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10 Best Baby Games for iPad and Android

Babies love to play games and seem to have an inexhaustible supply of patience for playing the same thing over and over again. So harness their enthusiasm and get playing. 

As parents know all too well, no matter how many toys and books we purchase for our babies and toddlers, there's one device that never fails to entertain: tablets and smartphones.

The best baby games to play with one year old will help to develop their gross or fine motor skills, sensory and social skills, or have other educational or cognitive benefits.  You and your one-year-old will have lots of good times playing these simple games and they'll help their development, too.

Here are the best baby games for iPads and Android.

Baby Games: RMB Knowledge Park

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Baby Games: Knowledge park is an exciting educational learning app suitable for boys and girls aged 1 year and above. The app features four exciting themed zones that focus on Numbers, Colouring, Letters and shapes. Each zone provides a variety of educational, fun and engaging games that are child-friendly and beautifully presented. 

Babies can have fun for a long time without stress and time limit.  

Baby Games for One Year Olds

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Baby Games for one year olds covers a great many of the skills that children will develop in their first experiences of using technology (such as learning to tap on objects on the screen, following moving objects on a screen and relating objects shown to their actions and choices). It covers many of the areas of education that children will build upon in their early years at school or kindergarten. Numbers, colours, shapes and letters are all included in small, fun games.

Baby's Musical Hands

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Baby's Musical Hands is a musical app for babies for iPads and Android devices. On tablets, it features 15 brightly colored squares that your baby can touch. Red squares make drum sounds, yellow squares play piano notes, and blue squares play guitar notes. On phones, there are 10 squares to touch. Yellow squares play piano notes, and blue squares play guitar notes. Every time your baby touches the screen, colorful stars will burst from their fingers. Watch them delight in the audio and visual feedback.

KidloLand Kids Toddler Games

( Android, iPhone, iPad )

Kidloland is actually one of the better mobile baby games available right now. It boasts over 300 mini-games, interactive videos, nursery rhymes, stories, and more. Most things are downloadable for offline use. Additionally, no version of this app has advertising.

The app includes 435+ fun & original children's songs to teach including ABCs, phonics, spelling, numbers, fruits, vehicles, animals, vegetables, animal sounds, birds, months of the year, days of the week, lullabies, Christmas songs, and much more. 

Link4Fun Animal Books

( iPhone, iPad )

Link4fun Books - Animal Books application is an app that teaches children about the world of animals in a fun and interactive way. The app is designed to be a companion to the Link4fun books and there are hidden magnets embedded in the pages of the books which allows the compass in the iPad to read which page you are on. So, when you turn the book page to the Elephant, the app recognizes this and brings up the elephant learning activities. 

Baby Mozart Children’s Music app is guaranteed to help improve your babies sleep and help develop their brain by listening to music. The application is full of content and includes high quality popular classical music tracks, lullaby’s, audio flashcards, nursery rhymes and much more. The app is free from in-app adverts although there are in-app purchases that relate to other musical packages that you can purchase such as Popular Kids songs, Children’s Classic songs, Christmas Classics and more.

Baby's Brilliant

( iPhone, iPad )

Baby Brilliant is an entertaining and educational application for children from infant to kindergarten. It allows the creation of children's own and personalised library of songs, videos, and stories. The content has been created by the designers so it is appropriate for young children. It contains videos such as counting numbers, night lights that is, sounds for relaxation, music such as concerts, books, interactive soundboards such as animal images and sounds, and videos for the hearing impaired.

The BabyFirst Sleepy Time app brings you all of favorite naptime or bedtime music for you and your kids to get ready for sleep. From soothing music for babies, to classic lullabies, nap time and bed time won't be the same as before! We've carefully crafted our music and songs to appeal to babies and toddlers. With beautiful animations and videos to accompany the audio in each story, your little ones will love falling asleep to our lullabies!

The app contains free educational games that will help your baby learn more about shapes and colors, quantity and sizes of different objects. The game can be a part of preschool education for young learners. The app is developed in close cooperation with preschool 
education experts.
The game is developed to improve the following skills: Visual perception, Concentration, Logical thinking, Classifying and sorting.

Kids Doodle is one of the best kids drawing app out there. It has 24 kinds of magical and beautiful brushes for kids to draw, such as glow, neon, fireworks, crayon and etc. It presents the simplest doodle world for each kid to free their imagination. Kids can playback the painting process as a cartoon video clip where you can see your baby drawing and then play it back later. It is completely free.