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5 Best Numbers and Counting Apps for Kids

The key numeracy skills for children under 5 are: recognising numbers 1-5, then to 10 and beyond, and putting these numbers in order; talking about one more or less than a given number; counting objects, one at a time; using the language of addition and subtraction using objects; and most importantly, putting these skills into a real problem-solving context.
It’s amazing how quickly toddlers are able to say the names of many numbers, but the process of teaching them what the numbers actually mean can take quite a while longer. The understanding of numbers is of course crucially important for any child’s future education and life beyond, which is precisely why it is a process that cannot be rushed. As a parent, it’s perfectly possible to nurture and encourage a child’s understanding of numbers from an early age, simply by getting them interested in educational activities and games you can play at home.
Here are few numbers and counting apps to teach your child numbers. These fun number learning games helps Preschoolers to learn and recognize numbers. 
Designed by teachers for families, Komodo builds a solid foundation in maths for children aged 5 to 11. A qualified maths teacher will personalise a learning plan for your child.
A maths teacher sets up each user’s baseline in the app and parents define the rewards. Children then engage in little-and-often practice to raise their maths knowledge and skill.
Komodo’s focus is on mastering arithmetic and mental math/maths because this is the key platform for future success in mathematics. It takes learner through counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication – including times tables, division, fractions, decimals, percentages and many more essential topics.

Vegetable Maths Masters is a free maths app using vegetables. Children can practice maths skills whilst playing with real images of vegetables in a fun way which also teaches children about the names of the vegetables and helps to make them more familiar. The app is designed to support maths and also encourage healthy eating.
Children can trace numbers 1 to 10 with vegetables, count numbers 1 to 10 by feeding vegetables, match number of vegetables in a card game, learn addition and subtraction, basic fractions with vegetables. This app is designed by experts to help with maths practice and develop positive attitudes to eating vegetables.

Number Train Early Learning

( Android - Free , iPad - £4.49 )

An engaging app for young children encountering the number system for the first time.  This app allows children to learn their basic numbers from 1 to 20, through progressively more difficult tasks and games. The “grown-ups” area allows adults to view their child’s statistics and how well they have learned their numbers, however it would be nice to see a wider range of statistics recorded to help guide the child through their learning. 
Number Train is designed to follow the Montessori approach to learning numbers and to adhere to US Common Core State Standards and the UK Early Learning Foundation Stage Principles. All the games are intuitively designed and require minimum involvement from parents while encouraging your child to think logically.

Monster Numbers: Math learning games and division

( Android - £1.49 , iPad - £1.99 )

Monster Numbers is a fun, engaging and addictive math game app designed to improve your kids math skills.
An engaging games-based app that combines game play and mathematical learning.  Children must help Tob recover parts of his spaceship, by completing levels and chapters throughout the game, in order to escape from the strange planet he has landed on.  Each games allows children to learn and practice a new mathematical skill based on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Montessori Maths: Add & Subtract Large Numbers

( Android - £3.50 , iPad - £3.99 )

Montessori Math: Add, Subtract is a wonderful kindergarten app. Children will work on a variety of activities championed by the Montessori program.
Kids can learn the concepts and methods behind adding and subtracting large numbers, including carrying and borrowing. Kids can also learn to apply the Base 10 system to problems involving larger numbers, and practice using the Montessori system of color-coding. As kids work to solve larger addition and subtraction problems and play the games under time pressure, they are also growing in math operations proficiency and speed.

Monkey Math School Sunshine

( Android - £1.22 , iPad - £1.49 )

Monkey Math School Sunshine is a collection of fun mini games, where children can practise and develop basic maths skills. There are 9 interactive games that support children with adding, subtracting, patterns, shape recognition, sequences, concepts of more/less and bigger/smaller, counting, number recognition and formation.
Monkey Math School Sunshine allows your child to build fundamental math skills while they are endlessly entertained. Your child will learn to count, add and sort their way through engaging games with uninterrupted play.

Marble Math

( iPad - £2.99 )

Marble Math is super fun and easy for kids to use. It includes features that parents and teachers will love, like the ability to replay games so students build confidence as they work up to the correct answer. 
This learning app is so much like a game that kids will forget they are doing math! There are obstacles and rewards as they move their marble through the maze, urging users on. This app is a definite yes for older elementary students!
Kids can learn shape recognition, sequencing, number values, fractions, ordinals, addition, subtraction, and multiplication from very simple problems up to 100. For example, the problem "Collect numbers that multiply to make 15" sets the player's marble off into the maze seeking to roll over the numbers 5 and 3 and avoiding the numbers 6, 7, and 4. Kids can also practice their money and time skills. Decision-making and strategy skills are inherent parts of this game as kids move their marble through the maze. Marble Math Junior is an exceptionally fun way to practice math.

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