5 Best Apps for National Share-A-Story-Month

The power of storytelling is undisputed and has the ability to connect disparate groups, both young and old. Sharing a story - whether in oral, book or app form - is an activity that captures the imagination and we at The Educational App Store are huge fans of the top-class story apps or story-creation apps that we have the privilege of certifying. 

The Month of May is UK National Share-A-Story Month. It's an annual celebration of the power of storytelling and story and aims to bring children and stories together. 

My Storybook Pirate: Interactive Book Creator is an application available on iOS and is an educational app ideal for ages 5 to 11. The app will teach children the basics of visual scripting through a module coding system and enable the child to explore a vast combination of characters set in a pirate theme and construct their own personal stories. 

If we missed any of the 5 Best Apps for National Share-A-Story-Month, tell us about them!

Reader Bee’s First Story Maker

2. Reader Bee’s First Story Maker

Reader Bee’s First Story Maker - 5 star rating

(iPhone, iPad)

Reader's Bee Story Maker is an app of two parts. First there is a simple space in which children can play with and develop their literacy skills.  Secondly a custom keyboard, usable in both this app and those by other developers, designed to help children take their first steps in formulating words and sentences.

Sleepover in Africa at Amani’s Graduation

3. Sleepover in Africa at Amani’s Graduation

(iPhone, iPad)

Rockford’s Rock Opera Parts 1 to 4 app is an inspiring musical story created by Matthew Sweetapple, Steve Punt and Elaine Sweetapple. The app uses stunning graphics, animation and music to teach students about extinction, ecology and biodiversity. Join Rockford the dog and his owner Moog on their travels as they discover new animals and places in this truly magical adventure. The application is free from generic adverts and offers no in-app purchases. However, there are internal links for products within the Rockford’s Rock Opera range.

Sleepover in Africa at Amani’s Graduation

4. Sleepover in Africa at Amani’s Graduation

(iPhone, iPad)

Sleepover in Africa at Amani’s Graduation is another great fun learning app in the series. We like how the app allows children to learn about another country and culture via an interactive and engaging story. With this book app your kids will help find out what happen to Clarity’s homework while learning great fact about Rwanda. This book apps offers professional narration by writer, actress, storyteller and Internet radio host Kelly Carlin and simultaneous text highlighting to support early readers.

Photo Tales is a reading app that lets your family create memories with your kids through customizable stories. By altering the sentences that make up the stories contained in this app and adding their own drawings and photographs, children can begin to build their creative writing skills.  Fully functional and containing one story in its free form, in-app purchases can expand the number of stories.

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