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5 Apps that Teach Kids About Grammar and Punctuation

We have reviewed five brilliant grammar apps that will help Key Stage 2 pupils 'get' grammar through revision of key terms and use of interactive features. 

During the early school years, reading is an immersive and crucial way to internalize grammar. For higher grades, grammar concepts should be introduced through books that have solid credentials and have many examples to guide the student, examples that are rooted in good literature and a keen sense of syntax and style.

Our list of grammar apps will help school students understand the nuts and bolts of the language in a fun and exploratory manner. Do have a look!

SPaG: Upper KS2 - nimbl

( Android - £2.99 , iPad - £3.99 )

Written by headteacher and best-selling writer Ali Dakin, SPaG is ideal for helping your child prepare for the Key Stage 2 tests in English grammar, punctuation and spelling. SPaG covers levels 3-5 and includes lessons and quizzes for each topic as well as over 250 audio spelling questions and over 40 activities.


( iPad - £1.99 )

This 5* app focuses on the use of a wide variety of punctuation marks. It is a fantastic resource that can be used to help children learn about punctuation marks and gives them practise using them. These include: full stops, question marks, exclamation marks, commas, apostrophes, speech marks, brackets, dashes, colons, semicolons, bullet points and hyphens - phew!

Grow Grammar

( iPad - £2.99 )

Grow Grammar is an English Language app that helps children learn about the structure of sentences and how to construct and deconstruct them. There are many elements in the app that aid young people in becoming more proficient in their grammar knowledge and would sit as comfortably in the home for individual use as it would in the classroom for group or solo work.

Killer SAT Grammar

( iPad - Free )

Killer SAT Grammar is a very impressive app. Although it has been created for American students taking their SATs, UK students will equally benefit from the grammar lessons in the Secondary School years prior to GCSE. The app works well as a stand-alone product for the rules of; Modifiers, subject-verb agreement, direct expressions, economy of expression, comparison mismatch, indefinite pronouns and connecting two sentences with a comma. 

Grammar App by Tap To Learn

( iPad - £0.99 )

This app has a number of activities, lessons and tests that can help children improve their understanding of English grammar and vocabulary.  It is an interactive book with 2 sections: learn and test, with over 1000 questions. The learn test consists of activities and tutorials to support understanding. The test section has 3 types of test: diagnostic, topic wise and proficiency, presented in a multiple-choice format. 

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