5 Best Adventure Learning Apps you should try

Exploring the role of games in education has been one of the major concepts pushed by the apps industry. Apps have encouraged the development of this recreational method of teaching and learning. We’ve put together a list of 5 great adventure learning apps that will spark the interest of younger students.

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Jack Stalwart: Passport to Adventure

( iPad - Free )

Jack Stalwart: Passport to Adventure. Whether your child is or is not a reader of the Jack Stalwart series, this app is fantastic for learning and playing. You do not have to be familiarised with the Jack Stalwart series in order to play, as the app serves as a standalone game. However, we are sure that you will end up reaching for the books after playing with it too.

Dino Walk: Continental Drift

( iPad - £1.99 )

Dino Walk: Continental Drift demonstrates how our beautiful Earth has evolved throughout its billion-year long life-span. The learner will get fantastic insight into how the natural landscapes, our geography and animals have developed to where we are today.  This is an app that is suitable for all ages as it holds a breadth  of information that is eye-opening, informative and engaging.

Pirate Phonics 1 : Kids learn to read!

( iPad - £1.49 )

Pirate Phonics 1: Kids Learn to Read teaches children the letter - sound correspondences that are essential in reading and writing. Developed with the same pirate theme as the other apps developed by Unit11, the app offers early lessons, wrapped in a fun package, which are important because will develop phonological skills that are necessary for blending and identifying sounds.

Jetpack Journeys: Space exploration for pre-schoolers

( iPad - £0.69 )

Jetpack Journeys is a way for pre-school and early-years children to explore and experience our solar system in a fun and imaginative way and be inspired about the wonders of Space for the very first time. Created as a digital toy, children are encouraged to play any way they like. There are no goals, no stresses and no endings.

Night Zookeeper Teleporting Torch

( iPad - £1.99 )

Night Zookeeper Teleporting Torch. Prepare to be “teleported” into a different universe that will challenge your children’s creativity and push the boundaries of their imagination. The app is set within the context of a magical night zoo and its mysterious teleporting zookeeper.