Best English Pronunciation Apps

Best Pronunciation Apps

Pronunciation is an important of being understood. Learning to pronounce words correctly takes drilling and constant practice. You need to know how words are pronounced and the way to pronounce them. Any English learner can achieve perfect English pronunciation with a little time, a little patience and perhaps the help of a few apps.

Pronunciation is an important skill for ESL students to master.  The below pronunciation apps will test your pronunciation skills and listening accuracy, too.

Do you have difficulty with the pronouncing a word correctly in English, or with understanding the symbols of the phonemic alphabet?

Below is a list of English pronunciation apps for English learners to improve their pronunciation and practice English pronunciation any day, any time, and anywhere!

BoldVoice: Learn Pronunciation

1. BoldVoice: Learn Pronunciation

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

BoldVoice is a pronunciation and accent training app that helps non-native English speakers speak clearly and confidently. Through BoldVoice, non-native English speakers can improve their pronunciation with personalized video lessons from high-caliber speech and accent coaches.

The app also offers the opportunity to speak into the microphone and receive instant, precise feedback on your pronunciation through cutting-edge speech recognition technology. With 15 minutes practice a day on BoldVoice, you will see real improvements in your fluency and confidence.

Cost: Free with in-app purchases

Devices: Android, iPhone and iPad

If we missed any of the Best English Pronunciation Apps, tell us about them!

ELSA is an English Language Speech Assistant that was created to help you improve your American English pronunciation. ELSA Speak will help you correctly pronounce common English words and phrases using voice recognition technology. The app grades your pronunciation, and if the pronunciation isn’t correct, feedback is provided on how to improve it.

The app helps you improve your accent. You can even create your own pronunciation curriculum by choosing certain challenges and topics, as well as tracking your progress.

Cost: Free with in-app purchases

Devices: Android, iPhone and iPad

howjsay English Pronunciation

3. howjsay English Pronunciation

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Howjsay is a talking dictionary of English pronunciation. You can learn to pronounce new words correctly with the world's leading English dictionary : howjsay Pronunciation Dictionary. It is good for English learners to simply check how words sound without learning any phonemic symbols.The app also has better functionality with over 150,000 words and is user-friendly. You also practice pronunciation skills by word or sentences together with listening and speaking skills.

Cost: Paid

Devices: Android, iPhone and iPad

LearnEnglish Sounds Right

4. LearnEnglish Sounds Right

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

LearnEnglish Sounds Right is the British Council’s free pronunciation chart for learners and teachers of English worldwide. This English pronunciation app will help learners improve pronunciation skills. It’s free to use and it includes pronunciation practice.

With LearnEnglish Sounds right on your phone or tablet you can practise anywhere and anytime. Just tap a sound and you will hear it. Tap the downward arrow sign and listen to three example words with that sound.

Cost: Free

Devices: Android, iPhone and iPad

Say It: English Pronunciation

5. Say It: English Pronunciation

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Developed by Oxford University Press, Say It: English Pronunciation was designed to help you improve the clarity of your pronunciation by learning how to pronounce words they already know. Say It gives you a point of reference, using a standard British English or North American accent, which you can copy—helping you improve the clarity of your pronunciation and in turn, your confidence and fluency speaking English. You can play your pronunciation audio slowly to notice variations between their recording and the model.

Cost: Free with in-app purchases

Devices: iPhone and iPad

This English pronunciation app (Pronunciation Chart) will give you plenty of important topics of how to speak English properly, such as short vowels, long vowels, consonants, mouth and tongue positions when pronouncing words. You can listen to the pronunciation of a certain word with many examples about it. You can click on words to hear how they’re pronounced, practice the pronunciation, and read a definition of the word. There are videos about pronunciation with phonetics letters that helps you to pronounce a word exactly.

Cost: Free

Devices: Android

American English Pronunciation

7. American English Pronunciation


All Android users should install one more cool app to improve their pronunciation. It is called American English Pronunciation. As it is clear from its name, the app is focused on American English only. It supports three modes to make you sound like a native American.

First of all, the app will teach you how to pronounce all the English sounds. By tapping the icons with sounds, you will be able to become familiar with a detailed guide on pronunciation completed by illustration and example words.

After that, it will be high time for practicing. Try yourself in every English sound and allow the app to correct you.

Finally, Test mode is one more thing that you should explore. The app will ask you to pronounce sounds to analyze your pronunciation. After that, you will see how good you are in pronouncing this or that sound.

Cost: Free

Devices: Android

So, any English learner can achieve perfect English pronunciation with the above apps we recommended to help you to improve your pronunciation. 

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