Spencer Riley


Early Education, Higher Education, Coding


MSc in Computer Science, University of Wolverhampton, PGCE in History, University of Birmingham, MA Communications, University of Central England, BA(Hons) in Political History, University of Central England


Spencer qualified as a teacher in 2003. He has worked in all of the stages of the English school system, teaching history and maths to secondary-aged children and STEM enrichment activities to gifted and talented primary-aged learners. He supported his lessons and those of other teachers through his website, full of interactive games and manipulatives he coded.

He began using apps on mobile devices in his lessons a few weeks after Apple released the iPad 2. Not long after, he pivoted the interactive whiteboard resources he coded to make his website compatible with mobile. Eventually, he turned his growing expertise towards helping others choose the best apps by becoming a reviewer for the Educational App Store, something he has been doing for nearly ten years.

Since leaving mainstream teaching, Spencer has continued to deliver programs of education for gifted and talented children and for those who struggle with learning - in these, he uses modern technology, such as iPads, to deliver a modern education experience. At the same time, he has written a number of history books for children delivered through the History-Matters.com platform, reviewed many apps for the Educational App Store, and is the programmer and designer of the teaching resources found on the popular teacherled.com website.

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