to develop a child’s bank of known sight words so that they can automatically recall them at sight. The sight words that children learn in Reading Eggs lessons feature in the storybooks and non-fiction titles, helping them to apply their knowledge to the actual act of reading.

The highly engaging, interactive and motivational word games and activities that feature in Reading Eggs lessons provide the perfect way for children to build their vocabulary of critical sight words. At the end of each Reading Eggs lesson, children are asked to read an e-book, allowing them to apply their knowledge of sight words to meaningful text.

Sight Words Superhero app has been designed to help children, who already have a grasp of reading, the ability to learn sight words in a fun and interactive way. Through playing games and 'fighting' against the witch and her monsters who have stolen all the words from all of the books the user must listen to the voice read out the words that they need to 'free'. 

Specific sight words can also be selected to focus on in the app if the user requires a more personalised learning experience.

Teach Your Monster to Read

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Teach your Monsters to read have developed automaticity with 100 sight words in a pop-up game. The app covers a mix of the first 100 high frequency words that children need to learn by sight. The app features a new vast variety of Sighty characters and helps with recognition and automaticity.

The game is split into 3 levels. The reception class use the first game in the series, First Steps which is an introduction to the letter sounds, high-frequency words and also includes simple blending and segmenting practice. Year 1 students progress on to the harder levels and begin to practise sentences, learn further graphemes and phonemes and also tricky words. 

Pocket Sight Words

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

The Pocket Sight Words app utilises the idea of flashcards and embraces technology to help young children on their way to learning to read through working with sight words. By enhancing the idea of flashcards through using the ability of a device to read out words and help with comprehension this app really gives young children the ability to compound their knowledge of reading through sight words whilst challenging themselves within the game based element of the app.

Through the app, children are exposed to 44 different sight word lists which is a total of 220 words. Children work their way through each list in sequential order and unlock the next list by completing the one they are on. 

Sight Words Sentence Builder

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Sight Words Sentence Builder is an engaging app, in which children work on assembling sentences, using Sight Words. In this app, children can choose from the classic theme, a train theme, or a princess theme to make the app more fun to play.  Sight Words Sentence Builder is fun, simple to use and easy to navigate. It can be used to help children practise reading words and rearranging them to create sentences. The app has different levels of difficulty and can be used with students in Key Stages 1 and 2.

Parents need to know that the Sentence Builder App is suitable for children aged 6 to 8 and helps children develop word recognition, listening, and sentence skills. It presents words in random order, then asks the child to drag the words into place to make the narrated sentence.

Sight Words Adventure

( iPhone, iPad )

Sight Words - An early reading and spelling adventure has 320 featured sight words that appear in the games. Activities include reading games, such as popping the balloon that holds the target word, writing games such as guiding a bear through a maze to collect letters in the correct order, and a hide-and-seek game with the host kangaroo. Kids start at Level 1 (which roughly corresponds to pre-K level words) and progress through up to Level 5 (roughly corresponding to third grade), though they can move to a different level at any time. Parents can create multiple kid profiles, keep track of progress, add words, and download the full curriculum.

Kids can learn to read and spell a sizeable collection of the most commonly used sight words and also work on speed and fluency as they quickly identify the target word. 

Developed in cooperation with educational specialists, Action Sight Words Games helps children to become confident readers by teaching them in a fun, interactive way high-frequency words from the popular Dolch Sight Words List.

The app allows the children to practice in the Flash Card mode. It will allow them to list through the words and tap on the cards to hear the words pronounced again and again.