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Best Creative Writing Apps

Some students are natural born storytellers with creativity and imagination spilling from their fingers. There are plenty of reasons to encourage students to love creative writing. The skills gained from creative writing ultimately contribute to language mastery. Let us help you to find some other great apps to support your children's creative writing, in a digital capacity.  

Here at the Educational App Store we are relentless in our pursuit of apps which are suitable for test preparation and which can help support teachers, parents and ultimately students sitting for their tests and, in their general studies and wiser learning too.

If you want your children to master the basics of creative writing, try these apps to encourage your children to want to write.

Writing Challenge for Kids

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Writing Challenge for Kids is a fun and simple-to-use app that can help spark the imagination of children, and support them with planning and writing stories. Children are presented with a range of prompts that they can choose from. Each prompt gives children ideas for how to start and develop their story, including references to settings and character, which keeps their imagination flowing throughout the process. Writing Challenge is one of the best apps to help kids develop creative writing and digital publishing tools.

Available on: Android, iPhone and iPad

Cost: Free with in-app purchases

Night Zookeeper is a fun-to-use creative writing application that encourages encourages children’s creative writing and wider creativity skills whilst being great fun to play both during class and at home. From drawing and writing about magical animals, to playing word games and competing in writing competitions, Night Zookeeper offers children the chance to explore their potential and get better at creative writing.

This is a beautiful app that asks children and adults to enter a magical world of animals in a night time zoo where children are sent on drawing missions. The app is of high-quality and it captures imaginations and pushes children to get in the habit of drawing and writing little stories about their drawings. Night Zookeeper is a popular writing website for kids which inspires children to express themselves and to be creative writers.

Available on: Website

Cost: Free with subscription

Book Creator

( iPhone, iPad )

Bookcreator is a very simple, self-explanatory tool, where both teachers and students can create their own books using a diversity of templates, fonts, styles, as well as media, such as videos, images and sounds. Book Creator has a wide variety of applications in the classroom ranging from creative story writing to presentation style projects.

Bookcreator app works so well in encouraging student engagement with easy-to-use interface, fun templates, colorful designs and tons of tools to spark creativity. It is a perfect tool for creative writing, digital scrapbooking, journaling, digital diaries and so much more!

Available on: iPhone and iPad

Cost: Paid

Shake-a-Phrase is a fun language app for creative writing prompts, vocabulary, and parts of speech practice. The app assists in enabling student to create stories by giving students prompts for characters, scenarios or simple sentences. The ability to change the theme and then shake the device to change the phrase is great fun.   

Available on: iPhone and iPad

Cost: Paid

A fun app to spark creative imaginations to create poems and stories.The goal of the Word Creativity Kit is to encourage children to play around with words and language as they learn to become the writers of tomorrow!  We like how students can get a jumpstart on the creativity process by using a selection of randomly generated words.

Available on: iPhone and iPad

Cost: Paid


( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Storybird lets kids create personalized stories, is committed to inspiring user creativity by providing a variety of colorful and vibrant Illustrations. This impressive creative writing-centered site offers an easy-to-use tool to help kids make picture books, longer books, or poems. You can learn about writing, storytelling, reading skills. They'll practice being creative and flex their imagination, and sharing stories may help them gain self-confidence to write more.

Available on: iPhone, iPad and Android

Cost: Free

This Is My Story (And I'm Sticking To It) is an early learning app that helps kids get the hang of simple sentence structure. Kids get to make their own storybooks by tapping and dragging labeled images into the blanks of each page. 

Available on: iPhone and iPad

Cost: Paid