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5 Best Apps for Black History Month

Black History Month is an international celebration. In the UK it runs throughout the month of October and in the USA during the month of February. 

Black History Month focuses on the achievements of black people in society: celebrating, recognising and valuing the inspirational individuals and events from within black and minority ethnic communities.

In schools, children of all colours, creeds and nationalities remember and celebrate many important and influential people throughout history - and also current figures - who have contributed to our society; celebrating and remembering the people who have helped to make a difference to the world.

Apps are a good starting point to open up discussions around Black History Month, providing resources to help you (either as a teacher or a parent) to celebrate Black History Month in your home or school. 

Here are our top 5 apps - great resources for you to use with your students or kids during Black History Month: 

One Globe Kids

( iPhone, iPad )

One Globe Kids - children's stories from around the world app really helps children see what it is like to live in other countries through the perspective of native children. A day in my life stories from kids with relatable, diverse experiences around the world create a highly engaging learning experience and make the kids understand global cultures through audio and videos based stories.

The Then and Now Series offers an informative look into the lives of 100 people in history. The initial product covers 100 people in Black History. Coming soon will be history on various ethnic groups including Latin, Italian and others. Then and Now: Black History provides an image and biography of each of the 100 people covered. In addition, many of the screens for the people we cover have a link to online video or music to bring you closer to the person in history.

Black History

( Android )

The Black History app explains the significant contributions of African-Americans in the fields of science, politics, literature, the law, the arts, and more. It’s a great app for teachers or students to explore the contributions of a significant number of influential characters throughout history and provides a great resource for classrooms or home.

Sleepover in Africa at Amani’s Graduation is another great fun learning app in the series. We like how the app allows children to learn about another country and culture via an interactive and engaging story. With this book app your kids will help find out what happen to Clarity’s homework while learning great fact about Rwanda. This book apps offers professional narration by writer, actress, storyteller and Internet radio host Kelly Carlin and simultaneous text highlighting to support early readers.

Maths Monkey's Quest

( iPhone, iPad )

Globe Smart Education is an app that aims to give children an understanding of their place in the world, alongside the viewpoint of other children from different backgrounds around the globe.  It provides case studies of eight children from around the world, each with an in depth back story and several other related activities. Because it uses young children and tells their stories in their own words, it is very accessible and understandable for children who may not have much previous experience or knowledge about other global citizens.