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5 Apps That Teach Kids About Diversity

5 Apps That Teach Kids About Diversity
Many teachers and parents are looking for children's apps which portray racially and ethnically diverse characters.
But while it may be ideal for children to actually meet people from different backgrounds in person, if that isn’t possible, apps can serve as a first introduction to an outside world.
There is also a growing category of apps which show diverse characters in everyday situations of contemporary life. These apps show children interacting with clothes, toys, food, relatives, friends, fears, hopes, and all the other things that go along with being a human child. The message is that diverse children are all around us, and they can see themselves mirrored in these apps in everyday situations.
These apps help kids understand that even though people look different on the outside, we’re all the same on the inside.
Issa's Edible Adventures

( iPhone, iPad )

Issa's Edible Adventures, seeks to broaden children's knowledge of the world through engaging culinary journeys.
The 3-D, animated app provides a fun and interactive experience for its users while acquainting them with cultures and cuisines from around the world. It not only uses a global story to thread in social studies, but it teaches kids how to cook in app (and they can print the recipe out at home).

Toca Life: School

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Toca Boca strives for great diversity within all of their apps, as can be seen in this character lineup from Toca Life School. 

It’s time to head to school with Toca Boca. However, this school is a lot different than the schools your children may be familiar with. In this school, they have free reign. They can walk from building to building, go out to recess whenever they want, and even start a food fight in the cafeteria. The latest app in the Toca Life series is truly the school of kids’ dreams.

One Globe Kids

( iPhone, iPad )

One Globe Kids - children's stories from around the world app really helps children see what it is like to live in other countries through the perspective of native children. A day in my life stories from kids with relatable, diverse experiences around the world create a highly engaging learning experience and make the kids understand global cultures through audio and videos based stories.

Me by Tinybop is a great app to use with kids, to help them understand who they are and why each person is unique. In the reflective process of building a digital self-portrait, kids become more self-aware. As they also reflect on the others in their life, they see that each person is different. This app encourages kids to understand who they are, accept others, and celebrate our differences. That's powerful stuff for one app to cover!

BE CONFIDENT IN WHO YOU ARE speaks to kids who are at a really rough age, and reminds them to take pride in their own talents and not to let peer pressure (even the unspoken kind) get them down.
Kids can learn to identify emotions, reflect on personal strengths and weaknesses, respect peer viewpoints, build friendships, persevere through difficulties (including bullying), and put their troubles into perspective by reading this graphic novel. Presented as a story about a group of friends, this book app creates an authentic narrative to which the kids of the targeted age can identify. Middle School Confidential 1: Be Confident in Who You Are is a quick read for tweens and teens that helps them to learn about and reflect upon how to handle common social issues. 

Given this is not how the world is or should be, we owe it to young children to show them reality in the apps they’re using. Perhaps then the next generation will be less frightened of the “other” if they get to meet them and learn about them from an early age.