10 Best Speed Reading Apps to read faster

Best Speed Reading Apps

Reading is one of the four basic skills that indicate a person’s language proficiency. Speed Reading Apps helps in making you read faster and thus improves your learning skill. Many of us, once we are out of school or college we hardly pay attention to developing our reading abilities in terms of speed and comprehension. We end up reading much below our natural potential speed and find it difficult to read efficiently. This makes reading an unpleasant and time-consuming task.

However, effective and efficient reading is of great importance in every sphere of life – personal, social, academic and professional fields. Hence, we need to take concrete measures to improve reading skills. 

Learning how to read faster is really only half the battle. Absorbing and understanding the information as you read it at a lightning speed is the real challenge. Speed reading apps can help us read faster without sacrificing reading comprehension. Some speed reading apps even allow you to track your progress. When there's so much to read yet so little time to do it, being a quick reader sure does help. You can certainly practice reading faster on your own with a stopwatch or timer, but chances are you might better improve by using a speed reading app that teaches you how to read at a pace the works best for you.

Here is the list of the best speed reading apps for your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer for advancing your reading skills.

Spreeder not only offers state-of-the-art speed reading software to its users, it has a wealth of expert training resources, too. This app is designed to help you learn how to read three or more times faster than your normal reading rate, Spreeder gives you access to a tool you can customize to speed read at a comfortable pace, along with guided training and progress reports you can use to advance your reading skills as quickly and effectively as possible.

In this speed reading app, you can sync your account through your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and website. They also allow you to download books you already own from the cloud (although some reviewers have had problems doing this). They also have a great tracking system so you can see your progress. The web and mobile apps are free to use, but you'll get more advanced training and features by upgrading to Spreeder CX.

Devices: iPhone and iPad

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2. Blinkist

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Blinks distill and bring together the most important and actionable key ideas from nonfiction books and put them into a 15-minute format you can read or listen to. You can learn about more and different topics faster. Instead of being stuck on one book about meditation for a month, you can read a summary in a few minutes.

From world leaders to courageous figures creating change—Bedtime Biographies bring you into their world with engaging narration and sound design that get you thinking. On average a Blink can be read in less than 15 minutes. Listening to a Blink takes a bit more time—but for those of you who want to learn faster, you can speed up the reads to 2.0X.

Devices: iPhone, iPad and Android


3. REaD EyE

(iPhone, iPad)

Read Eye is a free speed reading app whose aim is to make reading text as simple as it can possibly be and known to some as the best speed reading app. To use this speed reading app you copy text from any website/webpage onto your phone or ipad and then the open this read faster app. Once you have done so you are able to then read the text as it moves across the screen at whatever pace you chose. Although this is the sole purpose of this fast reading app it does allow the user to read text quicker and also helps them to improve their reading speed as they become use to the speed that it travels across the screen.

The aim of this fast reading app is to help users improve their abilities in reading text quickly or at least at different speeds. The way it does this is by moving text across the screen in front of the user and allowing the user to dictate the pace by swiping left or right on the screen to speed it up or slow it down.

Devices: iPhone and iPad


4. ReadMe!

(iPhone, iPad)

ReadMe! is an e-reader fast reading app that allows you to store and sync all your favorite ebooks across your iOS or Android device. It's integrated with two unique speed reading tools called BeeLine Reader and Spritz.

BeeLine Reader takes a color-coded approach to speed reading by adding a color gradient to each line of text. The color gradient helps guide your eyes from the end of one line of text to the beginning of the next line, essentially helping you read faster and taking some of the strain off your eyes.

Spritz allows you to read one word at a time at a certain WPM rate (similar to the Spreeder tool). Designed to minimize eye movement, which takes up as much as 80% of your time spent reading, the developers of Spritz claim the tool can help you read at a rate of up to 1,000 words per minute.

ReadMe! is another reader that utilizes the RSVP style, along with the Bee Line Reader style. The Bee Line Reader uses color coding in order to train you to read at speeds that are 2–3 times faster than your normal reading speed. ReadMe! can be synced along between your phone and tablet. One interesting feature is a font that allows people with reading disabilities, like dyslexia, to read more easily as well. This speed reading app is compatible with ePub and pdf documents.

