4K Video Editors

4K Video Editors

Maybe you have recorded some 4K videos with your 4K camcorder and want to extract certain part. Or maybe your 4K video is too dark and needs to be brightened. Although 4K resolution videos bring you excellent visual experience, sometimes you still need a video editor to make some changes to the video.

4K video is the latest resolution standard, which is designed for computer graphics and digital cinema. The format is named 4K because it features approximately 4000 pixels horizontal resolution, and this offers four times more image definition compared to the 1080p resolution. Because of the additional level of detail that the camera acquires, 4K videos are large files that allow you more editing possibilities.

Here is the list of the best 4K video editors to import, edit and export video easily.

1. iMovie

iMovie is one of the most popular free 4K Video editing software. Using iMovie, you can create a professional-looking video even without any editing experience. You can import 4K images and 4K videos to iMovie, and then trim, split and add titles, transitions, filters or effects to the video by dragging and dropping. What’s more, you can import and export 60 frames per second video in iMovie.

iMovie is a video editing software that imports video footage from digital video cameras that use the MiniDV format. It can play DV, HDV, AVCHD, iFrame, Animation Codec, and other video formats. You can import 4K videos directly to iMovie and export them as 4K videos at 24fps/30fps/60fps. You can also share the 4K video to YouTube from iMovie directly.

Price: Free

Devices: iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Ease of Use: Easy

2. Shotcut

Shotcut is a free and open-source video editors supporting 4K import and output. It supports a wide variety of video and audio formats based on the FFmpeg library. The sleek and intuitive interface makes it easier for users to edit their 4K video files. 

It has a wide range of features for editing 4K videos, such as color grading, audio editing, and transitions. It is a good choice for editing 4K videos, and it is easy to use and can be learned by beginners.

Price: Free

Devices: Windows, MacOS and Linux

Ease of Use: Easy

3. FinalCutPro

Final Cut Pro is one of the most popular 4K video editing software for Mac. It’s stable, fast, and has auto-save and backup features. Final Cut Pro’s Magnetic Timeline is designed to adjust clips to fit around clips that you drag into place, which greatly saves your time. 

As one of Apple’s most professional video editing software, it provides comprehensive editing features for users who desire a video editing tool more powerful than iMovie and other professionals who create videos. 

Price: $299

Devices: Mac

Ease of Use: Hard

4. Wondershare UniConverter

Wondershare Uniconverter is a powerful 4K video converter and editor that is easy to use and provides a wide range of features. The software offers a great selection of preset conversion options and allows for some basic editing functions such as trimming, cropping, rotating and adding filters and subtitles.

UniConverter allows you to convert 4K videos to 1080p, 720p, 480p and more resolution without losing quality. It also support 1000+ formats including MOV, MP4, AVI, MKV, WMV, M4V, etc. If you are looking for a video converter that can convert 4K videos to other formats, UniConverter is a good option.

Price: Free trial; $59.95 per year 

Devices: Windows

Ease of Use: Easy

5. Movavi Video Editor

A video editor by Movavi is a powerful and easy-to-use 4K video editing software for Windows and Mac users. It comes with hundreds of drag and drop transitions, effects, filters, and titles. In addition, there are many advanced features like automatic color correction, motion tracking, voice-over, audio editing, and much more.

Movavi Video Editor is a great choice for anyone who wants to create high-quality 4K videos. 

Price: $59.95 for a one time purchase or $49.95 per year subscription

Devices: Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android

Ease of Use: Easy

6. Filmora

Filmora is one of the best video editors for beginners to create professional-looking videos in a modern way. One of the biggest advantages of using Filmora is its resources. You can now search the resources in the search bar and drag and drop them to the timeline to preview the result without paying first. 

Some of you may say, Filmora is not a free video editor since there will be a watermark at the export video. But here, I will introduce the Instant Cutter Tool which is a perfect tool to trim and merge large 4K videos and action camera videos. This free 4k tool provides a proper way of instantly trimming or merging videos without de-coding, which means the video resolution will not be changed. Using the instant cutter tool, you can upload or merge files of huge sizes in different formats, such as MP4/MOV or MTS/M2TS.

Price: Free/$54.95

Devices: Windows, MacOS

Ease of Use: Intermediate

7. Cyberlink PowerDirector 13 Ultra

It is the fastest and most professional video editing program. After the latest upgrade, now it supports editing 4K UltraHD, H.265/HEVC, XAVC-S, AVCHD 3D/Progressive. It provides over 500 effects and templates for you to choose from. You can also use it to make slideshows. Now this 4K video editing program is available on Google Play and Windows Store, which makes it possible to edit videos on your Android phone and Windows 8 tablets.

However, this powerful video editing software doesn't have Mac version for now. And despite the bountiful video effects, some of them are the same, at least to our eyes. To download this 4K video editor on your Windows 7/8 computer, you need to download a 6GB RAR file. What's more, because it's very professional, it may be too sophisticated for some users.

Price: Free/$74.99

Devices: Windows, MacOS

Ease of Use: Intermediate


When choosing a 4K video editor, it is important to consider your needs and budget. If you are a professional filmmaker or video editor, you will need a powerful and feature-rich software. If you are a beginner or intermediate user, you can get away with a more user-friendly and affordable software.

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