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Best Health and Fitness Apps for Kids

Best Health and Fitness Apps for Kids

As educators we have a responsibility to promote, encourage and facilitate healthy lifestyle choices. We can promote healthy living through apps that introduce and/or facilitate relaxation, healthy eating, exercise, self-awareness and tech safety.

Health apps empowers people to improve health, well-being, and relationships, by building awareness and inner strength and undoing the effects of chronic stress and trauma.

Kids are never too young to exercise and stay fit. These awesome health and fitness apps for kids help them to improve health and well-being, increase confidence and effectiveness, heal stress and trauma, enjoy working out, reach their fitness goals, and learn the importance of physical health. 

Here are the best health and fitness apps for promoting general well-being in your classes or homes.

Resilient Family: Happy Child

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Resilient Family: Happy Child provides simple mindfulness based, movement and awareness training for individuals, parents and older and younger children. It uses movement to discharge stress and build body awareness. The aim is to support development of resilience and self-regulation through training in mindful movements.  

The app aims to reduce stress and build body awareness for young and old alike. For kids, there are 18 Low Stimulus and 18 High Stimulus training videos that demonstrate methods that are basic to developing resiliency and self-care skills.  

Ergobreak 4 Kids

( iPhone, iPad )

Best for ergonomics for kids

Since technology began to permeate every aspect of our lives, we've found that the benefits can be dampened by the problems.  Employers have a duty of care to ensure that employees' health is protected while working.  Sitting at computers and hunched over tablets can have a health cost and many responsible employers will offer guidance and advice to minimise the risks.  But what of our students?

Children are spending increased amounts of time using computers and tablets at school and, for both work and pleasure, at home.  The creator of this app reasons that schools should be both ensuring a healthy use of technology at school and embedding a desire to do the same at home.  The reasoning is sound. If it is important enough for employees, surely it is important enough for our still growing students.

Designed by a health and well-being expert, this app meshes the solution to the problem with the cause - the device itself.  Within the app, at the time of writing, are twenty videos describing useful exercises to counteract the postural problems that might emerge after prolonged use.

Sworkit Kids

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Best fitness app for kids

Sworkit Kids is an exercise and fitness app aimed at students in elementary and middle school, though it can be used for students of all ages and even adults. The app guides students through exercise routines focusing on strength, agility, flexibility, and balance, such as doing the crab crawl, squats, or side plank. It combines interval training with randomized exercises so it's never the same workout twice. 

Workouts can be from five to 60 minutes or a custom workout length. Sworkit Kids comes with a built-in custom workout already available (Kids Beginner Full Body Workout, with 24 exercises), but you can still choose how long the workout should last. Sworkit Kids is an ideal app to teach students how to do some basic movement exercises that they can use throughout their lives: strength, agility, flexibility, and balance. 

Kids can learn how to move their bodies, though an adult should monitor to make sure the exercises are done correctly. Older kids can set up a customizable list of activities to help them get out excess energy, increase their flexibility, or simply exercise, while younger kids can use the pre-built workouts to do the same. For kids who benefit from movement breaks or who need a structured way to stretch and calm their bodies, this tool provides an avenue. Over 60 types of movements are provided in each of the exercise categories, which makes Sworkit Kids accessible to all levels and abilities, but it's definitely best-used with grown-up supervision and separate long-term tracking.

Best for meditation

The DreamyKid meditation app offers meditation, guided visualization and affirmations curated just for children & teens. It uses proven techniques that teach your kids methods to guide them towards a happier life through mindfulness. There are different types of meditation apps varying from issue-based and general meditations/guided visualizations to affirmations.

Use the included free programs or purchase others including: trouble sleeping, schoolwork, relaxation, focus, sports-preparation, attention deficit disorder/ADHD. Free for schools and organizations that work with children.

unGlue Kids

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Best to teach healthier habits for kids

The Kid’s App was designed with the idea that parents and children should agree on the right amount of screen time. 

Kids love having the freedom to make choices. unGlue lets them track their own screen time, check their schedules, earn more time by doing chores, and even roll over unused minutes for another day. You set the limits on content and time. Encourage better habits by allowing your kids to save unused screen time for later - up to your maximum limit.

Get your kids active again. Motivating your kids to get moving isn’t hard when you have the right bargaining chips: screen time minutes. With Steps4Time, kids can trade daily steps for screen time. It’s an easy way for parents to get their kids up and out of the house — not just glued to their gadgets.

Best nutrition app for kids

This is my Food – Nutrition for Kids is highly interactive and encourages kids to learn through exploration. Kids will be empowered as they gain knowledge of how to eat a well-balanced meal and why this is important. They'll learn about food, nutrition, and growing herbs in a garden. They can even document herb growth with photographs and audio recordings.

As kids explore, they learn interesting facts about fruits, vegetables, growing seasons, and food classification. Each interactive graphic is supported by friendly narration that explains concepts in an age-appropriate manner. This is my Food - Nutrition for Kids is a fun way to explore healthy eating habits.

Smash Your Food HD

( iPhone, iPad )

Best to teach kids about healthy eating

Do your children really know how much sugar, salt and oil there is in foods they consume? SMASH Your Food is a fun way for kids to learn about foods that contribute to excessive calorie consumption through fun gamification and and interactions. 

The app is designed for children aged 5 to 12 - but fun for children (and adults!) of all ages. 

My Body - Anatomy for Kids

( iPhone, iPad )

Best to teach kids about their body

This is My Body – Anatomy for Kids is a really useful app for the introduction of aspects of the science curriculum related ‘animals including humans’. With funny but informative graphics and animations make this application one that is a useful addition to home or school.

An interactive navigation system runs across all the topics, which include: ‘Growing’, ‘My Skin’, ‘My Senses’, ‘I am Hungary’, ‘Breathing’, ‘Heartbeat’, ‘My Muscles’, ‘My Nerves’ and finally ‘My Skeleton’. 

The activities are amusing and engaging and act to draw the child’s attention to particular points of interest. At the end of each topic is a ‘Smarty Pants’ section, which provides the child with some very useful background information that extends their understanding.  

Best workout app for kids

The 7-minute workout is based on strong evidence that high-intensity interval training can provide many of the same benefits as longer workouts, but without the same commitment of time.  For kids ages 6 to 8, this is a great workout app. 

Kids can work on endurance, strength, and flexibility in a fun way with 7-Minute Workout for Kids. With exercises like jumping jacks, squats, and push-ups, the whole family can join in. And, it takes only minutes to stay fit. 

Sir Dapp! Game Show

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Best to teach kids manners

Sir Dapp! Game Show is a new app that poses questions that encourage young children to think about the correct way to treat their homes, friends, families and others around them.  It does this in the form of a TV game show hosted by the app's own Sir Dapp. Sir Dapp, the master of manners, encourages your young children to join him on his gameshow where their politeness, good manners, and respect are the keys to success.  

The questions given as part of the game show appear to be categorised in two different ways. There is a choice for each time a new question is reached.  These pick a broad category, such as table manners, or social -gathering etiquette but can also define the style of question such as "Opposite Day".