5 Best Apps to Keep Your Kids Screen Time Safe

Its a reality that children, often from quite young ages, are online and on devices - making, learning and exploring - and we as parents need to safeguide them. Its important that we know and understand which games and platforms our children are using, and all the features that they can access.

There are some excellent apps that can help you as a parent when it come to children's safe use of devices. Here are some of the best:



KIDOZ - 5 star rating

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

The great thing about this app is that if you are a parent/teacher and you exercise a high-degree of control over the type of content that the kids consume, this is perfect.

Once downloaded it can serve as a completely separate user interface on a phone, tablet or Windows operating system. Parents/teachers can set limits and customise content. The first step is to register as an “adult” and then create a child account (there is an unlimited amount of kid accounts that you can create).  The adult password means that you can set the content and can turn your own device into a child-friendly device.  If you want to purchase content, you will need to enter the password so all the content will be adult approved. All the content that Kido’z links to has already been approved by the team therefore, although it takes you to external websites to download things (perhaps a grey area, depending on your own philosophy with regards to shopping and purchasing apps) – you can rest assured that it is all child-friendly and not far from the child media that kids can find on TV.

The app is available in 20 languages: English, German, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Croatian, Danish,  Finnish, French, Hebrew, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Swedish, Turkish.

You can make Kido’z the default desktop. We really liked the fact that it recognises and selects the content that is already on your phone so that if you have educational apps already, it manages to keep them and show them on the desktop too. All the messaging, calling and social media links are taken away.  There is also a special Kido’s browser so that browsing is also safeguarded.

If we missed any of the 5 Best Apps to Keep Your Kids Screen Time Safe, tell us about them!

SecureTeen Parental Control

2. SecureTeen Parental Control

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Kids can be exposed to multiple forms of harmful content online. Parents have to ask themselves if they can do more to keep their children safe. SecureTeen is a comprehensive parental control app that gives you greater power over how kids access the internet. With the app you can keep an eye on your child’s online activities, stay one step ahead of them through location alerts, and keep them guarded against harmful content.

Adolescence is a time when kids absorb almost all the things that they learn instantaneously. If they’re not protected from the virtual world then there will be a problem. SecureTeen Parental Control with Safe browser filters all the bad content so that your kids can absorb only the good content found online.s
The app also lets parents ensure their children are safe against cyberbullying, stalkers, porn, mature content, and a bulk of harmful things found online. 

Mobicip Safe Browser

3. Mobicip Safe Browser

(iPhone, iPad)

Mobicip is a cloud-filtering service that helps you create a secure internet for your family, school or business. A Mobicip account allows you to adjust the internet filter or monitor browsing history on multiple tablets, smartphones and computers, all remotely from any computer or mobile device. It includes: filtering (including a YouTube filter), safe search, analysis of content and WiFi safeguarding. 

Kid-safe YouTube

4. Kid-safe YouTube

(iPhone, iPad)

Being one of the busy working class, it's hard to find enough time to educate and entertain the little wonders. This app comes with numerous pre-selected fun and educating videos plus new ones added weekly, all endorsed by real kids and true parents and streamed via YouTube in a safe way. Kids will enjoy the quality videos without distracting ads or inappropriate comments. You are also encouraged to search and bookmark your own playlist for your kids, just remember to set your own language and location properly.

Kidsafe Tube is a great way to enhance your kid's experience of this most popular platform in a safe way. It includes a language filter, break time enforcement, iCloud sync, remote monitoring, bookmarking and blocking. This app has been designed with real parents and was created to help parents safe guard their kids while enjoying the benefit of fun and vast educating source on the YouTube platform. 

G Student

5. G Student

G Student - 4 star rating

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Webcams, camera phones, messaging apps and social media mean that staying safe online is completely different for children today compared to just 10 years ago.  Schools and parents need to deal with it and do so in a way that is not just an exercise in ticking a box.
This app's developers offer a complete package for doing this.  A student app that has exercises for students to follow is accompanied by a  teacher's app to administer the lessons and monitor the students.  Parents can also download an app to be part of the process as well.  

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