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Best Book Apps for Kids to Spark Imagination

Good book apps for children open a fabulous world of imagination activity and education. And thanks to a number of brilliant authors and story-tellers, many fantastic children’s books have emerged recently, with a goal to educate and inspire little ones.

Books support and encourage wider reading.  They offer a chance to voyage to different worlds, meet new friends, battle terrifying enemies, learn wonderful facts and offer comfort when times are difficult.

For parents, book apps offers your children the chance to explore, without any pressure, a whole host of marvellous, informative, moving, rich stories, poems and non-fiction classic and contemporary texts.  

For teachers, book apps offers support, guidance, inspiration and a wealth of resources to use and adapt in your class. 

From classic rhymes by Dr. Seuss to the magical world of Harry Potter, books are a crucial part of childhood development. The stories kids hear when they're young are the ones that they remember most, and reading together with a parent makes them even more memorable. Come playtime and bedtime, they'll love reaching for captivating children's book apps, which feature easy-to-read text and beautiful illustrations. 

Check out our list of the best children's reading and book apps that will inspire the little authors in your life.

Who's Hiding There? is a delightful interactive storybook designed for young readers.  With its interactive elements and optional narrator, it is great for shared bedtimes and independent constructive entertainment. 

Every child should have access to a good collection of storybooks.  They entertain, educate, and inspire.  They form the basis of a lifelong love of learning and are the key to developing strong reading skills that will stand each child in good stead as they progress through their education.

Epic Books is the world's leading children's book service offering immediate, on-demand access to over 25,000 high-quality illustrated books and chapter books for children ages 12 and under. Kids and parents can read them online or offline, on the Web, or on mobile devices. 

Users can search books by subject, genre, and age, and some are audio or read-to-me versions where kids can follow along with highlighted words. On a Reading Stats page, time spent reading, number of pages flipped, and books read are tracked, and kids can earn badges and rewards based on certain milestones.

Read Me Stories is one of the best interactive reading app with a vast library of audio books for younger users looking to increase their reading fluency and vocabulary. Immediately available are 8 sets of stories, some with as many as 23 books as part of the series.

Kids can learn to make reading a part of their daily routine. They'll practice the mechanics of reading as they follow along in the text while listening to the narrator read aloud or try reading themselves. One book a day may encourage kids to come back day after day to find what's waiting for them, which may help make reading a habit. Some story lines are more successful than others in tapping into what makes kids love reading. Because the reading support options are strong, Read Me Stories - Children's books does have some learning value, but the quality of the content could be better.

The Read Me Stories developers release a new book every day. It's a good idea for users to make it habit to check the app daily, incorporating it into their study routine. Read Me Stories is especially helpful for younger readers. Books vary in reading level, and users can actually read and understand narratives well above their reading levels because they can follow along. Vocabulary is made stronger, reading fluency increases, and phonetics, and phonemic awareness skills are developed.

Homer – Kids Learn to Read is an educational app designed to support reading development for young children. 

Homer – Kids Learn to Read provides a comprehensive, personalised learn-to-read program for children. Each child’s ‘personalised pathway’ is designed within the app based on information provided about a child’s interests and answers to questions related to their current reading ability. 

Children can then access and interact with 8 different learning areas including: Art, Songs & Rhymes, Learn to Read, Discover the World, My Pathway, Story time, First Readers and Brain games.

Reading Eggs is the multi-award winning learning programme that helps children learn to read. They will learn how to read using interactive reading games, guided reading lessons, fun activities and over 2,000 digital story books.

Reading Eggs is a complete learn to read system for children aged 2-13 and covers the five essential components of reading: phonics, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension. 

Endless Reader

( iPhone, iPad )

Endless Reader introduces kids to sight words and phonics with interactive animations that demonstrate the meaning of the words as well as how to spell them. Each word is presented as a card inside a monster's mouth. Kids scroll through the cards to choose the word they want to explore. Read aloud to kids and let them fill in certain sight words (start with letting them read the word "the" in a short picture book. 

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is an interactive storybook, featuring characters from the book. It consists of a number of games and puzzles, which can help young children practise counting, sorting, and memory skills. The app can also help them discover facts about caterpillars and other animals, and learn about healthy eating. The beautiful illustrations and reward badges will motivate children to keep on playing.

MeeGenius Children's Books

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

MeeGenius Children’s Books is a library of digital books. All MeeGenius books are available with read-along word highlighting, rich illustrations, and engaging story narration. 5 free books are provided and additional books are available for purchase through the Reading Club subscription.

MeeGenius is a nice app on which to buy and read colorful stories for kids who are prereaders or new to reading. Kids can learn about a variety of subjects across lots of genres by reading or listening to many of the more than 400 books on MeeGenius.

Parents can read bedtime stories to their children. Very colorful and active characters will keep the children engaging. It also gives universal lessons & moral truths without the religious dogma. Great way to encourage reading for beginners.

The app also recommends storybook suggestions based on kids' interests. Every word is highlighted on the screen to help young learners read easily. All the storybooks in this digital library are available with two options: Read By Myself and Read For Me. Read By Myself will help your little one improve reading skills and Read For Me boosts listening skills. It's the perfect way for parents and kids to bond while reading bedtime stories.

Nosy Crow: The Three Little Pigs is an award winning storybook and a digital adaptation of the well-known fairy tale the Three Little Pigs. It contains a fairly moderate amount of activities for children to get involved. 

The app is good for training comprehension skills as the children need to understand what they are expected from the characters. Overall, the app may be helpful to develop children's digital literacy and get children familiarised themselves with basic skills (tapping, swiping, blowing to the microphone, etc) in playing with touchscreens.