5 Apps to Teach your Child Manners

Teaching your child manners can seem daunting. Where do you start? What’s important? How do you keep it from seeming like a stogy old set of rules that don’t really apply anymore?

Keeping good habits do make you happy and will help you become a little adult. Kids naturally develop social skills in the preschool years, so it's a perfect time to teach and reinforce social lessons. One of the best ways to teach toddlers and preschoolers about manners and their importance is to use these fun, lighthearted apps about manners and making healthly choices.

If you’re trying to help your child be more polite, here are 5 best apps for teaching kids manners.

Sir Dapp! Game Show

1. Sir Dapp! Game Show

Sir Dapp! Game Show - 5 star rating

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Sir Dapp, the master of manners, encourages your young children to join him on his gameshow where their politeness, good manners, and respect are the keys to success.  Apps that help young children to develop into respectful and socially responsible citizens are less well represented.  Sir Dapp! Game Show is a new app that poses questions that encourage young children to think about the correct way to treat their homes, friends, families and others around them.  It does this in the form of a TV game show hosted by the app's own Sir Dapp.

How it can help your child: Learn Manners

If we missed any of the 5 Apps to Teach your Child Manners, tell us about them!

Plant Nanny

2. Plant Nanny

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

The app gives children a fun little nudge to help them get into the habit of drinking water regularly throughout the day by combining it with the process of growing a plant. You can pick from a selection of virtual plants and enter basic information like your child’s weight and how much water they should be consuming. When you’ve set this up your child will be prompted to water the plant throughout the day in order to keep it alive and they’ll have to drink water at the same time.

Once the plant has fully grown it can be planted in a digital garden and you can generate new seeds to start the whole process over again. 

How it can help your child: Build on good habits, Stay hydrated throughout the body

Habitz is a fun-to-use app that empowers kids to develop healthy habits and stick with them for life. If you’ve ever struggled to get your child to make healthy choices, Habitz is the life-changing app you’ve been waiting for. Help your child make good choices that will help them as they become teenagers and eventually adults! Your child will carry the healthy habits they learn from Habitz throughout their entire lives!

How it can help your child: Develop a healthy lifestyle, change bad habits

Good Habits & Manners

4. Good Habits & Manners

Good Habits & Manners - 4 star rating

(iPhone, iPad)

Good Habits & Manners is the funniest and simplest game for kids to cultivate good habits. The app helps kids cultivate 4 important habits, that is, hygiene, healthy diet, cleanup and politeness. It has cute and meaningful medals to encourage kids as rewards.

The content of the app includes Hygiene Habit(Baby Panda's Toothbrush, Baby Panda's Bath Time, Toilet Training), Healthy Diet, Housework clean up, courtesy and politeness. 

How it can help your child: Incentivises children to learn good habits

Baby Hazel Learns Manners

5. Baby Hazel Learns Manners

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

In this app, Baby Hazel is learning good manners from her friends and family members. Its parents who are child's first teachers and this apply for little Hazel too. As she is grown up her mom thinks that Baby Hazel should be aware of all the norms concerned with social life.

Her mom begins with physical exercise to keep her chubby baby fit. Later she wants Hazel to know about kitchen manners. Hazel should also build up social manners with different aged group people. Help darling Hazel know all about these decorum for being responsible person.

How it can help your child: Games to learn good manners


6. EarnIt

EarnIt - 5 star rating

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Earnit is a task management application for parents and their children. Tasks can be assigned to children and rewards can be received when the tasks have been completed. A complete system to teach your child manners with help of notification, task schedules, task approval, messaging, goal setting, screen time limits and so much more. Children will realize they're capable of cleaning up after themselves, and that doing so can even be fun -- especially when everyone helps out.

How it can help your child: Tidying up.

Smiling Mind

7. Smiling Mind

Smiling Mind - 4 star rating

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

There are two ways that this app helps users practice self-awareness. First, before and after every meditation session, Smiling Mind asks the user to evaluate and rate their happiness, contentedness, and alertness. This challenges your child to examine their own feelings and reflect on which meditations or activities are most beneficial to them.

How it can help your child: Teaches Empathy

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