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10 Best Language Learning Apps for Kids

Best Language Learning Apps for Kids

Children make learning languages look easy. Learning another language early allows your child to fully enjoy the way it sounds. Encouraging in children a love of language at an early age prepares them well for school and for life.  

By exposing children to learn languages at an early age, you are giving them the opportunity to tap into their natural ability to hear and distinguish the sounds of other languages, and their capacity to make sense of what they are hearing. Take a look at our 10 language learning apps for kids that introduces language learning in a fun filled way.

Children learning an additional language tend to score better on standardised tests because learning languages develops listening, observation, problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

If you want to help your child learn English, Spanish, French, Japanese, or a possible eight other useful languages, check out the following 10 language learner for kids apps that are aimed at making language learning fun.

Check-out our list of the best language learning apps for kids and help your child learn a second or third language!


FabuLingua - Learn Spanish

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Fabulingua is a Spanish language-learning app that narrates interactive children’s stories.  As the app and the stories progress the child is introduced to more and more new characters, who allow you to interact with Spanish in a variety of different contexts and with engaging personalities.  On-screen, you will see the Spanish storyline and this will be supported by hearing the same story read in Spanish and then in English – working towards a natural reception of bilingualism making it one of the best language apps for kids.

Download FabuLingua - Learn Spanish now! 

Little Chatterbox for Kids

( iPhone, iPad )

One of the best language learning apps for kids is Little Chatterbox for Kids. This language app is an interactive, language-learning app that enables young learners to practise and understand and selection of nouns, in a variety of different contexts, from a choice of eight foreign languages. No prior knowledge is needed for this kids language app as the engaging audio and video complement the clear graphics to produce a compelling language-learning tool, which makes use of a compelling range of activities. It is an interactive and fun piece of software that promises language progression wrapped in entertainment making it on of the best language apps for kids.

Download Little Chatterbox now!

Peg and Pog

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Plenty of fun and giggles in this highly recommended kids language app. Designed especially to introduce your child to learning everyday vocabulary, and with no in-app purchases or third party ads, Peg and Pog is perfect for children over the age of 2.

Educational apps are quite unlike traditional learning toys and games, they can enforce rules and keep those playing them on pre-defined paths.  Their ability to guide and respond to their players has been embraced by developers and parents alike and led to some very successful learning products.  But, perhaps, abandoning the more open and free nature of older educational games and toys has also taken away one of the ways in which parents and young children can use their imaginations and conversations to build skills and knowledge.

Download Peg and Pog now!

Gus on the Go: French for Kids

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Explore a new language with Gus the friendly owl learning basic vocabulary concepts, interactive visual and auditory lessons, and more. Each completed lesson unlocks a fun game that reinforces what your child has learned. Country and city maps whiz your child across the globe to where each language can be found, where they will meet animals and learn food and clothing terms. Your kids will love the trophy room, where they can keep track of all of their achievements. It is no wonder this fun and interactive game is one of best language learning apps for kids.

Download Gus on the Go: French for Kids now!

Endless Spanish

( iPhone, iPad )

Endless Spanish is a brilliant language app kids that offer an engaging introduction to a new language with silly and charming monsters. They act out the meaning of the new Spanish words, using hilarious antics shown in short video clips. This language learning app for kids also uses animated letters and words to encourage kids to learn new Spanish words. Endless Spanish is a super cute monsters app that teach Spanish-language letter sounds and one of the best language learning apps for kids. 

Download Endless Spanish now! 

MindSnacks is a one-of-a-kind language game-based learning app. This foreign language app for kids features six exciting games designed to build essential vocabulary, reading, writing, listening and conversation skills, including an all new game to teach tones. Learn your verb endings and play fun games as you pick up a new language on the go. Kids and adults can get into this language learning app for kids, which includes 50 lessons, over 1,000 words and up to 40 side quests.

Available languages: Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin) and Portuguese this is one of the best language learning apps for kids.

Download Learn Chinese (Mandarin) - MindSnacks now! 

One of the best app for kids to learn french is Early Lingo. Early Lingo French Language Learning for Kids blends vocabulary instruction, videos, digital worksheets and interactive games and activities together in a wonderfully-designed and aesthetically-pleasing app that welcomes your child in their early steps of French-language acquisition. Early Lingo have produced a clever-looking language app for kids series, which serves to make foreign-language learning both fun and interactive. Furthermore, it is well constructed and progressively builds upon prior activities to both reinforce knowledge and then challenge and extend its retention.

This language learning app boasts an impressive lexicon of well-over 450 words and phrases (according to the developers themselves) and, by welcoming native speakers on board to voice the audio, has brought an authentic feel to the learning and study processes. 

Download Early Lingo French Language Learning for Kids now!

The Little Pim is a language app for kids series that is based on a collection of language learning videos which focus on teaching children the essential building blocks of a language. Most parents know the Little Pim videos, but the brand has a few apps to compliment the popular series, including PimTrack. This language learning app allows you to create profiles for each child in your family, so you can monitor their progress as they flip through the virtual flashcards and learn new words, and you can even quiz them. Each flashcard has an illustration, a button to hear the word and the English translation.

Download PimTrack - Language Learning for Kids now!

An engaging app offering an introduction to Chinese, specifically how to write and form Chinese characters. Aimed at younger children encountering Chinese for the first time, this app offers video introductions followed by guided practice. This language learning app for kids is designed to appeal to younger children, particularly those encountering Chinese for the first time, and the layout reflects this - presented with clear icons including both the name of the skill being taught and a representation of it.

Download Miaomiao's Chinese For Kids now! 

MamaLingua Premium

( iPhone, iPad )

MamaLingua is a language app designed for children who want to learn a second language Spanish or English. The app focuses on language parents use every day with their kids like vocabulary and phrases to use at mealtime, bath time, and during a long list of other everyday routines. It includes audio, text translations, and phonetics for more than 900 words in Spanish and English. Parents can use to learn Spanish and teach it to their young children. Vocabulary words and phrases includes text, phonetics and audio, and this language app for kids includes more than 900 everyday words and phrases divided into 18 categories. Includes both Spanish and English.

Download MamaLingua Premium now!