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7 Best Apps for Number Sense

From learning to count with one to one correspondence, up to more advanced algebra; apps can help your children to become marvellous mathematicians!

Number understanding is the foundation that underpins all other aspects of mathematics, and is crucial to a student's ability to progress as a mathematician. Once children develop a good understanding of number they will be able to understand numbers in relation to objects and the world around them. Although young children often learn to count ‘by rote’ they need to understand the meaning of what they doing, by building up their confidence and their number sense.

Here are our best apps to develop number sense:

Number+Sense Home Edition

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Number Sense app helps children to develop fluency, speed and accuracy in arithmetic and mathematical reasoning. It does this by using an innovative method whereby players are constantly challenged to improve their skills and are motivated to practice more for continuous progress.

It has a broad coverage of topics and offers a mental challenge like no other arithmetic app.  Teachers and parents alike will find this a great way to help their children practice their number work.

DragonBox Algebra 5+

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

DragonBox Algebra 5+ is a visually appealing and fun game that introduces children to algebra. As they progress through the game, they must solve different puzzles that require them to collect, cancel and balance terms. Students are introduced to different algebraic rules as they unlock more levels and are guided through step by step. Progress is illustrated with the birth and growth of a dragon for each new chapter.

Zero Our Hero

( iPhone, iPad )

Give children the opportunity to firmly establish their understanding of place value by letting them practise with this app.  Different exercises at different levels let children work on the skills that are right for them.  Its individual exercises zoom in further on highly relevant skills and, of course, being self-marking they let children practise without burdening teachers with further administrative work.   With four levels containing six exercises each, this app is excellent value.

This award-winning app contains very easy explanations that help to build the concept of multiplication right from the beginning of a 1 or a 2 times table to long- multiplication. It works as a teaching tool as well as a way for students to test themselves. It has very clear learning outcomes, all the content is based on the new national curriculum and the app also tracks and assesses progress in learning.


( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Division is a clearly structured and visually appealing app that can help students to improve their knowledge and understanding of division. It covers the initial concept of simple division, through to remainders, dividing by powers of ten and long division with decimal answers. The app includes a wide variety of activities, animations and assessments to support teaching and learning.

Addition and Subtraction

( iPhone, iPad )

Addition and Subtraction is an app that encourages users to learn and practice a wide range of addition and subtraction skills. The app design is simple, with a focus on nurturing skills through a number of techniques, such as the use of an addition grid, number bonds, addition of three numbers, place value, column subtraction and word problems. This app focuses on easy to follow steps that aim to simplify learning and build subject knowledge.

Duck on the Run

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Give your child maths practise as they help Duck evade the clutches of Pig in this colourful and amusing app. As children play, they will also be helping educationalists understand more about learning, and so will be contributing to science themselves.

Duck on the Run is a high-quality app that will make the practising of maths more enjoyable for children. As with all such apps, it isn't really a game but, by using a style that children will associate with entertainment, it offers a similar level of practice as do worksheets but without the associated boredom. The app will have longevity as it has so many levels in the main challenge and children will be able to revisit it as their understanding of maths grows over time.