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Zooper ABC Animals

About Zooper ABC Animals

Zooper ABC Animals is a delightful app to introduce the alphabets to children.

Teacher Review

Zooper ABC Animals is an app with a clear aim - to get young children to engage with the letters of the alphabet and begin to understand their sounds and formation. It does so by connecting each letter with an animal character. Each character is delightfully designed in a cartoon style, which will appeal greatly to its young audience. The structure of the app is very simple - from the home screen you can either choose one of the twenty six letters of the alphabet to investigate, or parents can enter a special zone with a few useful parents’ notes.

Once a letter has been selected, there are three main activities relating to the letter and its corresponding animal. Firstly, the animal is introduced with a vibrant illustration, and a short poem. Throughout the app, a child-friendly sense of humour is apparent. The app can be set to either read the words aloud to the child, or they can choose to read the words themselves if they are able. Once the poem is finished, the illustration runs a short animated sequence. There are then further ways to explore each letter. First of all, the child can practise writing the letter in both upper and lower cases by using their fingers on the touch screen. Although there are guides provided to help children follow the correct way to form each letter, there is no assessment as such. Following this, there is a page of items beginning with the letter in question, each shown in silhouette form. The pictures reveal themselves when the child touches them. Once all of the pictures are pressed, a special “Zooper Dooper Blooper” video is revealed. Each of these is a humorous animation showing imaginary outtakes from the main animations.

The entire app is so well thought out, with delightful illustrations, a wonderful sense of humour, deeply engaging content and all accompanied by fantastic sound effects and clear narration. Parents or teachers may wish to be aware that some of the spellings and pronunciations differ slightly from the British standards, but otherwise the app is ready to use and so simple that even young children will be able to access the content by themselves. With so many activities for each letter, there is a good amount of content to keep children busy, and the app will have a good replayability factor.

Overall, this app very competently treads the line between fun and educational content. It oozes appeal for young children and will surely encourage them to learn about the letters and become familiar with their shapes, sounds and characteristics. The developers clearly care about the content and design, and great imagination shines through in each animation, illustration and poem throughout the app.

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Zooper ABC Animals—including Bubble Blowing Bees and Disco Dancing Dogs—provides animation, rhymes, sound effects, letter tracing, guessing games and phonics. As an extra treat, it also offers 26 Zooper Dooper Bloopers—hilarious outtakes for each animal that lead to hours of additional entertainment. More:

"Zooper ABC Animals has been placed at the very top of our list by the only critics that matter: kids!” Jayne Clare, Teachers with Apps

“Zooper ABC Animals is as well made of an alphabet app as I have ever come across--the quality of the production is top notch. I happily award this app a 5 star rating and welcome it into our Top Pick family!” Lisa McCormack,

Zooper ABC Animals invites pre-schoolers to explore, interact, play, laugh and learn the ABCs! What’s really exciting is that research shows that humor plays a big part in a child’s intellectual, social and emotional development. From A to Z, Zooper ABC Animals encourages lots of laughing and learning for kids—and parents.

Learn About

  • All 26 letters of the alphabet
  • Phonics and the sound of each letter
  • How to apply the sound of a letter to different objects that start with that letter
  • How to write upper and lower case letters
  • The joy of interactivity and discovery to encourage learning


  • 26 letters—each with its own animated animal and professionally-voiced rhymes.
  • Learn to write by tracing upper and lower case letters for the alphabet—complete with a variety of sound effects.
  • Phonics pronunciation.
  • Guessing game to discover a range of items that start with each letter of the alphabet.
  • 26 Zooper Dooper Bloopers—watch the animals make funny outtake mistakes during ‘filming.’
  • Optional sound or silent mode.
  • Kid-friendly navigation.
  • No rules, scores, time limits or stress.

About Us

At Zooper Dooper, we’re dedicated to creating fun, engaging educational apps, like Zooper ABC Animals for pre-school children. When children have humor and laughter in their lives, research shows that it's good for their cognitive,social and emotional development. Our promise is to create content that delights and educates young kids, and that parents trust and enjoy with their children.

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