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Rating ZooQ: Animal Explorer - 4 out of 5 - Good Rating 4.0

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About ZooQ: Animal Explorer

ZooQ Animal Explorer has an animal theme for its puzzles and colouring activities. The app is easy to play, and its content is suitable for children aged five and above. ZooQ Animal Explorer is free to download on iOS devices. In-app purchases and gameplay unlock animals, habitats and puzzles.

ZooQ: Animal Explorer Review

What is ZooQ Animal Explorer app?

ZooQ Animal Explorer is a puzzle app that takes animals as its theme. It includes puzzles and colouring activities that are non-violent in content and soothing to play.

What we love about ZooQ Animal Explorer.

This app looks beautiful. It has been designed for phones and iPads - it looks superb on their large screens. Vivid colours and stylised artwork encourage exploration and engagement with ZooQ's activities.

The app has the potential to be huge as the player unlocks new habitats, animals, and puzzles.

What skills does it improve?

The animals that are part of ZooQ's theme are depicted in their natural habitats, which shows players how and where the animals live. Occasional facts about animals are also offered by the app, which often prove interesting and well-chosen.

Aside from the animal theme, the app has puzzles for kids to solve, which will unlock coins and other rewards. These puzzles, accompanied by the app's restful music, are quite relaxing, so they can help calm excitable kids.

What age is it appropriate for?

ZooQ is rated as 4+. Kids of this age up to about 11 are likely to enjoy its puzzles and theme.

Is ZooQ Animal Explorer easy to use?

ZooQ Animal Explorer is straightforward to use. When players encounter a new interactive element, the app guides them through the play experience using overlays and animations. All of the options and interactive features in the app are clear and intuitive to use.

How will students benefit?

Many kids will enjoy playing this app. It is polished to perfection and has a just-onemore-go quality. Kids who love animals might be inspired to learn more about the ones they have seen in this app.

How will parents and teachers benefit?

Playing this app could calm kids who have become anxious or overexcited. Many entertainment apps focus on violence or exciting activities, so it is good to see ZooQ Animal Explorer offer a more wholesome experience for kids.

What can ZooQ Animal Explorer improve on?

ZooQ Animal Explorer contains animal facts, and it shows animals in their habitats, but it isn't an especially educational app. It would need to increase its educational content to be an app that schools could justify letting their students play often.

How much does ZooQ Animal Explorer cost?

ZooQ is free to download, and players can quickly dive into solving puzzles and exploring the app. Features in the app are unlocked by solving puzzles but also by buying them as in-app purchases.

The app also has a coin-based upgrade structure. Users of the app can obtain coins as in-app purchases and/or earn them by choosing to watch an advertisement. Players can only watch advertisements once every 30 minutes.

Is ZooQ Animal Explorer safe to use?

The advertisements that players can choose to watch are from third parties. None of the ads viewed was inappropriate for children, but their content is likely to be out of the hands of the app developer.

Parents should be aware that this app is designed to be expanded through in-app purchases. Players can earn upgrades through play, but the speed at which they can do this might not be quick enough for kids who will want to see new habitats, animals, and puzzles sooner than later. Adults should ensure that the in-app purchase facility is protected on their child's device.

Overall rating of the app.

ZooQ Animal Explorer is good fun, exercises thinking skills to some extent, and could work well to calm over-excited kids. However, do not invest in this app thinking that it will complement the science curriculum or extend kids' animal knowledge very far.

The app receives four stars by virtue of its superb production and lovely artwork - not its educational value. If a calming app that contains a few animal facts and puzzles is what your child would enjoy, give the free download a try.

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You can download ZooQ: Animal Explorer on your iOS or Android devices from the app stores. Download the ZooQ: Animal Explorer app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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