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5 Best Science Apps for Kids

Here at the Educational App Store, we don't need an excuse to get psyched up about science! But what better reason than UK Science week, which this year runs from March 10-19? March British Science Week (BSW) is a ten-day programme of science, technology, engineering and maths events and activities across the UK for people of all ages. 
We are showcasing some of our top-rated science apps for teachers to use with kids as part of their Science Week celebrations and which are fabulous resources for them to use in the classroom or for parents to use at home.

Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System is a really good app that provides all the basic information that kids will need to know about our solar system and will serve as a great springboard for further study and research. 

Max & Ruby science educational games will get your child ready for school with these fun science learning games for kids in Preschool and Kindergarten!Once again Tribal Nova pulls it out of the bag with this app featuring well known TV characters, Max and Ruby.  In this instance, the aim is to learn some basic Science concepts. 

The app forms part of a science teaching pack that includes printable resources and games. The app itself brings some of these to life by providing an interactive way to work with them using the impressive technology of augmented reality. Children will enjoy the diverse activities that they will bring to lessons.

The ZooMoo app is a absolutely fantastic resource just on its own, but when used in conjunction with the broadcasts allows both parents and children to explorer our wonderful world of animals. This is a huge app that any child or parent will find fascinating, rewarding, addictive, informative and awe inspiring.

A full-blown, highly-developed mega science game for kids that mixes in Chemistry to form a solution that is like none other! The idea is focused around learning the basics of GCSE Chemistry while playing a fully scripted and animated video game.

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