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10 Best Letter Tracing Apps for Kids

10 Best Letter Tracing Apps for Kids

Tracing letters is an easy way for children to learn to write each letter and it is an important precursor to freehand writing. Also, legible handwriting depends on being able to properly write each letter. 

Kids can trace lines on this prekindergarten writing apps to strengthen the fine motor skills needed to form the letters. Children can trace the lowercase and uppercase letters inside each of the letter tracing apps and practice their letter recognition, handwriting skills, and fine motor skills.

Tracing letters helps kids learn the alphabet and build penmanship skills. Constant repetition is the key, emphasising the correct entry and exit strokes every time. 

Whether you are just starting out with finger tracing, learning first letters, or putting complete words together, following alphabet tracing apps will help in showing the proper way to write alphabet letters and numbers.

Dela Kids - Learn English

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Dela Kids is a free letter tracing app that helps to young children who are just starting their journey into learning the English language. The apps aim is to aid children in knowing the letters of the alphabet, being able to form the letters correctly and to gain confidence in their first steps into the English language.

Co-play with a parent is encouraged to assist with tracing and letter recognition. Once a user opens up the app they have a number of options which they can access. The first is an audio/visual representation of the alphabet, which through a simple song and the letters moving across the page allows the user to hear the letter and see how it is formed. It is a good way to introduce the letters as well as being a good repetitive activity to aid this memory, especially for the youngest of children learning about letters for the first time.

See Words: Teacher

( iPhone, iPad )

See Words app helps early readers with interactive tracing activities with an engaging and educational tool that will provide your child with the basic fundamentals of reading. It is perfect for Pre-K, Kindergarten, and First Grade classrooms and After-School Programs.

Kids can trace letters, unlocking a series of photographic images that begin with that letter’s sound, prompting them to say them aloud. This helps kids remember the letter-sound correspondence. Kids’ voices and interactions are recorded for a teacher to access and review within their app.

Readers build words using word families and the sounds they learned in Level 1. Readers spell words as they are spoken to them, using the sound tiles included. Once a new word has been built, the word is saved for teachers to access and review.

ABC Kids - Tracing & Phonics

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

ABC Kids - Tracing and Phonics is a free app for tracing letters for young children, with four mini games focused on letter formation, letter matching, basic phonics and letter-word association. 

This alphabet game requires children to use their forefinger to trace letters, match capital and lowercase letters and identify a prompted letter from an array. Letter recognition and fine motor skills are required for play. Limited phonics are utilised with letter name rather than sound correspondence the focus of play.

LetterSchool is a beautifully designed alphabet tracing app that will teach your children how to write letters (both uppercase and lowercase letters) and numbers (from 1 to 10) in an animated and fun way. Using a set of four activities, LetterSchool can really enchant your children  to play with the app for a long time.

LetterSchool app is one of the best handwriting and spelling apps available in 11 different languages and is used in over 5000 schools. The app helps the children to learn the cursive handwriting style.

The app is loved by children, cherished by parents and recommended by teachers and occupational therapists. LetterSchool is a great learning tool for children with special needs. 

ABC alphabet worksheets will teach your kids to write letters of the alphabet which is critically important to grasp writing skills later on. Kids can continue working on their writing skills with the collection of ABC worksheets for kindergarten. 

At Kids Academy, you will find an ample collection of free alphabet printables which you may effectively use at home to train handwriting. Support your child by doing exciting exercises from their alphabet printables for kindergarten collection together. Useful hints are provided for each exercise to help your child. Each letter tracing activity includes step-by-step directions on how to write letters properly.

Their free printables are designed specially to help kids learn ABC as well as train motor skills and practice tracing and writing letters. Children do it several times in a row and finally write the letters themselves to complete the words.

abc PocketPhonics app helps kids learn to write letters and sounds including letter formation. This app uses the Phonics method, as taught in UK schools, to develop reading skills. It also closely matches the order in which schools will usually teach the different sounds, as defined in the National Curriculum.

This app offers simple but valuable phonics instruction for primary-aged children. Children hear and repeat common vowel and consonant sounds, practicing writing by copying letters. The app neatly illustrates the correct way to write each letter. abc PocketPhonics keeps young children on their toes by mixing up simple listening, speaking, and writing activities.

ABC Preschool is an interactive touch-based app for young children that allows them to work through three different activities which explore various skill-sets. Players are encouraged to be creative and colour in pre-set images, as well as draw freestyle on a blank canvas. Additionally, they are able to practice the hand motion of drawing individual letters of the alphabet by tracing over dotted lines. 

An interactive app for toddlers and young children involving activities that allow players to test their memory and rehearse numbers, in addition to being visually creative.

Writing Wizard for Kids

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Writing Wizard - Kids Learn to Write Letters from L’Escapadou is designed to help children learn how to trace letters and number. The app also includes some letter naming and phonetic sounds. The app allows the children to learn how to write in smaller and longer forms.

Little Writer is a well-crafted letter formation app that makes the letter tracing fun and easy for young children. The children can trace letters, numbers, shapes and words on colorful screens by using easy tracing techniques.

This app allows children to practise upper and lower case letter formation, number formation and tracing. The Shapes game could be used as a pre-writing activity with Junior Infants. The letters/numbers appear at random in the game, however in the Settings menu you can customise which letters and numbers appear so you could chose to turn on only the letters that you are working on for that week/term etc. This app uses the letter names rather than sounds which is the only downside. 

An app that helps young children develop their understanding of letters by teaching how to write each letter through its Trace feature and make learning English alphabets simple and easy.

Tracing letters has never been more smooth and confidence building for children. Each of the ABCs has a traceable capital and lower case letter. As children touch the screen to trace, the letter sings out its sound.