Devices: iPhone, iPad and Android

Gradually increase your reading speed with Quick Reader. This speed reading app seems to have it all: a large library of books you can download for free, games that help you train to read faster, and a reader that you can adjust from 10–6000 words per minute with just a few taps while you’re reading. Users can also switch between guided and unguided reading. It’s highly customizable so that you’re looking at what you want, rather than what they give you.

Furthermore, QuickReader has the support of several languages including English, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese and more.

Devices: iPhone and iPad

Outread: Speed Reading Trainer

6. Outread: Speed Reading Trainer

(iPhone, iPad)

Looking for the best speed reading app? Check out, Outread-Speed Reading. Outread helps you read websites, ebooks and documents faster than you thought possible. It uses methods that work by focusing your eyes on small chunks of text at a time.  

It handles following file types: DRM-free ePub, PDF, DOC, RTF and TXT. During reading your eyes are often going back to reread the words, even when they were already absorbed. The highlighting technique teaches your eyes to move more efficiently through the text. It provides a rhythm lowering the number of unnecessary jumps and distractions.

Devices: iPhone, iPad and Mac

Acceleread Speed Reading Trainer

7. Acceleread Speed Reading Trainer


Acceleread is a Speed Reading App available on iTunes, providing one of the most effective speed reading training. This speed reading app trains users to become faster and more efficient readers. It provides a systematic and graded speed reading course that takes into account current reading level and the level they wish to achieve.

After installing and activating the Acceleread speed reading app, it determines the user’s initial reading rate and then puts him into a suitable course level as a step to improve reading skills. Acceleread comes with a slew of tutorials, training tools and exercises to build up your skills. 

It is well designed and personalized program with a clear objective to increase reading speed substantially, within a time frame of about 10 days.

Users will know exactly how fast is your reading rate at any instant of time with the instant speed reading test tool. A particularly useful feature of this read faster app is the ability to import your own DRM-free epub books for use as training tool or to be read with any of the app's speed reading tools. 

Devices: iPhone and iPad

Reading Trainer

8. Reading Trainer

(Android, iPhone, iPad)

Reading Trainer is one of the most popular speed reading apps for Android devices. This speed reading app first starts by testing your current reading speed and checking how many words per minute (WpM) you can process. You will have to read a text and then answer a short multiple question quiz to see how much information you correctly retained.  Once this fast reading app determined your current reading speed it will follow with other fun exercises aimed at improving your reading abilities.

There are many situations where we need to absorb information quickly. Picking out important points of detail, absorbing the gist of a piece of text and finding keywords are all tasks that could be done at the leisurely pace at which we read our favourite books but are ideally done with more efficiency.  Reading Trainer offers a little and often approach to developing a faster and more efficient reading ability.  Ideal for students to improve revision skills, develop better research methods and become a more independent learner.

Devices: Android, iPhone and iPad

Speed Reading

9. Speed Reading


The aptly named Speed Reading app on android promises to do all of that for you, and more. If you want to “think differently, effectively solve problems, think creatively, manage more, and become more energetic and successful,” then, lady, do I have an app for you. The aptly named Speed Reading app on android promises to do all of that for you, and more. This speed reading app uses “simulators” to expand memory and vocabulary while allowing you to read faster and more efficiently and works with ePub, fb2, and txt ebook formats. 

Devices: Android

Accelerator: Speed Reader

10. Accelerator: Speed Reader

(iPhone, iPad)

“Accelerator” can be immensely helpful in expediting your reading speed. The neat interface coupled with various important tools can get rid of the bad reading habit. You can browse and save articles both from the web and supported apps. There are three themes to make your reading more convenient.

This speed reading app has a specialized typeface to improve your reading experience. It also lets you access and read articles from Instapaper and Pocket. And yes, you can share your favorite articles with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, and other apps as well.

Devices: iPhone and iPad

Spdr: this speed reading app can help you drop your bad reading habits and double your reading speed in no time. Simply copy your text or link, set your words-per-minute rate, and you are set. The pro version lets you speed read PDFs, Word files, and a whole lot more.

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